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And usually I answered questions of the husband of equal suntan that sunbathed on a balcony of their country house and that in such look nobody contemplated her. It was pleasant to her, and at times it strongly brought her when on her breast frankly and impatiently males stared. Though they stared not only at a breast as they also her plavochki reminded rather an a lace which imperceptibly disappeared between appetizing buttocks. Got it when someone specially was located to sunbathe nearby and devoured it with a look, her nipples strained and got up upright from excitement. But offers to get acquainted with it which occurred constantly when she sunbathed one, Lena rejected. Though sometimes it was difficult for it to make it, too strongly she was brought, but didn't want to fool around. But once. Somehow since morning, having had breakfast Lenochka put on a summer dress a naked body and went to the beach, today she decided to go to distant, usually deserted part of the beach to read the book. There was such place which is fenced off by bushes from all directions from other beach, the importunate wind fraying the page of her novel which it was going to read didn't blow there. Then, later it planned to walk for a crowded part of the beach and to stand out the naked breast, to provoke men and to be made horney from their impudent views. From these plans she began to be brought, especially she had no sex several days, from days off when there came the husband. Прейдя on this place which is fenced off by bushes she only wanted to pull together from herself a dress and to dress the plavochka as suddenly I heard a crash of branches in bushes: She pretended that she noticed nothing, and actually imperceptibly peered at that party where noise was heard, someone's silhouette in bushes was obviously looked through there... The thought to be absolutely naked before the stranger very strongly got it. For about a minute it hesitated for a time whether to dress her a plavochka, after all she never before did it, to expose itself on display entirely: but excitement and thirst of sexual experiences I took up... She pulled together with the hands which are slightly shivering from excitement from herself a dress, her nipples strongly strained from feeling that now someone considers all her delights... But her it was a little and she decided to add to heat, she got up a crustacean, buttocks to the viewer and became having bent a back and having bulged invitingly buttocks, to spread a cover: It was just burned by new strong feeling, mix of shame and already just wild excitement: what she can lead it even to didn't think. Having shown the delights she began to rub herself with cream for suntan, naturally it turned into the real show. In the course of rubbing by cream she didn't keep from that few times not to concern the pussy, a clitoris and when she rubbed with cream the buttocks, she completely few times set one finger to herself in buttocks. Lenochka loved anal sex as well as her husband therefore her buttocks easily accepted in itself a finger: Having strongly made horney and having hardly constrained itself from what on someone's eyes peeping at her not to begin to jerk off itself, she got the book and laid down on a tummy, a back to spying and moved apart legs. She herself didn't learn that she does it, but excitement took up: She pretended that she reads, and actually only and thought of that someone in bushes: After a while she imperceptibly got a pocket mirror and managed to consider, already less vigilant, and can the become impudent fellow of years 15. He could already be considered accurately as he approached her closer through branches of bushes what would be visible to her charm more better. Even minutes 10 it pretended that it reads while her pussy became wet from what her absolutely naked is impudently considered by the youth. Then she allegedly laid down to have a sleep, and itself waited what will be done by the guy. In minutes her 15 motionless states she on the shadow which appeared near her understood that he approached her, also she understood that he actively masturbates looking at her. From it she was brought even stronger: However didn't pass also minutes as on her buttocks his cum poured down, she was even surprised how many she was much, it was sprayed on legs, buttocks, a back, hair: Having terminated the guy suddenly disappeared, she lay down a minute more, hoping that he will return: And then I rose and I began itself to fuck vigorously two fingers, in turn in the pussy in the daddy: Already approaching an orgasm she heard a crash of branches and right there again laid down, having pretended that she sleeps: Between legs everything simply ached, the buttocks itched and too wanted the dick, Lenochka only also could think kind of to her to terminate. To her surprise several voices were heard, then she learned that they were seven. Without hesitating any more, though silently they approached and surrounded her, she understood that all of them jerk off looking at her. Excitement accrued more and stronger: suddenly someone from guys noticed, in a whisper "yes she has Pisa already all wet, she can doesn't sleep". And after a while the head of someone's dick rested her against the pussy, she lay and didn't know what to do. She understood that she doesn't want to fool around, but on the other hand she was already terribly brought and caught an indescribable high from that as these guys impudently behave, from the fact that the dickhead rubs about her sexual sponges teasing her, she wanted that she