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I came into shop, bought ice cream and sat down in a public garden nearby on a shop, having languished and blinking from such lyapota. At other edge of a shop the woman sat. She was in a blue mohair jacket, a black skirt, in a little got-off stockings of corporal color and black shoes on a low heel. Years her was I won't tell how many not to tell lies, but it is by sight far for forty, or even for fifty, painfully flabby she had skin and in general is somehow rumpled she looked. I can precisely tell that she was much more senior than my thirty-eight-year-old mother. The woman sat somehow nervously, fidgeted, inspected all passing by, pressed close and shook shoulders. She inspected and me. I don't love when stare at me therefore too I stared at her until she looked away. To me there was to her no business. I pinched the thawing eskimo, heated it in a mouth and swallowed, smacking the lips from pleasure. There was no place to hurry and I stretched an ulovolstviye. "Boy! And, boy!" - I suddenly heard a voice sideways. I turned the head, the aunt addressed me. "Boy! Will you have no two rubles? As a loan! I tomorrow … then … will bring to you! I … will give! To me … only today! And??? It is necessary to me …! Is, and?" - she confusedly zadoldonit. I opened a mouth from surprise: "My gosh impudence! Two rubles! Yes it seems then find you …." I had money, but there was no wish to give them to any unfamiliar aunt me something. "Yes for two rubles it is possible to buy so frozen tens." - counted my brains and I slowly shook the head - "Look for fools in the wonderland. I to you not Buratino". "Well, boy! It is very necessary for me! To me it is bad!" - the woman continued to poor-mouth, having deciphered on my eyes that money close. - "I will give you something … Well … here that??? What it is necessary for you?" - "Yes nothing is necessary to me!" - I with irritation answered. "Yes you also have nothing" - it I already thought, but didn't tell and was removed far away, on the very brink shops, letting know that the conversation is ended. The woman became silent too, but continued to fidget and to glance occasionally at me. There passed minute. The woman resolutely got up, took two steps and villages nearby. "Boy! Listen! I very need money!" - she insinuatingly started talking. - "Well you understand … isn't enough for me for a bottle! And if I don't drink, then I can die! And two rubles are sorry for you!" Here she quickly looked on the parties. "Well you want? … Do want I will show you something? …. Do you want?" - and on my puzzled look, she drew near and whispered, looking directly to me in eyes. - "Do want I will show you the boobs? … And there …" - she lowered and again lifted up eyes. - "There below … Want I will strip to the skin … both you … and you will look at everything ….?" From surprise I opened a mouth and grew dumb, and my look in itself involuntarily fell by strongly sticking out boobies of this impudent woman, then down on very wide and same sticking-out back and at last rested against the depression in the ground formed by the skirt which sagged between legs. "Yes she is old." - flew in the right hemisphere of the head, - "And suddenly she the truth will show a pizda to me" - flew in another. My cheeks began to blush uncontrollably, and inside in the bottom of a stomach somehow zatomitsya with pleasure. "Well, what you are silent? The shop will close for lunch now! Give quicker! I will show everything to you … And I will allow to touch …" I dipped a hand into a pocket, rummaged and pulled out everything that I had there on a palm. The woman raked up everything and nearly run rushed to shop, on the run counting a trifle and having thrown me: "I am quickly! Wait for me here! I now!". Three minutes. I tensely waited. Held apart a breast from unfamiliar desires, before eyes as in a kaleidoscope, pictures with naked women in different poses flashed. In ears for some reason as the jammed plate, lines from a silly children's song on a march melody "Farewell of Slavyanka" inconsistently sounded: "The pioneer became the widow жа - and - lko and she gave to the pioneer. He took her in hand white gru-fish and in knot I got stuck on a back."I all was directed in that direction where the woman left. Painfully minutes lasted. At last she appeared in the doorway of shop. My excitement reached a limit. The breast directly vibrated from the become frequent breath. The aunt approached me, smiled, sat down, told: "Now, pretty! Suffer!", I opened a bottle, I cast gram hundred in a plastic cup. also I drank off. Some time she sat, having closed eyes and not moving. Vodka was absorbed in blood. Lines of her face were gradually smoothed. The flush played on her cheeks. Now she seemed to me even attractive. At last she opened eyes. "Oh, thank you, my good, my savior … Thanks, золотко … Well? Where will we go? Can in those bushes?" - she shook the head. No, in bushes I didn't want, somehow in a pressure, someone still will see. "I know one place. We will go … those!" And we set. I, the pioneer, ahead - she, the pensioner, afterwards. In the house, neighboring to mine, there was a good, dry and warm, lit by electricity cellar. We, boys, got through a hole under a ladder at the first entrance there. There was our "headquarters". We dragged two mattresses from old beds there, an iron basin in which kindled a fire, a wooden bedside table in which valuable, that is import magazines lay (The Playboy