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Stroke-oaring left the wavy hair which are gently streaming on a smooth tamariny neck, right I gradually lowered below and below. Easy movements having stroked the girl on inside of her hips, my hand slowly moved ahead down, till the end. Having paid tribute to graceful fine-molded legs, a palm of my hand, for a second not coming off a tamariny body slowly I slid up a leg, slowly approaching the perineum. It gave pleasure to me to stroke her gentle, warm skin, to feel silky elasticity of a body and to admire his graceful contours. Soon my fingers faced the soft surface of big vulvar lips that caused in me some share of slight delight. Having lowered the left hand down, I concerned a tamariny kolenochka, and, having slightly stroked her, leaned the palm against the popliteal hollow then the easy movement I moved apart at her knees. At this time the right hand continued to soap at Tamara between legs. Suddenly somehow accidentally the forefinger nestled on her body slightly stronger and began to move in the direction from a bunghole directly to a stomach bottom. Vulvar lips couldn't hold pressing and, having slightly moved apart, passed a finger inside. Sliding on the internal surface of a vulva and rising up, the finger suddenly faced a maiden clitoris. Having slightly gasped, the girl immediately densely squeezed a kolenochka, having closely clasped my hand with the legs. As if without noticing it, I began to turn the finger around a clitoris, saying that this town needs to be washed up properly too. For strong nervousness at the girl intercepted breath a little, and that still continued to squeeze knees strong. Having tenderly stroked Tamara on her it is delightful to silky hair, I attracted her to myself and gently kissed directly on a cheek. She, at last, didn't sustain it. She understood. Having lowered a look, the girl bashfully reddened, having unexpectedly felt invincible feeling of a pleasant raspiraniye in a clitoris. She still hoped to appease somehow in herself slowly arising volcano of erotic passion. My lips gently flitted meanwhile on her beautiful face, for some moments being late in his different corners. Flaring from love, I kissed her face, at the same time continuing to rub gently the clitoris which already became damp from the accruing excitement. The girl, hesitating, involuntarily I began to move slightly hips, impatiently shifting from one foot to the other from one leg on another. In her eyes some scintillating gloss appeared. She couldn't force itself to stop in any way. The made horney eroticism haunted her, forcing to transfer the body to left, to the right leg, touching with a clitoris my forefinger. Tamara vainly tried to constrain a clitoris erection - this small detonator of pleasure began to inflate inevitably and to pulse languidly. In several seconds the passion completely captured the girl and went her to the head, having forced to feel as something warm and exciting spreads on all her body. Tamara felt that she isn't able to constrain more the rushes and to control behavior. At this moment I pointed a finger her middle directly at a vagina. It was already so damp that my finger without effort slipped in him. Tamara it is noisy I inhaled, and, having slightly turned in legs in knees, I sat down a little, having strung myself on a finger. The girl suddenly felt that her body as though was enraged. Having managed to utter only: "I won't bear any more", - she right there strong and gently embraced me for a neck. The clitoris bulked up finally. Tamara, not in forces to restrain, violently kissed me on a face, a neck, lips, strong keeping me in the ardent embraces. The intolerable voluptuous feeling between legs became so strong that the girl was completely sent to the power of the feelings which captured her, having begun to make frictions even more intensively - at full capacity. Standing on the legs which are slightly turned in in kolenochka, she with a force faced my finger. Her face already considerably reddened, and on a forehead almost imperceptible droplets of sweat acted. Taking away hips back, she came across my hand again and again. Free fingers I vigorously rubbed meanwhile the petals of small vulvar lips which bulked up and reddened from excitement. In the bottom of a stomach at Tamara something mercilessly burned down. Sexual excitement of the girl gradually accrued, steadily approaching a desired maximum. Burning more and stronger, Tamara had insuperable desire to smoothly increase the frequency and force of the sexual pushes bringing burning pleasure. And she did it. Falteringly breathing, this creation filled with all-consuming passion occasionally published the short groans escaping from depth of female nature. So about a quarter of hour then in a vagina some convulsive muscular contractions began to be felt proceeded. Tamara had a wet vagina and slippery so the finger could rub freely his folded walls, causing in his owner the whole scale of the most delightful erotic experiences. Tamarina pushes became absolutely frequent when, having suddenly screamed, she suddenly all strained and, having moved last time, stood, having strong nestled on me the excited body. Tamara clearly felt all inevitability of inevitably coming ecstasy. Having curved in tension and having exclaimed: "Mummies!" - she with frenzy made several active pushes and was killed in convulsive "convulsions". Her face at the same time became covered by small droplets of sweat. Here I strong pressed the girl to myself and kissed, having felt as the hand which is still between legs rhythmical reductions, waves extending on the vagina which is plentifully exhaling desired moisture. Getting this really fascinating orgasm, the girl felt how her body uncontrollably twitches in embraces, the excited vagina pleasantly pulses, and the warm, pressing and voluptuous wave, having arisen between legs, extends on all body. Having tested, at last, all strength of this fine orgastichesky discharge, Tamara with relief sighed, and, having relaxed, with pleasure got into a heat cozy bath. The girl panted, and her face captured by languor seemed senseless. Having made a declaration of love to her, I right there showered its gentle with kisses and began to caress the hands her moist hair. She didn't resist. On the contrary, satisfied just occurred, the girl reciprocated on caress. How many touching tenderness I felt in her hands touching my person, shoulders, caressing me on the head. The damp surface of her lips gently touched my face. It were some of the most delightful minutes spent by us together. I liked to inhale pleasant aroma of her hair and to look in the shining depth of favourite eyes. Her beautiful eyes as if shone some happy light from within. She presented me with such tender, loving look that I, having been unable to keep, began to kiss with infinite tenderness this lovely being on these tender, radiating love and tenderness eyes which obediently are closed at each approach of my lips. In breaks between these fascinating kisses I tenderly whispered her the words of love full of sincere feelings. Since then to this day we bathe always only together, enjoying all sparkling variety of various sides of love.