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When everything was ready, I called the parents and reported that I go to the friend and I will be approximately by the end of the week. Having come into shop, I bought two packages of food and drink and went to the train again. The road was not small therefore there was a wish to reach to the settlement by the evening. In the train I began to be brought again when presented that I will fuck the little girlfriend again soon. Having hardly reached to the settlement whether I slightly in a pripryzhka ran on other his edge. Having become hollow to the shed, I found to Marin, quietly watching TV. "Hi, small" - I told - "You want to eat?" - and without waiting for the answer I put on a table before her food. Marishka at once snatched on food and began to eat greedily everything that I brought, washing down it with lemonade. Looking at the hungry girl, I had some fatherly feelings and I understood that I gradually become a pervert. I began to love this little girl as the daughter and at the same time I wanted to fuck her as the last whore. From these thoughts and from the pictures which appeared in my head I began to be made horney. I slowly got up and approached the Marine. It continued to eat and looked at me the big children's eyes. This time I decided to act slowly. Having approached her, I began to kiss her on a neck, but at once recoiled. From the girl smelled then and dirt. She didn't wash for a long time. What to do? The decision came by itself. In a garden I saw a water column. Having connected to it a hose, it is possible to make something like a shower. I brought to Marin to the street and ordered to take off from myself all clothes. While she undressed, I brought a hose which I found in one of boxes in the shed and, поключив him to a column, started up water. Marinka squealed and contracted in a ball as to her it was cold, but I, without paying attention, watered her, holding by a hand. Gradually she got used to cold water and even began to rub herself. I watered her until it became blue and then ordered to run it to the house. Having switched off water, I went to the house. Having locked for itself a door, I threw Marin, sitting on a bed and drozhzhavshy as an autumn leaf, a towel. The marine began to pound slowly a body and from it it began to become covered by red spots. So the girl could get sick, I thought. Well, it is necessary to uncork that bottle which I laid up for later. I got liter vodka and forced the girl to drink 200 grams of vodka. From such dose my young child at once went cross-eyed and began shaking, to go on the shed, without covering the nakedness any more and muttering some nonsense. "Do remember I told you that I will bring a gift?" - I asked her. The marine nodded to me and then I asked her to climb on a table and to lay down on it a back. The girl thought little and I had most to put her on a table. My gifts have to be pleasant to her. 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The girl all burned and I felt how my dick is enveloped by heat. Lubricant wasn't and to me the vagina was necessary to torment long enough it before I came into it to the full. I rested against a uterus of my juvenile whore and pressed. The marine reacted with a low moan. Her pain was dulled by vodka. It was pleasant to me. I began to fuck her, stroking her stomach and breasts. The table began to shake and to creak a little and then I decided to come on the other hand. I bypassed to Marin and the dick to her inserted into a mouth. But now she lay on a back and its head kind of appeared between my legs. My balls laid down her on a forehead, and my dick at once entered deeply to her a mouth. When I left her, I felt her hot dyokhaniye on the dick, escaping from nostrils and a mouth. Her language pressed from above on my dick, I the throat swelled when I put the dick to the full in her mouth. Taking out a dick, I allowed her to sigh. 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Eyes of the girl were closed, but the throat already began to clench convulsively, letting in itself air flows. The marine was alive. I was счаствлив. The girl didn't choke, so we still will have fun with her. I smiled and went to drink. This story is completely invented. I would never decide to make that I described here. The only fact which corresponds to the truth is that I like the girl's young children. If someone liked this extreme story, then write me on I will be glad to talk to my readers. Vlad.