was fucked. She was always strongly brought by a thought of rough, animal sex what she would be fucked as a doll. She had also imaginations about that that she was roughly taken by force and treated her as with the whore, but with the beloved husband these fantasies her weren't excited, with him there was a passion and tenderness especially hey there was no wish that her husband saw in her the lewd whore, start up it even there would be only a sexual game in such role, a role of the whore. Nevertheless imaginations about that that treated her roughly as with the whore visited her head from time to time. Sometimes in these imaginations several men had her at once. At such moments she masturbated dreaming as she is put on several dicks at once, at the same time treating her as with the chippy. And here something similar happens to her in reality and she madly strongly to be brought from all this. Suddenly the dick sharply entered her on the balls, she was even curved from pleasure, and the guy decided that she will shout and clamped her a mouth. Other guys seized her by hands and legs and didn't allow her to move while the guy began to fuck her violently quickly. Lenochka lay and approached an orgasm from the member and from a thought who is quickly moving in himself that she is helpless and with her can make everything that will want, to be exact to fuck her as it will want it. She violently terminated coiling on the guy, he thought that she escapes and gave her ringing slap in the face and told that she the bitch wouldn't try. Unexpectedly for itself she was made horney from it, from this violence over her and from the word of a knot, from the fact that with her treat as the whore, humiliate her. The guy terminated in her and Lena thought that she well that it fits on tablets and won't fly. Right there his place was taken by another, he began to hollow her in the pussy, but the guy who watched the first her from bushes told him that this whore few times to herself implanted two fingers into a point when smeared on itself cream for suntan and that it needs to be torn off in an ass. From these words Lenochka began to flow with a new force, she felt as the real whore in hands of these rude teenagers. And at this time set with her in buttocks and began to fuck vigorously. And as she didn't resist her ceased to clamp a mouth and one of guys having strong reeled up her beautiful hair to themselves on a fist so it was sore with her, put standing a stake a dick to her in a mouth and ordered her properly and to suck diligently. She told that she will make everything that they will tell, just they wouldn't beat her. On what guys noted that the cool appeasable bitch got to them. She was gruboyebat in an ass and pushed in a mouth so she choked with the dick that amused children and fucking her in a mouth planted even more deeply. Lenochka choked with the dick in a mouth, but it very much brought her that she is fucked as a doll as want that it became a real doll for a mouth. To her terminated in a bottom and right there again in a bottom set with her again, in a mouth the cum which she with pleasure swallowed began to flow and a mouth the dick absolutely cleaned. Fucking her to the back I began to slap loudly her in buttocks a palm and to call her the bitch, the whore and potaskukhy. And soon and all others began to address her precisely - the bitch, the whore, a blyadushka, the chippy and a laying. But already it didn't offend her but only sprayed even more. New ебарь her mouth just I seized her by ears and I began to pull her on the dick, she it is diligent as the approximate whore sucked away to him. Her buttocks turned pink from ringing slaps on it distributed under compliments, such as, what cool ass at this whore or, a working point at this blyadushka. The others roughly touched her breast and too roughly said in her address, calling the bitch and the whore. Lenochka began to swallow diligently of a cum again, she swallowed everything to a last straw. The guy fucking her in a bottom put out from her a dick and having jumped up in front drove on the balls with her into a mouth and began to lower, and Lenochka diligently swallowed of everything, she was brought even stronger by a thought that she sucks the dick who just visited her buttocks and she once again terminated from the fact that someone whose person she didn't even see sharply drove with her into the pussy the dick. One of impatient guys suggested to fuck this whore as he said, at once three together, having adduced a powerful argument that holes that at her three. One fellow laid down on a back, she sat down on his dick, right there the guy in front approached it and gave it in a mouth, having right there pushed it on balls, it choked but diligently sucked away. Her appetizing buttocks long didn't remain idle, the guy who suggested to fuck it three together set with it. It was difficult for Lenochka to breathe because of the dick, but to her it was very good, she all was filled with horney men's flesh, it was put at the same time on three dicks which vigorously fucked her. Constantly someone caressed her breast, squeezed, touched. Very much it was pleasant to it that she makes horney these children that they want her. She jumped on dicks as the equestrian, dicks everything changed and changed, all her holes were filled by them. Lenochka was passed around by three times, she swallowed a lot of cum, she had all person in a cum, hair stuck together from a seed. The last guy дотрахав in buttocks terminated her to her on the person. Someone from guys asked whether it was pleasant to her and whether