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Slender strong legs were in short shorts, the T-shirt fitted a small, but appetizing breast. Nastya, by the way, successfully, in many respects probably because played that guys shared my kobeliny interest. I wanted her. Really in the pit of the stomach drained in. I, of course, not the pedophile, at me am a normal girl, but the girl was charm. Absolutely child, but such sexy … With impudent and bad thoughts I opened a bottle of beer and continued fascinating contemplation. "For how many you will be washing, the beauty? I will buy you ice cream, two if you well try" - I laughed to the thoughts and decided to fuck her by all means. Nastenka was pleasant to me long ago, one may say, took notice of her. There was a strong wish to put also hands. I knew that on days off Nastya goes to the grandmother to the village while her parents leave for two days on work somewhere. My friend has a giving nearby there. The grandmother lives far from the bus stop, and the little girl had to walk decently. Rather far on the road, and they had no car. And I had on her plans, very bad. On Saturday I was at the friend at the dacha. We agreed with Sashka that I will bring to him the girl and we together will have a good time. He liked my idea from Nastenkaya. I taxied on the road on black the Grandee Cheroki and hid in bushes, just like garbage, waiting for Nastya. There was a fresh summer morning, cool and a little windy. I relaxed and began to peer afar – on a footpath at a roadside. In about fifteen minutes I heard the lungs which are softly rustling on a dry grass steps. I understood at once that it was my girl. Here she – in a short jeans short skirt and a light t-shirt. She went, slightly shaking from rushes of cold wind, and probably, strongly froze. I waited a little and carefully left because of bushes, slowly drove up to her behind. Having managed to admire a narrow back with the shovels which are sticking out childly, I approached it. - Hi, Nastenka, - I smiled to her, having lowered tinted glass. She, having scaredly shuddered, I turned the pretty chestnut head. Nastya looked at me with big light-brown eyes and too smiled: - Hello, Igor Mikhaylovich, - Nastenka cheerfully told. Probably I was delighted that met on the desert road not some stranger, but the neighbor, good and kind the uncle, - I thought and almost even I laughed. - And you to the grandmother, Nastyush? – I asked fondly, furtively inspecting her the roundish boobies which are hardly fitted by a t-shirt under which there was no brassiere. Hands of the girl went goosy, was cold to her. - Yes, - she told loudly and again I looked at me with the soft, slightly puzzled look as though asking why I to her became attached. "Oh, if you knew, the baby why …" - I felt as my hands itched to seize her right there in an armful and, having dragged in the car, properly to finish. And, however, to her, probably it was pleasant to stir with me. - Yes to you far here to go, - I told deliberately simply though inside all was tense as a string, - yes it is cold besides, - and I inspected her shivering frozen figure. - Get, I will bring, - I waved to her a hand and opened a door on the next sitting. The girl hesitated for a time second as though without deciding gets into someone else's car. I was even frightened that now will take and won't sit down, then already it should take violent measures. But whether she really very much froze, whether she didn't want to walk so far, but the girl obediently got into my car. I was the neighbor, the close acquaintance the uncle. We passed on the way to silence, I felt that Nastenka was a little strained. After all was to a little precipitately very young sexy girl to trust the 35th summer man. Ah-ah as it is precipitate. So I began to occupy Nastenka with jokes, well and in general any senseless idle talks to amuse her, and in particular to distract attention from the road. But it, of course, was the failure invention. Nastenka looked in a window and noticed the high trimmed cottages along the road that it was absolutely unlike the village where there lived her grandmother. - Igor Mikhaylovich, - she told, - we not on that road go. There, at the intersection it was necessary to go directly, - and she looked at me with the big beautiful eyes. - How not on that? - I told, even without trying will get out and having increased speed. I looked at her gentle face with a thin equal nose and bright damp sponges. On cheeks of the girl there was a fresh very young flush (after all in the car it was warm), on a thin neck wavy locks of soft silky hair went down. I crafty winked at her and turned away. Remained a little more, to pass only through the wood, and our girl. Nastya noticed that I increased speed and shuddered. - Igor Mikhaylovich … - she told already scaredly.