then, of course, wasn't yet, but there were some catalogs with advertizing of underwear that was for those times not too bad at all). We with the woman entered an entrance. I brought her to a hole. "If only she didn't refuse! If only she got through!" - knocked at me in the head. The aunt got up on karachki and got forward. Fortunately she passed, having only slightly hooked by the wide back and having a little rubbed off a skirt whitewashing. I dived afterwards. We were on the place. "Nothing, comfortably," - the woman told, having looked round in our headquarters. I waiting sat down on a mattress. "What she will show at first: boobs or pizda? More better the pizd … doesn't have at first a boob, and then to a pizd … isn't present on the contrary …" - thoughts turned. The aunt slowly took several steps and villages near me. "Yes - and-and …" - she stretched, looking around. - "Well … And how you are called, by the way?" - Sasha. - "And me Nina. Nina Petrovna." - it recovered. - "And how old are you?" - "Thirteen". - "And me forty eight … And you … spied .ta upon girls, you already saw … what they naked" - "Are not present". She attentively and slightly with a smile sideways looked at me. I sat and looked before myself and waited when she …, WELL WHEN!!! … "Yes - and-and …" - she stretched again. - "Well … we will keep a promise … Yes?." - I nodded in reply. "Just now, wait, I will accept still … for bravery. I hesitate a little … I not … her-e … wasn't long ago … with such very young …" She cast in a glass again and drank, still poured and again drank. "So, now it is necessary to pee," - she departed in a corner, lowered a little pants to knees and sat down on hunkers. I askance watched her. From under slightly raised skirt faintly pink combination and under her an edge of her white ass was seen. "Oh as shameful and that" - suddenly from something I cheered up and loudly Nina Petrovna laughed. Zazhurchalo and a stream of liquid spilled in sand. Having made business, the woman stood up, wiped a combination between legs and began to approach me, as on stilts, holding the lowered pants on the divorced knees. Having approached absolutely close, she cramped knees and pants fell to the ground, she crossed one leg, and a sock another lifted the rag which became now unnecessary and cast away aside. "Well from where we will begin survey" - Nina Petrovna laughed again, without lowering from me eyes. I, all pale with the shivering lips, am unblinking looked at her, more precisely at her lower half. The aunt quickly became tipsy and stood, rocking already a little. She sprinkled again, raised the skirt and I saw edges her Chulkov, keeping on belt elastic bands. Well … here … now … But, having stood and having rocked, Nina lowered a hem again and sat down, covering with it knees. "Well what saw?" - she began to laugh again. - "Aaa? And candy and-am, I will give nobody … Well, was exhausted … and, babies?" - she, being unsteady, I suited the koyena and I clapped a palm on cheeks. - "Well, don't die! Also don't cry. I now … now …" - the woman unzipped behind, the skirt fell down from her and was rejected to pants. Then she took off also a jacket, having remained in a beige satin body shirt. "Well on …, look" - she hoarsely told and lifted up a combination to a belt. In a nose to me I struck unfamiliar, sharp and a little rotten smell, and before eyes some dark stain blurred. I guided sharpness - all female "riches" were before me. At arm's length from my widely open eyes her shaggy cunt which is plentifully covered with curly dark hair and I as captivated I looked rocked and I looked at this shagginess and couldn't come off. The aunt took a skirt a chin meanwhile, and itself widely placed before me legs, stuck out to my nose the basin forward, put both hands to itself on a pizda and pulled to the opposite sides. The fold under hair suddenly opened how a sink, and I saw her interiors, something similar on a mollusk too. Under full hairy lips appeared small, pink, smooth as two petals. At the top of a pizda they met and formed a red knob, of the size of a button, and below between petals the hole, size about five-copeck coin gaped blackness. I looked and saw how the knob at the aunt in a pizda increases in sizes, being inflated as a small ball. And from a hole, some transparent liquid flowed more and more. It dripped on a floor and also spread on vulvar lips and hips of the woman and in five minutes after the beginning of our viewing of her pizd became absolutely wet. At the same time the smell amplified. If earlier it was some toilet, then now in it some sharp component began to prevail. This smell attracted and concerned me and I inflated nostrils, involving air in the lungs. At the aunt meanwhile whether specially, whether under the influence of vodka, legs were slowly turned in and suddenly she was tumbled down near me, again roaring with loud laughter. She sat a naked ass on a mattress and ussyvatsya. Then it privalitsya to me, I embraced, I began to climb the drunk wet lips, I slobbered only. I ineptly answered. She began to stroke-oar the to me between legs, then took my hand and put it to herself on a pubis. I felt her hair, began to stroke them shy. To a hand it was a little inconvenient, but I suffered. She laughed again. I unfastened elastic bands from Chulkov, I took a pillow, I put in a headboard, I laid down, again I lifted up a skirt, having placed legs, and again having persistently put itself my hand there: "You touch, touch, be