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After enclasping and kissing, I handed her a box of "Raffaello" and a bottle of wine. - A dilobe, undress, - she chirped, pulling together from us jackets. - As it is good that you, arrived how alone to sit most in the apartment long in the cold evenings. After a cheerful feast with an alcohol minimum, there was no wish to get drunk - tomorrow to get up early. Yulya cleared plates the table and brought tea. Cela near Sergey, so close, a hip to a hip also put candy in his mouth, carried out by finger-tips on his lips, their cheeks reddened from the drunk wine. Lingering, languishing look, instant flash. For a minute I presented their having sex, after a long prelude, Yulichka shouts and coils under him, he was able to bring the girl to a repeated orgasm. What is it? I am jealous the sister of the friend, or can on the contrary? And nevertheless she put him to sleep together with me. Sergey watched TV, clicking the panel, then got up and went to the bathroom, the door remained is slightly opened. He was in swimming trunks, brushing teeth, he was inclined over a sink, I admired his long legs, the hard buttocks fitted by swimming trunks. Having returned, he sat down on a bed, a back to me. The moon filled in with light the room, allowing to consider a brawny suntanned back, hairless hands of a fine-molded form, long fingers. I ran hands over his shoulders, caressing inside of hands, kissing a neck, his smell demented me, reminded mix of ripe mango with cinnamon. When my lips touched his lips, he shuddered: - Do you really want it? I never tried with men. - With me it for the first time, I thought that I will never be able to cross this side, we are familiar with you 9 years, but today is as delusion. There will be nothing of that kind that you don't want, will tell - I will stop. - And if Yulka wakes up and will enter the room? - She without knock won't enter. The Bay Sergeya were extraordinary soft, and language – cool, covering with kisses his breast, a stomach, his dick who strained and hardened caressed a hand and a mouth. I was made horney by his rapid breathing and the squeezed groans, he licked a lower lip and I presented as these moist, sensual lips touch me … Having bent his legs in knees, I raised that my language could could reach his anus. At the same time the dick stimulated and a finger I caressed his hole, slightly getting inside. Such close and hot, I pressed on a front wall stronger or too sharply took out a finger when Sergey was already ready to terminate, I took away a hand. Yet not time, I wanted to hold it on the highest point of excitement, to tease and stop. - Turn over, - I asked. I found cream for lubricant in the bathroom, having moved apart his daddy, my dick began to expand his anus. With each push, entering as it is possible more deeply, squeezing his buttocks. I had an experience of anal sex with women earlier, but it is perfect other feeling. Know that you completely possess the strong, handsome man with a faultless body and in too time such sensual that be not able to constrain the loud groans which are almost turning into shout, each touch to his skin gets a response. Caressing his dick a hand until he terminated, shuddering, I streamed in him. The feeling of awkwardness forced me out to the bathroom where under a water jet, thoughts cleared up. I looked back, in the doorway there was Sergey, a languishing look examining my torso, said in low tones: - Continue, don't pay attention to me. Having taken a bast, his hands slid on my back, carefully soaping gel, didn't touch my dick yet. When I got out of the bathroom, his language pinched water droplets from my skin, biting shoulders, Sergey kneelt and took from me in a mouth, processing the most sensitive sites. His teasing language didn't know fatigue, hands wandered on my body, scratching skin.- Dima, you such sweet, I want to try you … I turned a back, having leaned against a bathtub. He entered very slowly and carefully, tenderness didn't give to passion reaching full force, I wanted that he broke off me on a part. - Stronger, be not afraid to hurt me … His pushes became sharper and ruthless. At me darkened in eyes, the pulsing heat from which each muscle was strained to a limit. Delightful pain as the melted lava, spread on all body, getting into each section. Gentle hands of Sergey caressed my stomach, kind of trying to calm the accruing shiver. An explosive, magnificent orgasm after which it is possible to recover not at once. Everything ended, Sergey stood behind me, densely nestling all over, his hot breath burned skin. I wanted to incorporate his smell, heat, to remember this moment of proximity and tenderness well. I knew that similar any more not to repeat, we too well knew each other and gave vent to the imaginations, risking friendship, and can something big than friendship. It as drug – euphoria quickly passes, there is a reality where not always and not it is possible to share with all the feelings and that hidden that sits at us inside. In three months, I left from that firm, the first year we with Sergey sometimes exchanged calls, but saw each other very seldom. He had close friends, at me – the. But to repeat it with someone else I had no desire. Author Deren