she wants still? She was silent, the thought that to her it was very good that she was passed around as the last whore, confused her. Whether but the guy didn't lag behind with a question it was pleasant to her to be their whore and she without expecting from itself told that yes to her was good and what will come here at ten in the morning to sunbathe tomorrow. They put on and left, and Lenochka and remained to lie on a stomach with the spread legs, on her back and buttocks the cum flew down. She was tired of this fucking and felt it just now when excitement took place. Suddenly on this clearing fenced from other beach with bushes the man came. He stared at the naked seductive woman. Lenochka saw him but her was already all the same, the man having stood in thought minute approached her, here he made out that she all in a cum. He right there lowered swimming trunks and set with her directly in a bottom, she inertly and not long resisted but the man just didn't pay attention to it. He began to alternate her holes, fucking in buttocks in the pussy, his dick was much more than at the teenagers who fucked her. He began to slap her on the daddy driving in in her the dick, she even was slightly brought again. He strong seized her by hair and her trawl. It was pleasant to Lenochka to feel as the whore who just has no right to refuse to the man, the whore whom any can take. The man began to roar and lowered her in a bottom. I pulled swimming trunks and I left, at parting having thriftily clapped her buttocks and having told that she has excellent working buttocks. Lena with the last bit of strength rose not to tempt destiny and not to find to itself still, on one or two-three places, adventures, lying here stark naked in such obviously fucked look. It put on a dress the body, wet from a cum, and went home. In the morning she woke up early. And right there I remembered what was yesterday. It wasn't pleasant to her to what degree she fell yesterday, it is a shame from that as she cumed from the fact that she was roughly fucked calling the bitch, it is a shame that fooled around. But remembering all this she began to be brought strongly, trying to extinguish excitement she drove away these thoughts, but pictures of yesterday emerged before eyes and she began to become wet. Also she perfectly remembered that she promised them to come there and it strongly concerned her. Still yesterday before going to bed she with confidence told herself that it not to repeat that let it will remain just strange dream which should be forgotten that in life it is necessary to try everything, but nothing similar nevermore to repeat. And now she already began to be afraid that she will come to the promised meeting. She went to take a shower and itself didn't notice as began to caress herself remembering as she was fucked, she caressed the pussy, a breast, remembering as she was fucked three together at the same time as she jumped on their dicks. At the same time she thrust to herself into buttocks two fingers and began to fuck them herself, in too time caressing a clitoris. She was wildly brought and decided that she will make it last time. She left stark naked a shower and looked for hours, she had to be on the meeting place in 15 minutes. Lenochka quickly approached a case, without choosing put on some fitting t-shirt directly not dried body. Fabric slightly became wet and her outlines heatedly of the standing nipples were looked through through fine fabric. The short skirt which she hastily put on came to hand to it going to a door... On the way to a meeting wind frayed her absolutely short short skirt and the people going her on a meeting, quite often so happened, could consider her shaved лобочек. But it didn't confuse Lenochka any more as compared she already anticipated, it on the contrary brought her even stronger, made horney her when men frankly watched her leave and even turned around to check out her buttocks hoping for a wind gust. And Lenochka also didn't think to hold a skirt with hands, it was pleasant to her and it already began to flow from the shameless behavior and an anticipation of that as it will be pulled on three dicks at the same time at once, and the others will touch her breast, to rub about her the dicks and to roughly comment on that as she is fucked, calling her the whore and the chippy, the whore and a nipple... Here Lenochka also came. To her huge disappointment some company in addition was at that place it was late for 15 minutes, none of her very young lovers on the place were. And just now it understood as far as she wants that she properly, was rigidly fucked. She stood and I bit to myself lips why she was late. Suddenly she was slapped in a bottom, she turned back and saw three children who fucked her yesterday. On her face there was a lewd smile. And at this time three pairs of hands appeared at it under a skirt and began to touch her. Lenochka didn't restrain and quietly moaned. I commented on one their guys, the good whore, temperamental. Another told that he already can't wait to fuck her and they went woodward. Lenochka with some disappointment asked that today they will be only three? One of guys of glades her slight disappointment also told that she is waited by a pleasant surprise and that she can not worry, vyenut her today at full scale. Right there the fellow called someone from the mobile phone and told Lena that later everything will be for now they vyenut it three together. They came to a clearing in the forest, right there roughly took it for hair and having forced to the knees pushed into a mouth. Already sucking away it got a