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Through this purely symbolical dressing gown her naked breast with provocatively seductively sticking out knobs of chocolate nipples was extremely attractively looked through. Red very conditional panties finished an evening dress of the hostess of a party. Katerina was obviously happy with herself, very clearly showing as far as to her it is good. The anticipation of cheerful adventures, full unexpected pleasures, just shone in her eyes. So, probably, the child approaching to long ago to the desired Disneyland promised him could look. The emotional spirit of Katerina was so infectious that Natalya felt as remnants of the doubts tormenting her promptly disappear until recently from her head, and the concerning feeling of the growing excitement begins to excite from within. Whether there was this action of the taken medicine or psychological state of Katerina filtered in some magic way and in her consciousness, had no value now any more. Natalya stepped into a game threshold, and she was attracted more and stronger by her intrigue. — Come. Long ago we wait for you. The good fellow, that decided. You won't regret, it precisely. — Katerina passed the girlfriend forward, having tenderly embraced her for a waist — Watch someone to us came! What beauty! And that we absolutely already started missing her. Truth? – Joyfully smiling, she turned to gentlemen. Those, without looking away, delightfully looked at Natalya. - Well show us the prize now! Only, for God's sake, don't hesitate. Just it can't wait to see you in this linen. I represent what you now charming! – with playful voluptuousness Katerina licked lips. And at Natalya from this her playful hint for some reason ran goosebumps. They were unusually sweet. - Gentlemen, help the charming lady to undress. – Slightly she pushed Natalya to men. It seems that they to a descent involved her in the action, without giving minutes of time to emerge to her former doubts. But she suddenly and itself madly wanted to plunge into this game attracting the forbidenness and unpredictability. – About isn't present! I am itself — and Natalya resolutely threw off from herself a dressing gown as if with the head diving into the attracting game whirlpool. Having gasped, all delighted held breath. She was so provocatively good, so sexually attractive in the amazing attire that from her actually it was impossible to take away an eye. Admiration it was so frankly adoring that the sweet shiver a new wave ran along Natalya's backbone. She didn't even assume that her general admiring expressly an erotic body can cause in her similar splash in the exciting emotions. — Wow! At me even breath intercepted! As it is madly beautiful! — Evgeny's voice shivered a little for the nervousness and delight which captured him when he gave to Natalya a hand that it was more convenient to her to sit down in the chair which is empty near him. The company comfortably was located around a glass coffee table. Men were dressed in silk short dressing gowns, something the reminding Roman tunics. On a table various packs with cards, bandages on eyes and on hands, a sack with color balls and other details of a game lay. On a small leather tray already won back cards with tasks rolled. — will you be the Mojito? Zhenya amazingly does it! Specially yesterday I sent the driver behind fresh mint. — I Will be, of course! Won't prevent for courage. And that, I look, a game at you already in full blast. – Natalya shrank, still suffering the concerning views of men. — Yes we don't waste in vain time, - Katerina laughed. - And we lacked you obviously. Hold the mojito, - she stretched to the girlfriend cocktail. - It is great that you came. Give in brief I will explain rules. We play in the 2 + 2 format. Two men and two women. On these cards forfeits tasks are written. Fanta is four flowers on level, so to speak, of rigidity. You see, we have four different packs for this purpose. We begin with the softest and gradually we go deep into a game. From white to yellow, pink and red. It when absolutely we will relax, of course. If you hesitate to perform a task, you can pass it. Though to overcome own shyness – the drive. And in a game draw casts. Here a sack with balls for this purpose. Natalya with interest considered game details. All this was very amusing and unusual. - And it that for a bandage? I on the plane similar saw. - It on eyes, Katerina explained. – There are tasks when you don't see someone and that does. Feelings become aggravated. - Cool! – And Natalya felt that she already pulls her to begin a game. - Then we continue! – Joyfully Katerina rubbed palms. - Now we already pass from "white" to a "yellow" game. Actually, you already performed the first two tasks: I read us the concerning erotic history and I put on this graceful linen. However, ideally to you Evgeny had to help to put on. Most what interest? – Fervently she winked at Natalya. - But I hope that still ahead. Natalya's cheeks slightly reddened for pleasant nervousness, and she slightly confusedly looked at the recent partner in dances. Though, this confusion, perhaps, was already slightly affected. He softly smiled to her in reply. — Remember about breaks. If you don't want to perform any task, you can refuse it. If desired it will be intercepted by other player. Will perform a task instead of you. Anyway be not confused. It is your first game. Nothing, except pleasures, has to concern you. We will help you. We will help to be involved in a game. — Katerina took in a hand Natalyina a palm. – Yes! Nearly I forgot! – She slapped herself on a forehead. – Rule number one: having begun to play, all pass on "you". — Well, we carry out draw! – I took in hand a sack with balls Evgeny. – Pull out, without looking, the ball, – turned it to Natalya. - Red! – She showed all the ball, feeling the concerning anticipation. After her all others too in turn pulled out the balls, having distributed among themselves colors. - So, now forfeit! – And Evgeny blindly extended a card from a pack. – I read a task, - he turned her the text to himself. The "red" man turns a back to players, undresses to underwear and throws from above a dressing gown. In case he already remained in some swimming trunks, then removes them and puts on a dressing gown a naked body". Sergey who is already undressed before by Katerina to pants in the course of the game was the "red" man. Having turned away, he slowly and slightly teasing the audience I removed swimming trunks, and then I threw from above with a dressing gown. Having been lost in contemplation of his slim naked figure, Natalya caught herself on a thought that frankly it are pleasant to her elastic, covered with dark hairs, Sergey's buttocks which excitingly strained when he bent, undressing.