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To us is a prefinal parallel; all three classes went to a minicampaign in a forest plantation near the city. I didn't prepare for a campaign in advance. I abandoned sandwiches, a bottle with Coca in a bag, still I paid a lot of any nonsense and more attention to what to dress. Quite recently I left Alexey - the guy whom I met more than half a year. And not that I absolutely would be one since then, at all not. Literally in two days after our parting Seryozha approached me on change and invited to walk after school. He lived rather far from me so our walk came down to a provozhaniye me home on foot. The way took nearly an hour us, I was tired, and was forced to invite Seryozha home to tea especially as he, it seems, didn't object. Parents of the house, naturally, weren't, I told the new friend that he passed further and went to kitchen to put a teapot. When I returned with cups and cookies heard that that in salon is played by slow music. Seryozha included some romantic composition and, standing in the center of the room, natopyvat to the song,-legged in a step. - We will dance, - he suddenly offered. - Why not, - I thought and put cups on a table. In several seconds he accurately embraced me and we moved under a pleasant melody. Whether music made the business, whether tension of the last days after parting with Alexey affected – but I really relaxed. Especially as the gentle touch of the strong confident young man was pleasant. And the more so that it seemed to me that every second he embraced me stronger and stronger. Still slightly time – and he tenderly caresses me on a back, and at me just goosebumps run. Then he took away the right hand, took me for a chin, raised my person and easily kissed. The following kiss was already much surer. I didn't understand that I answer his kisses that my uvula merged with his language that my hands embrace a well-muscled body. When his hands pulled out my shirt from a skirt, climbed under her and dexterous fingers began to undo a brassiere – I already to death wished this proximity. I to madness wanted to appear under it, to feel it in itself, to feel penetration and rhythmical movements.... I didn't remember how I came to be on a bed as I was undressed. I remembered only the strongest orgasm and extremely concerning feeling of the first proximity with вобщем the person unfamiliar to me. Already then, when we naked lay having taken cover a plaid and Seryozha gently caressed to me a tummy, I suddenly understood several things. First, he well knew all my erogenous zones. He brought me just in a second, and the experienced musician played a violin of my body as very much. Secondly, he from where guessed that I don't like to do blowjob, unlike hundred percent of my contemporaries and therefore I didn't even try to incline me to it (unlike hundred percent of my peers who are sure that if not to obkonchat companies to the girlfriend – the fucking isn't set off). And, thirdly, he had a concept that in the pussy I don't give, and with guys fuck only in a bottom. He at once found the necessary opening, having given an opportunity to my fingers to be engaged in my clitoris. He prepared also in advance cream for lubricant. He knew that I love when to me caress a breast through an undershirt. His hand cast away a plaid, and persistent fingers began to finger to me nipples through fabric; nipples foully began to stick out, and in the bottom of a stomach pleasant languor began to spread. And then I decided to ask: as.? from where...?, and it also didn't open – yes, all from it - about all this (and not only about it) it was told by Alexey. I at first, thought to become angry. Then I decided – on what on someone.... And then he told: I know that you like to masturbate before the guy. Well, stage to me a show.... And I was once again convinced that from life it is necessary to take everything and at once. Having put him on a floor so that he leaned a back on a chair, I turned to him a back and caved in. My absolutely unshaven pussy appeared in a half a meter from his face. I began to caress myself, smearing lubricant from a vagina to an anus, periodically thrusting fingers between vulvar lips, into an anus hole. And it watched how my finger gets into a bottom, and jerked off the pretty big dick.... After these events we within a week every day had sex with Seryozha. He was the fan of an anal fucking, adored licking to me a bottom and to fuck me there, but liked to cum to me on the person and he liked to watch how I wipe then a cum fingers and I lick them. And now we together go to a campaign. The fact that in a campaign we will be also Alexey gave special sharpness. There was a wish to look on everything sto1... I undressed completely and got up in front of the mirror. The small breast didn't demand a brassiere. Also it isn't necessary - I will put on an undershirt on the verge of transparency. Tiny panties didn't hide volosik on a pubis at all, my dense vegetation plentifully made the way from all directions from a white treugolnichk from which the thin string went down between buttocks. I put on corporal color stockings and my new skirt. Generally I adore carrying super-pass, however today I chose a skirt slightly more long, centimeters is fifteen higher than a knee, but absolutely free. Any wind gust or my careless movement would give all my delights... To my disappointment Alexey on me almost didn't pay attention and Olay was entirely absorbed by his new passion. We with it were once girlfriends, once even under the cheerful pornofilm together masturbated. There was no wish to be littered with it because of this moron. But they were before eyes all the time. Therefore when Seryozha suggested to go more deeply to the forest, I at once agreed though I well understood why we go there... Still before we went deep enough, Seryozha began to kiss me and to caress a breast. And to say what adores when girls don't wear a brassiere. So so far we reached quite big clearing, I was already rather horney. In the middle of a clearing there was a big shaggy stone, centimeters thirty in height. In the head the thought – excellent trakhodry rushed.... Seryozha kissed me and caressed a breast through an undershirt, and I undid to him a fly, lowered a little trousers and a hand the dick nadrachivat. It bulked up iupiratsya to me in a navel. I bent, delayed a thin skin from a head, removed a hand the stuck hair and licked a hole on the end of the dick. Seryozha moaned and began to do movements by a basin. I took a head in a mouth, plentifully licked it and began to drive a hand top - down. The dick inflated under my caress and in about ten seconds I understood that my boyfriend is already ready and held up the body for caresses.... First of all we got rid of a skirt, then on a grass stockings and panties departed. Having remained in one undershirt I laid down on a boulder and closed eyes... Seryozha sat down between legs and touched a language tip the shaking clitoris. Then he fingers moved apart volosiki on a vagina and is very damp entered language between vulvar lips. Carefully licking me he did movements-headed up-down and here and there. I felt that the first orgasm is close and began to caress the nipples ready to break through fine fabric of a T-shirt. When I lowed and got nervous from pleasure Seryozha already in all licked an anus hole, trying to get a uvula more deeply. I lifted up legs most highly and was already going to catch one more orgasm as Sergey stopped licking. He stood up, reached for something and I felt as his fingers smear a little cold cream in a bottom. On the hole and around. In a second he put a dick to my anus and gradually began to enter him. Then I pulled out, I added slightly cream and slowly I entered it already at all length. For a moment having stood, Seryozha looked for a convenient point of support for hands, kissed me on a mouth, raised a basin, releasing access to a clitoris for my fingers, and began to shurovat rhythmically in my bum, and I floated but a new wave of pleasure. When I was covered by the second orgasm I, having slightly slightly opened eyes, understood that near us there is still someone, and Sergey not vozra0zhayet against such presence at all. When I guided sharpness, the boy from a parallel class which called Sergey too was it someone. Sergey-first continued to swing me, it was very pleasant, the occasion to be interrupted wasn't simple. You will think, someone looks. Here I paid attention that Sergey-two strokes the dick through trousers and which already big hillock sticks out from джинс.