cover from a handbag, it to her was helped to be spread. Since the beginning she standing наколенях sucked to all three in turn, someone having reeled up strong hair on a hand I fucked her in a mouth, someone strong grabbed her ears and pulled a mouth on the dick, someone hit her the dick in the face before pushing her in a mouth, fucking her a sweet mouth her called the whore and a nipple from what Lenochka flowed. From that as passionately Lena sucked these three dicks children were turned on more and stronger, here one of guys whose turn came to give her in a mouth strong to pain having seized her by hair and having called the whore gave her couple of slaps in the face and sharply drove her on the balls and a throat. Lenochkina cheeks burned from slaps in the face, she choked with a dick and all this that is done with her very strongly was pleasant to her, the shame already evaporated and she understood that she turned into the real lewd bitch. The following guy teased her, having moved dicks on lips and asked whether she wants a knot that her vyebla in a pizda and an ass? She told that yes, but this answer didn't suit the guy. He gave her slap in the face and told her what she the bitch nedotrakhanny would say louder and more clearly that she wants. Lenochka being wildly made horney from what was going to tell, began... hey yeah I am a lewd whore who wants that she was put on three dicks at the same time and fucked in all cracks as the last bitch, I am your doll for a mouth which wants that you snoshat her as wanted, you otjebit me rather, my lewd pussy and buttocks wants your dicks, I want to be your stanochok for a mouth, your spermopriyemnik ready to suck away and swallow how many you want, fuck me, your whore. She right there was hit ringing slap in the face and a dick in a mouth. One guy laid down on a back, Lenochka without taking out a dick from a mouth sat down on him from above the pussy, the third set with her in buttocks and began to drive in very quickly to her the dick. In a minute she terminated, but excitement didn't take place. It was put on three dick and a thought of it the feeling all of them in itself strongly got it, and still got it as she is called the whore and the bitch planting in her the dicks. The first the guy fucking her in a mouth terminated, she swallowed everything and having cleaned everything to a last straw continued to suck a soft dick the guy who fucked her to the back so far didn't want to lower her a mouth. Lenochka swallowed of a cum jumping on the dick, then she took two soft dicks in hand and jerking off them began to suck them in turn, trying as soon as possible that they were again poured by blood, got stronger and could have her again. She diligently sucked two dicks and the third hollowed her wet pizdenka. She also didn't notice as two dicks which she sucked away again hardened, here the guy fucking Lenochkina the pussy got out from under her and having sharply set in a mouth lowered, lowering he called her the whore and a nipple and kept saying what the nipple fucking would swallow all to a droplet that she as an obedient nipple also made. The fellow sat down to have a rest and two of his friends set with her in an ass and a mouth and began to snoshat her, they at the same time planted with her so the dick fucking her came into a mouth to her on balls, held her by hair, more precisely the guy fucking her in a mouth just reeled up them on a hand, it was even slightly sore with her from it but it brought her even stronger, the guy fucking her to the back loudly slapped her on buttocks constantly calling it a blyadushka and a nipple, the bitch and the chippy. From these words Lenochka just went crazy from excitement, cuming once again she and didn't notice as 8 people approached them, it slightly frightened her but at the same time and got, and still brought her that directly at comers she was fucked together at the same time and called the whore. Among comers was to steam of children of years 19-20, one of them was quite tall, he suited the first, removed the fellow fucking Lenochkin the back got the not up to the end got up dick, the fellow fucking her to the back was attached in front, now she was fucked in turn by two, the guy that fucked her in an ass gave it in a mouth and asked, whether to be pleasant to it to suck a dick which just was in her buttocks, she only enough lowed swallowing on balls. The guy standing behind her began to slap her in buttocks the dick which hardened, Lenochka for a moment turned back and saw that he has 20-25 centimeters a dick. To her it became terrible, but she was a laying and the whore and had no right to resist, she understood that with such whores and potaskukha as she it is possible to do anything her ебарям. She only relaxed, here drove with her a sex of the dick into an ass, she even released a dick from a mouth not to bite him, the guy strongly slapped her on a zhopka and set with her on balls, she screamed and someone from looking as she is torn up I told that wouldn't feel sorry for this whore and tore up to a pozhescha. After a minute of pain the buttocks got used to a big dick, Lenochka began to suck again two dicks, one of which began to lower her in her whorish mouth, she swallowed everything, here someone told that her pizda shouldn't stand idle, the fellow of lickspittles under her, she rode out his dick, here two more in front approached her, now fucked her in a pizda, an ass, and three she sucked, one dick she sucked also two other podrachival, so two, eleven people passed her around three times, from her skillful mouth, close buttocks more hotly