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Not too hot, where that, about twenty five, Celsius, cloudlets were, but the rain avoided their small settlement. To Matvei was only twenty seven. Even in the spring he was left by the wife whom bothered to live in this village, so she called the settlement, gathered and went to parents to the city. They didn't manage to bring children, she didn't want to hurry with it and ate some tablets not to fly. Matvei worked as the huntsman and the wood loved from the childhood. I knew any living creatures occupying his site. With myself I took a gun very seldom, managing a small-caliber gun of Margolin from which I shot very straight from any almost provisions. In Army was a sniper, I was at war in Chechnya, as a part of special division, but pride, for participation in this forced war, I never tested. I was at war and is fine. In the forest he had a rest soul, catching all smells and aromas, hearing a silent rustle of foliage and needles of trees, with pleasure inhaled in himself the air which is given to drink by these aromas. I went and had a rest, there was Saturday, day when went many into the woods. Someone on berries, someone on mushrooms, city came and fried the shish kebabs, but these far didn't get into the forest, managing edges and small clearings. Came, usually, the companies, had fun, danced to the sound of music from figurative players and tape recorders, drank vodka and wine, had sex outdoors, dispersing on bushes, then gathered and left, leaving behind a lot of garbage which had after to be earthed, szhigatmnogy such companies of Matvei already knew. He approached and warned them about the risk of the fire and inadmissibility of leaving after himself garbage. Obeyed him, not all, of course, but normally belonged, knowing that it is his work. Today city was again fairly. He to a descent noticed four companies along the route of the highway, but didn't begin to approach, he, too, knew these already. At once I went towards the small river Sosnovka flowing through a powerful pinery to whirlpools, hoping to catch a pike and to cook a fish soup from her, here in the forest and to have a rest. With myself I took also a vodka bottle for this purpose. Having left to the deep place known to him, first of all I built a tent from branches of a pine and fir-tree to spend the night, I brought and I laid a grass instead of a bed. I dug a pole and I parted in it a small kosterok, after that I got a fishing line with hooks, I fastened her to rather short fishing-rod which is cut down right there from a thin birch I spread on a hook tee of a karasik from banks and I put out a feeler on the middle an omutka. Itself I filled with water a kettle and I suspended it over a fire, knowing that fish soup today, all the same will be. The pike took a bait in about ten minutes and was pulled out. Normal, from kilograms, approximately. More Matvei didn't begin to fish around, was engaged in preparation of fish soup. I cut a pike, having cut her on large pieces, I added two onions, one potato, garlic and fennel with bay leaf. I dumped all this in a kettle where water already boiled, I salted and I began to wait. In fifteen minutes on the wood the most tasty aroma of ready fish soup was carried and he removed a kettle from a crossbeam. I threw boughs in a fire and I prepared for the most responsible moment, test welded on taste. I got a bottle and a hundred-gram cut glass, I poured some vodka and I scooped from a kettle the first spoon. Yum-yum! Having removed test, I drank vodka, I grunted from pleasure and I began to eat fish soup. At such moments he felt happy. Oho, the familiar hedgehog welcomed on a visit and isn't afraid absolutely, knows, the wretch that here he won't be offended. - What to treat you with, the friend? Do you want a milk? You want, of course, I know. Matvei got from a bag a plastic cover from banks, splashed in her milk and carefully put before the nose of a hedgehog. That smelled and, having drawn near drank up it for several seconds. Happy sniffed and I stared at Matvei the eyes beads, hoping for additive which to him was poured. Again I drank up it. Matvei burst out laughing and took a hedgehog in hand. That didn't even curl up, knowing already a smell of hands of Matvei. - All right, will be enough for you, in the evening still come, the friend. Let's also me eat normally. A hedgehog whom Matvei put on a grass a nose woodward, having sniffed, I escaped, but at this time the noise and women's shout muffled однако.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Матвей was heard not far I swelled up, turned towards shout, listening. Some fuss meters in thirty from him, behind juniper bushes was heard. Carefully I went there. About two pines, at once behind bushes, I saw two healthy guys of years of twenty undressing the young little girl. One held her, pressing to itself(himself) and closing her a mouth a palm, the second pulled down panties from her jerked legs. I pulled down, having hit the little girl in a stomach why she writhed in hands of the first, I grabbed and I parted legs in the parties, getting the dick from a fly. - I don't advise you it to do, children. You will get strong. - Matvei went to their party. - You shouldn't violate. Release the little girl or it will be bad to you. - You someone such? Marsh schnook! It to you will be very bad now. All high broke. Cut her, Gesha that didn't escape and we will deal with it. Then we will take care of the Daw. Well, reptile! That before them not the boy who has to be afraid only of their look and a voice they didn't think and at once rushed on Matvei. The first faltered, having received sharp blow in a solar plexus, but sustained and continued to peret raising the huge fist. Having passed him by, Matvei blow of a leg in a breast, knocked down the second and so far the first was developed, finished him light touch to a throat. I decided not to cut down the second and having just tripped up, I took him then on painful reception. That howled, having rolled up legs. Having immobilized him blows to the right places, Matvei rose from him and looked round. The little girl still lay having bent, after blow in a stomach and cried. He approached her, lifted, seated on пенёк. - Someone is such? And how you with them appeared here? - We arrived on shish kebabs with parents, and at these other company, they near us did shish kebabs and drank. I went to bushes, on small, and they seized me, clamped a mouth and here dragged. Long dragged, minutes fifteen that ours didn't hear. And then you saw. I don't know them, even, and I at all not a Daw am called. Oh, he began to move again, now will get up. I am afraid. - They with you won't make anything any more. Now I will talk to them. In militia to hand over them, perhaps? So all the same will release, they weren't in time with you, and you won't want to deal with militia. So? - So, man. More better, somehow, to me to reach the, I only don't know where it is necessary to go. - We go to me, so far. You will sit there, and I will deal with these and I will decide what to do. Then I will see off you to yours. Matvei took away the little girl to the fire at the small river, put her there, advised to eat fish soup and went to understand to guys. The first, still, slept, and the second sat already on a bum and looked the evil at the suitable Matvei. - What, decided to hand over to cops us? Hand over, it to the best, not for you only. Understood, the schnook?