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There was it approximately in 2-3 weeks after my 16th birthday. At that time the cousin stayed with me, she was called Valya and she was one year younger than me. From our talk it became clear that she has no guy and wasn't. That day mother left for day, and had to return only next morning. I awfully didn't want to my boy, but leave Valya at home one I could. and therefore solved so: I will call Kolyan, I will send him to walk with Valya and let at her will be though the first guy, well and I will tell that to me guests will come - let doesn't disturb. And I arrived. Hours at 10 in the evening to me the door was called by Seryozha, I ran to open. - Hi, the baby - Hi, listen, give not long only, and that I to Valcke to walk sent, it is unknown when she returns.-well, give then at once to business? I answered his words with a passionate kiss, so proceeded a couple of minutes. Without coming off from each other we went to my room, in passing undressing. 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Having noticed that I look that at her she without hesitation approached us that quite strongly struck me.-It was pleasant to watch you, I don't want to remain a virgin, you will help me? you not against it, Ler? In my brain the picture of the events developed vaguely, and my answer was yes. Sergey having been lop-sided on me and having thought silently nodded. In order that with чевото I sat down to begin before Seryozha and began to take off from him trousers, having thought that it is necessary to join Valya of the village nearby. Before us the vozbuzhyonny dick appeared, and we turned to work. I began to suck a dickhead, Valya is a yaichiki. then she moved above and joined me. In those minutes of a blowjob we from Valkaya few times began to be sucked, it seemed to kiss so excitingly взасос the cousin. There passed several minutes, and I told that perhaps it is worth satisfying a request of the girl and having fucked her having deprived of virginity. 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