than a pizdenka young guys quickly cumed, she drank gram two hundred a cum as cumed everything only to her in a mouth, only sometimes a cum got to her on the person who everything was in the muddy drops spreading on all person had her as the last bitch in all three holes of hour: Last fucked her ass I lowered her in a mouth, she swallowed everything to a drop. She was told that she the bitch would kneel on a grass that she also made, all of them got the dicks and began to urinate on her, it was directly burned by unexpectedly rolled excitement from such strong humiliation, she even couldn't imagine that it can happen to her that on her the whole crowd of people will urinate and she from it will be brought as the last bitch and the whore. Their hot urine streamed down her face, a breast, a back, flew down on her pizdenka, legs and spread on the ground, at the end she stood in an urine pool. When she finished with it told that she would thank them, she as the approximate real whore, being kneeling in an urine pool to them told them thanks for what they her, a blyadushka, so well tore off in all cracks and fed with a cum that she is glad to be their spermopriyemnik and potaskukhy. Her forced to put on without being washed away and and to go home, she put on the thin fitting t-shirt on a body, wet from urine, fabric right there stuck around her breast, nipples were frankly appeared through a t-shirt, she put on the short short skirt and went home. This time she obediently nodded when ordered to be her here tomorrow in 10, 00. She already understood that her life changed and that she can't refuse such pleasure as a rigid group sex and sweet humiliation any more. She went home, all men stared at her breast under wet fabric of a t-shirt, and wind constantly lifted her skirt up so passing by could consider her naked pussy and buttocks. Suddenly by her there passed two guys of years 20, they very frankly stared at her, just fucked her views, she even turned back when they passed, they both stared at her legs behind, suddenly wind lifted her short skirt and guys saw her naked buttocks. She smiling I went further, she curtailed from the main road and went on the forest road towards the house, suddenly she noticed that those two guys follow her, but they went to other party. She guessed that they conceived something, but after what with her was her it didn't frighten, she was even surprised that after such fucking she began to be made horney again. People on proximity weren't, suddenly ran up to it and having grabbed by hands and for hair dragged in bushes to the forest from the road. She posing as the inaccessible girl I began to be indignant and try to escape but she was strong held, it brought her that with her can make everything that him will want that she in their power. They filled up her on a stomach, stuck with the person into a moss what wouldn't shout and having right there lifted up her skirt set with her in an ass, in a minute having understood that she not strongly resists the second guy got a dick and having given her slap in the face set with her on balls in a mouth. Through couple of a minuton I swallowed a cum, but I continued to suck slightly soft dick, guys exchanged soon and as soon as the fact that еб to the back I inserted it to her into a mouth, he right there began to lower. Lenochka swallowed everything. In a bottom the dick otebavshy her rested her against a mouth before, he strongly moved apart her a zhopka and entered her on balls, he calling her the fucking skank and the bitch loudly slapped Lenochka in buttocks, and she sucked away at this time to the second which strong to pain held her by hair and stuck her whorish as he said, a mouth on the dick. The guy fucking her behind began to alternate her pizdenka and buttocks. Then they began to change, in turn fucking her in a bottom, sometimes in the pussy and then gave in a mouth. Especially brought them to fuck her in a mouth after it and had her in a bottom, too it brought Lenochka, she felt like the real whore and approached an orgasm. Suddenly one guy laid down on a back and ordered that she the bitch sat down immediately on his dick, she right there saddled him, the second set with her to the back, they began her to fuck rigidly calling the bitch, the whore, the whore and potaskukhy. Both of them touched her breast, put it in a mouth the fingers, she passionately sucked them. Lena began to cum: In a couple of minutes they in turn fed once again it with the cum, it swallowed everything. Lenochka tired lay on a grass with the short skirt which is lifted up on a back, her fitting t-shirt was lifted up to necks. Guys noted that she sexually looks, the zatrakhanny nice woman lies naked on a back with the spread legs. They decided to add piquancy to this picture and finally they urinated on her, urine spread on her body, having completely wet her thin T-shirt and a skirt. Having finished they left having called her excellent potaskukhy and having promised it to tear off still if they happen. In five minutes Lenochka got up from a grass, having put on a t-shirt as it is necessary and having sent a skirt she went home. Drops of urine flew down on her legs, her closely fitting t-shirt was as well as a skirt through wet from urine, the skirt stuck to a naked body too, from it is far I looked as naked. In such look she came home, took a shower and went to bed. Filling up she didn't regret what happened to her, she already accepted the essence of a lewd female, the bitch who loves when she is torn up as want. She never derived so much pleasure and therefore she there is nothing wasn't sorry...