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She is 38 years old, the big attracting breast, a slim figure and in general very appetizing. I am fond of the photo a little, and unexpectedly my darling showed willingness to make erotic pictures. I bought in good time light, I pulled a background. I wait so far Marina will put on in sexual clothes. We have several interesting things. I look dresses black корсетик and stockings on a belt. Movements are sharp, the person not happy. It is necessary to save a session, I didn't change the mind yet. I poured whisky with apple-tree juice. I approached, I talked, gently I embraced and I kissed. I told what she is beautiful. Helped. I drank a little, I relaxed. I got up on the improvised podium. I tried to photograph, nothing is impossible. There isn't enough skill. Some terrible woman turns out instead of my beauty wife. I suffer, I rearrange light, on the course as I am near, I caress darling. It is surprised with a hairstyle on the pussy. It is shaved in zero. Only above small guns I left. Usually she so isn't cut. The marine drinks cocktail, slowly becomes bright and falls into spirit. - If you call Sergey now, and he will manage to reach to us in 30 minutes, I will allow I eat me to fuck, Marina says. Sergey and Sveta are a couple with which we got acquainted with hope to try joint sex. It is 49 years old, her 43. Both are the sporty, brought-up and interesting people. As well as we are beginners. Also there is a wish, and it is unclear as well as what to do. But Marina repeatedly said that she won't admit to herself foreign man while doesn't know him well. And here such statement after the second meeting! And it is necessary to tell, before it there were two cases when Marina made such statements, in hope that I won't decide to offer it to other men. And it is valid, those two times were mad. And here me even shook. I decided to win a little time. - 30 minutes aren't enough. They though not far live, but time of 11 o'clock in the evening, and they still should gather. And to go minutes 15-20. Give though hour - No. Them I won't start up either exactly 30 minutes, or I. - Give though we will agree for 30 minutes, after the termination of a call! - Well, but not minutes more! I take the call I call. I explain everything. Children good fellows, thought minute! Agreed that will call already from the car, and I will tell how to reach. They joined in a game. But don't trust, all ask to call back if to be cancelled. I also don't trust, painfully also Marinka on a platoon isn't enough time. I understood that the joke developed into a game. Turns on the apartment. Specially I banged a glass in kitchen from the cocktail remains. For a discharge. With words to walk so to walk. I was sent to remove in kitchen, and itself runs the apartment puts in order. Places candles. I in kitchen cleaned up, went to look for condoms. At Marina the spiral costs. So there are no condoms in the house for a long time. Hardly I found two. In five minutes for nervousness I lost them. I found later in a pocket of shorts in which I walked. A marine as a conversation I ended, I started the kitchen timer for 30 minutes. I run and with horror I glance as time flies. 10 minutes remained, and they didn't call yet to learn the road. All I think won't be in time. Here it is ringing. They it isn't far any more. I tell the road. The wife went to change clothes. I behind her to ask to give still time. I agreed for 5 minutes and if aren't in time that will give to drink tea. From heart went away. Tea can pass into anything. The last the hope dies! I watch in what the wife changes clothes. I the second time in an evening drop out from surprise and admiration. The overalls dress a network. Under it only thin panties thongs and a bra which does a breast only more sexual. Somehow to correspond, I take off an undershirt and I remain only in shorts. Call to a door. I open. The children excited, surprised. With a cocktail bottle in a beautiful handbag. Wow! To gather so quickly, it is unexpected also with a gift. A trifle, but it is pleasant. The marine, seized Sveta at once and led to the bedroom to change clothes. I led Sergey to the room. On him the shirt undone on boobies, trousers. Tramp. Our wives enter. Marina as well as was dressed - overalls a network. And on Sveta a black corset, black stockings and white panties. Her pussy all is appeared through. One fastener on stockings was undone. I got up before it on a lap to clasp and stroked an open part of a hip. I didn't touch her earlier and Seryozha only once kissed my wife on a cheek on the second meetings. Heart thumps. Such tension that even the dick isn't necessary. My spouse is in good mood today. Where did the modest woman who is given me after big arrangements despite 10 years of living together get to? - So! To the girl at a parade, and boys at us are absolutely not sexually dressed. And with these words, Marina approaches me and takes off from me shorts. I face naked Sergey and Sveta. Gives me white panties - fitting shorts. And takes off a shirt from Sergey. He coped with trousers. - And we brought cards, let's play. It is possible directly on a carpet, Sveta says. - On what will we play if we are already all naked? - I offer on dance. We play in couples, having