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Two months ago Stas on the street was beaten. For no reason at all, it appeared not in that place not at that time. As a result of several not really serious changes and concussion. It was quite unpleasant to spend plenty of time in hospital, but his troubles only began. Mother decided that he needs fresh air and rest, far from a civilization that nothing reminded of the event (neither she, nor doctors could understand in any way that he had no moral injuries). Without listening to objection of the son, she agreed with the colleague, and sent Stas to him to the dacha to the Ryazan region at once after an extract from hospital. "A world ass" - with suffering looking back, Stas thought. To him it became more best for a long time: all changes began to live and with the head everything was in a lock, perfectly it wasn't obligatory for it to spoil life and to send him for the whole three months to this solitude. At the university it was necessary to agree about transfer of examinations. some problems from this trip. And if handed over with all, it would be possible to refer to a headache and to elicit normal estimates. A black strip – it is necessary to wait. There passed nearly a month. Stas hated this damned village all hulk, around – is younger than any person 60, well unless Victor, but not on many. Days without a break it was necessary to lie in the sun, to read, sleep and eat. He tried to get out to ride a bike which there were three in the shed, to go on a pond, but driving and lying on quite accurate for the village, though eternally empty beach, alone only strengthened melancholy. Nearly a month!!. And here - came true!! Victor went to the nearest shop of kilometers for forty behind products, Stas lay under the shed and repaired a floor – Victor often asked him to help about the house, and there was nothing to do all the same when from the house the ringing female voice was distributed: - Father! Father, where are you? Father? – Stas was surprised. They not really talked to Victor, only sometimes about fishing and inflatable boats much, but definitely not about family. He didn't tell about the daughter. Stas got out from under the shed and went to the house. He stopped on a threshold near a big marching backpack which was left by the girl, the owner of a ringing voice, and she, probably, ran on the house and looked for the father. - Hi, - Stas greeted, having for some reason waved with a hand when saw the figure coming from a corridor which lines couldn't be defined because of the thousand-year rain, instead of a curtain covering a door. Such were invented in the Soviet Union and their lawful place on the deepest dump because are terrible to horror, but and in many old houses such still meet at many old people. The girl for a second stiffened, then took away a rain a hand and stepped to the hall. It was the high blonde, hair, obviously colored, hardly reached shoulders, gray eyes perplexedly and watchfully examined it. "Probably Victor didn't find time to tell her about me too." - Hi, - he repeated, - I am Stas. I at you here … - A-a-a!! – The girl's face cleared up, - you are that guy who stays with us. Very pleasant, Nastya. - Thank God, Victor told you about me, and that I about you knew nothing. - Yes, father not really talkative. Well, how to you at us? She approached the backpack, but Stas seized with the first him, she smiled and went a little ahead, showing the way. She had equal teeth, white, but the smile, though obviously kind something reminded a grin. She went, povilivy hips, not vulgarly, and is very accurate and is even refined. on her there was a fitting t-shirt and narrow bridges. Nastya had an excellent figure: the girl was quite thin, slender, with obviously outstanding accurate elastic buttocks for which and both the look, and a palm reached involuntarily. Look it was possible not to constrain and enjoy, and here the palm should have been held. Nastin's breast stood out very clearly too, and Stas who glanced at it was occupied now for some reason by a persuasive question what it the size. Perhaps the second or third. On the one hand, he was glad to arrival of the beautiful girl, now it will be not so boring, will be at least what to look at, but on the other hand, it was just accident: Nastya with the outstanding forms was devilishly attractive, and he had no sex several months, from that ill-fated day when he was beaten. He left the girl while he was in hospital because that "from a grief" overslept with his friend. The friend told everything to him therefore he and remained a friend, for honesty. And here Stas told the girl that he doesn't wish to see her any more. Very much already all this was disgusting. Stas led Nastya to her room and went back under the shed. It took him the whole day therefore next time they met only at supper, as always poor: pasta with sausages. Really at the dacha it is impossible even to fry a shish kebab?! Victor apologized that forgot to tell Stas about the daughters, it appeared, he has their two: Nastya and Alina. Alina now in the camp, her this month, directly during change is executed eighteen, and it is the last year when she can go to favourite "Planet". And Nastya already on a third year, that is is one year more senior than Stas. Having got to talking, Victor told Stas that Nastya is his daughter from first marriage, and Alyn – from the second wife who died when to the girl there were thirteen. Too waited for Alina here any day. "Double accident, - Stas thought, - though, maybe, something also will fall intermittently unknown to the old man daddy …" The Next several days Stas and Nastya were almost unseparable, she was beautiful!! On the site I walked in short shorts, it is more similar to pants (she had very long legs!) and in the T-shirt which isn't reaching a navel, baring her thin flat stomach. It didn't wear a brassiere and her breast smoothly moved when the girl moved, through an undershirt often looked through the pointed nipples. Quietly examining her, Stas came to a conclusion that the size, most likely, after all the third. Her movements were very smooth, distinguished. All this demented Stas. They often rode bicycles on a pond where Nastya pulled together from herself shorts and a T-shirt, the beautiful, kind of dancing movements, and remained in one bathing suit. Stas, trying that she didn't notice, attentively I watched this process.