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At physical education classes we are boys was stunned looked at slender maiden figures, constantly holding hands before ourselves that nobody saw the bulged pants, the melting benefit dressed under shorts a little hid this incident. In those days at school at physical education classes entered obligatory sportswear - for boys pants and an undershirt (under pants swimming trunks put on - that the grown-up economy didn't get out outside), for girls entered sports suits in the form of the closed bathing suit. This subject of a maiden toilet appeared very opportunely, it was possible to observe the naked, slender legs of schoolmates which are given forward boobies of different forms and the sizes, from the small, slightly swelled up a little thin Svetka Kovalyovoy's nipples to roundish, dangling here and there "buffers" of the fat woman Irka Nazarova. Under bathing suits of panties it wasn't guessed and as you will dress them - will stick out. It was often discussed between a "men's" half of a class. Leaves in a locker room to girls it is necessary to strip to the skin as such suit through a wide cervical cut acted and put on. It was impossible to spot as windows in locker rooms were painted over by white paint, passing inside, only a daylight, but not a look of the anxious teenager. It was senseless to pick holes - walls between locker rooms were brick moreover and shower are divided. We decided to send to a girlish locker room of "intelligence agent". The meek creature Slavka Bely was nominated to this role unanimously, except of course "intelligence agent". Without paying attention to protests and kicks we grabbed the half-dressed victim and dragged to the next door. In school locker rooms no latches in the doorway existed - I pressed the handle and come. I opened a door and boys pushed inside упираюегося Slavka. We slammed a door and propped up it shoulders. Inside instantly squeal of dozen of girls was heard, something departed to a door. Slavka naprat on a door, but to master us - goofs of forces wasn't. Here in a corridor the office of games-masters left the physical education teacher - Victor Ivanovich Kotov, by nickname the Uncle Styopa (there was he growth under 2 meters). As wind blew off us. Slavka from dispersal crashed at this time into a door, having opened it, and took off for a corridor. The uncle Styopa though was a little slow, отднако caught Slavka, without having allowed him to crash a forehead into a wall. Having detained for couple of seconds a look on an aperture wide open of an open door of a girlish locker room he slammed it, put in Slavka an easy pozatylnik then he without any rage in a voice told: "Goofs" also I went back to myself - change short, and the parteyka in dominoes with the colleague Pyotr Petrovich Borovsky (Petka) should be finished. Slavka came into a locker room, there was he red as a boiled crayfish, in eyes tears shone. We attacked on him with inquiries but, but he sent us on x..., silently I changed clothes and I went to the following lesson. Here behind such foolish jokes there took place our sex education. And I happened to visit at girls a locker room, having been hit on a back and other places the thrown sneakers and briefcases and to try slap of the Uncle Styopy on duty. To consider almost nothing turned out, in a locker room there was a twilight. Only ostrenky tits of Katka Saprykina and a triangle of dark hair between Alka Loseva's legs were evident. On bigger I, for some reason, had no courage. There, in the village, everything was simpler, girls to me were as sisters, and here, appear, offer I to them something like that as right there will peach on me. So I continued to jerk off, considering the treasured pack. By then папаня began to go on "watches", behind "long ruble", on half a year his house wasn't, mother worked in shifts, and the apartment quite often was at my full order. To me friends came, together we watched, goodness knows where from a dostavayemy porno, discussed "dignity" of our schoolmates, told tales, allegedly slyshanny about them, for example, that the touchy person Lenka Vesnitsyna sucks away at seniors, the Uncle Styopa pereshpokat all girls who go to play to him basketball. Warmed by such talk we jerked off, splashing to the bathroom, without hesitating of each other at all. Measured at someone a dick more someone will scatter further. Here only about the adventures in the village I was silent, even when boys began impudently piz...t, telling about the "love victories". Somehow time, during the birthday at the schoolmate, Oleg, I saw Katka Saprykina and couple more of girls is more Jr. Katka shared the same desk with him moreover was to him a cousin, it was indecent not to invite, two other girls were Katkina twin sisters on 10 years Vika and Wal, I saw them not often, I couldn't distinguish, dressed them equally, only hairpins in hair were different color, however this "trifle" didn't interest me, and here Katkina ostrenky boobs were remembered to me at once. All evening I tried to make out whether there is on Katk a brassiere. On her there was a white blouse, pink trousers - "bananas", white sneakers. The blouse was from thin translucent matter which suntanned skin sometimes appeared through Katkin. Breast-bands under a blouse weren't guessed. To retire with Katka it was necessary to find the separate room, the benefit, with it the problem wasn't. Oleg lived in the big one-storey house, there were many rooms, generally it was the house on two entrances, in other half once there lived his grandma, but few years назат she died, папаня a door in the second half of the house did Oleg, and on the rest didn't stand" as he liked to say so the second half of the house stood with the closed sun blind, with the rooms which are filled up with all sorts of junk and old babkiny, furniture. We sometimes there visited to tickle nerves, in the twilight different dreadful creatures moreover Olezhka, the asshole seemed all the time, I told what often hears at night as in a babkiny half floor boards under чьимито steps creak, and time even saw from the yard through a sun blind as in the babkiny bedroom moved, чтото shining. From this talk the frost tore up on skin, but also temptation to see unknown grew. And so I decided to entice Katka into an uninhabited part of the house and there "to work on circumstances". When darkened we, younger generation, sat down to watch the video player, adults continued "to hoot", having forgotten, already in what occasion in general we walk. I sat down by Katka behind, the movie was какойто - a horror film, about dead persons and any other nasty thing. Children weren't forbidden to watch horror films, lizhba not a porno in those days, ancestors had a strange of course opinion on children's mentality. I noticed that Katka shrinks, looking at the screen, the movie of course terrible was. But, probably, it was interesting to her as on a mystical subject she read all Gogol compositions without coming off. I began to whisper to her on an ear: - To Kat, and Oleg didn't tell you that the ghost lives in a babkiny half, I kind of inadvertently put a hand to it on a shoulder - the breast-band from a brassiere under a palm wasn't probed. Katka perdyornutsya. - No, I didn't tell. Katka, probably, wanted to turn away, on the screen of a krovishch fountains I whipped, guts as were walked all over, generally full п... c. - I saw. I told lies. - Where? - In the babkiny bedroom, she died there, and a ghost now there and lives. - You lie! Mistrustfully Katka hissed. - Itself look, it can there already and now is unsteady. - I want to look through the movie. - Well as you wish, after the movie all on houses will go, late already. - I one won't go there. - You are afraid? - Here still, just I don't know where there that.