not afraid!" Stockings moved down and I saw that legs at her are a little hairy, especially shins, is farther under stockings. I twisted fingers pubis hair, gradually approaching chubby vulvar lips. The hand already felt heat and steam of allocations, as from the collector of the subway. I closed eyes and put a hand between lips. It published a deep sigh and convulsively parted legs even more widely. My hand passed on a furrow and right there moved down down to a hole. I opened eyes and carefully moved a forefinger on an entrance, and then set him deep into and at the same time involuntarily looked back to Nina Petrovna. Probably it is an instinct. The man always wants to see eyes of the woman whom fucks. She grinned: "What is pleasant?", I reached the bag, I got Pegasus cigarettes and I lit. The aunt dragged on and exhaled smoke, and I continued to get into her well more and more deeply. Smooth pass came to an end, some expansion began. His walls were softer, folded with some fringe. Nina Petrovna he is grateful I sighed and squealed when I was pointed a finger at walls of her vagina. Having surfed inside, I began to be picked external folds again. The attention was drawn again by a mumpish ball in the top part of a pizda. I touched him and Nina Petrovna right there sobbed. I began to caress him as it is possible more carefully and at once felt that it is the difficult button on a body at women, and most important. In a minute Nina Petrovna hid the face in hands and so cried that frightened me. But then, she opened the person again and smiled: "Anything, anything! I terminated it!" She undid a blouse, lifted up a combination, having slightly opened a beige brassiere, stood up, turned a back: "Rastegni!" I right there came off her pizda and seized a fastener. There something long I didn't reveal, I strained, applied all force and at last the ends of a brassiere scattered in different directions. Her boobs fell out of a brassiere. I sat before her on a lap and devoured them with eyes. She released boobs and again lay down, having remained almost naked: standing the semi-lowered stockings, on a stomach a belt with the dangling elastic bands, on a throat the got-off brassiere and a combination. She lay again, dragged on and looked at me from under the half-closed eyelashes. I touched her breast, at first fingers, then all palm, at first easy touch, then having strongly squeezed. The breast waved, Nina Petrovna deeply breathed. "Lick to me nipples!" - she hoarsely told. - "Stronger, still to the silena, you can teeth, stronger, be not afraid if it is sore I I will tell, even stronger! Aaa-h! Here so! Still!" I bit her big breast the small mouth and in me some animal instinct woke up, I was ready to gobble up this fat bitch. She cast away not finished smoking cigarette, grabbed my head and attracted to herself, having again stuck the widely razinuty mouth into mine. Her fleshy language pressed down my uvula. Still it is unknown someone someone will gobble up. She pressed me to herself and I, in all the clothes more and stronger, sprawled on the half-naked woman. Nina Petrovna clasped me with legs and with groan twitched and bent under me. At some point she weakened the embraces, came off my lips, hands raised my head and looking directly in eyes asked: "Do you want to fuck me really?" and without waiting for the answer I ordered: "Undress quicker!" I, headlong threw off a sweater, a shirt, trousers, having slightly tarried pants, having remained only in an undershirt and socks and stopped in indecision: "And suddenly it won't turn out?" The woman threw off the remains of clothes meanwhile and appraisingly looked at my wag. "Yes it is small. Well anything. Small хуек in a pizda a regulus" It settled again and highly raised the placed legs: "Well give! Vyeb the first pizda!" I put a wag in a hole and nestled the pubis to her. Slippery interiors of the woman of an obvolokla my end hot kissel. It was awfully pleasant, my head blew out the cheeks, drinking up this kissel. "You what sprawled, give fuck, it is necessary to move!" I pushed an ass, the dick began to rub. I was reached by sense a mouth. I quickly was accustomed and also quickly terminated. Something jammed on the end of the dick, became so sweet-slatko and I merged. Nina Petrovna only just began to moan. She hissed: "Eh, youth! Lay down give! I will make everything!" I laid down on a back, it moved to my legs, bent and clasped mine слабеющимй Pip with lips. She licked, caressed, sucked him, balls until the trunk wasn't straightened again and got the necessary hardness. Pot she sat down on karachka over me, a hand groped the hole and sat down on a stick, having with relief sighed. Pot she long jumped on me, groaned, sighed, shouted, nestled on me the boobies, kissed and again jumped. She all reddened, and the forehead became covered by a perspiration. And the body began to exude more and more clearly a sweat smell. At last she got down and laid down nearby, having put on me a hand and a leg. "Three times!!!" - she showed fingers. - "Here so. I bothered the old woman as Pol Pot Kampuchea!" and again infectiously I laughed. In half an hour we left. Ninka shook off when got out of the cellar, smiled, once again embraced me, gave smacking kiss the wet mouth in lips. "If you want to see once again me, I live on Hothouse, house N6 where consignment shop, apartment 33. Will you find?" I wiped lipstick from my cheeks. "Well give so long!" We left. She went the own way, and I to the …