exchanged partners. Someone will win that dances. All began to settle down somehow. Light candles. Sergey extinguishes superfluous. I went to kitchen behind drinks. I come back. Picture oil. My spouse sits on a low table. Over her Seryozha hangs, kissing her взасос and touches. His Sveta sat down nearby, observing and stroking his hips. In a hand a glass. I put the brought binge (where I can't even remember now, but hands were released), I sit down for Sveta and I begin to kiss gently her a neck. She tells me a glass, with words that now will drop it. I feel as she shudders from each touch. I try to be gentle. I know that for her it is the same the first experience. But here my wife gets up, discharges Seryozha and says that we were going to play cards! I with regret sigh. I help to rise to Sveta. We take seats on a carpet and we begin to play. Party in the fool, for warm-up. We devour each other with eyes. We joke. We overturn couple of glasses on a carpet. Cheerful vanity. Eroticism departed a little. Marina hints that today only a game and can be, sex without exchange. All agree how will go so will go. There is no place to hurry. Still all life ahead. Plays jazz. We hand over on prize-winning party. I strain a little. I don't know what there is a wish more, to win, take control of Sveta and to feel her elastic buttocks in hands. Or to enjoy a show as squeeze my darling. Heart fades. With great difficulty I join in a game. We with Sveta won. I take her by hand and the Veda on other half of the room. I press to myself. She quails a little. But it is given we give to drink to caress. Marina and Sergey get over on kitchen to smoke. Our studio, and actually is one room which is conditionally divided into zones. I am completely absorbed by Sveta. She has absolutely remarkable skin. Very equal, warm and dry. As you touch a sand on the beach, and it is poured and caresses finger-tips. Plays slow very pleasant jazz. We turn a little and I see. The wife with the head which is cast away back, the overalls are lowered from shoulders to a belt. There is no bra and the breast is completely naked. Nipples stick out, means to them already the uvula got. Sergey kisses her on the lips, and his left hand drowns between gentle legs of my Marina. And she wet even from photographing is also clean-shaven. And I represent as his finger slides, moving apart sponges and caressing a clitoris. - Look at our spouses, I speak to Sveta and I develop her. I try to pull together from her a corset. At all I took off from the head as to undo it. I suffered a little and I pulled together through the head. What breast! Not big. Very accurate. With the sticking-out gentle nipples. I drop to her. Caressing I finger a uvula left, then right in the beginning. I hear the movement. Marina got up. Seryozha before her on a lap, caresses a uvula her juicy sweet pussy and helps to leave panties and overalls. I returned to the partner. I study her body, enjoying it and a fine breast. We helped to get rid of panties each other. I see out of the corner of the eye as Marina took condom and put on a table before Seryozha. He somewhere for a second left and they laid down on a sofa. He laid down on it. It raised the right leg, allowing him to enter. Gives the works to me from such show. My favourite Marinka Sergey gets on directly on my eyes. And I hear as she to be brought more and more. I carry away Sveta on a carpet near a sofa. I am awfully intense. Even I am not nervous, and just very sharply all events. Me one appeared a little on all events. I wanted to don't pass anything that is done with my wife. It wildly brings me. But also to miss an opportunity to pierce in such sweet girl Sveta the sluggish... yes it is a problem. With there is nothing not to turn out. I read about a problem of the first meeting much. What quite often isn't necessary. And people all adults, will understand. But it is offensive. It is necessary to do something. Usually I am very much made horney when I caress a uvula the pussy. I go down below, the whole breast, I go down even below. Sveta gently clasps the head and returns back. Doesn't give. I ask for permission. Sveta says that she doesn't love when her uvula caress. Strange. Maybe hesitates. Her husband first of all the pussy of my wife got out. Means practice. And can on the contrary, he missed wet chinks. So! Not I think of that. This question still will be time to solve. Sveta the good fellow, helps. Strokes, suggests to look at our fucked darlings. And they already got over on a carpet. Eh it is a pity what be not near. The marine costs on four, the head rests against a carpet. Sergey to her thrusts behind with all the dope. She doesn't groan any more, and shouts from pleasure. As it is exciting, shout of pleasure of darling! I was rubbed about Sveta's pussy, I feel that began to come to life. I began to enter. Chilly. - Maybe I will caress a uvula, I will lie down? - No! Enter! Now will become wet. Indeed, slowly. To and fro. I entered on a half. I began to flow. I love when it is damp when slides in a hot peshcherka, moving apart stenochka. I entered completely. Measurement. Couple more of movements at all length. Sveta screamed. Pain or pleasure? The wife on loves when I at all length and from scope. Sick with her so.-Painfully?, I ask.