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Allegedly I froze. I nestled too densely. The pubis nestled on a leg of strong sleeping father and the daughter felt how breath intercepts. Something pulled on rash acts inside. The crazy thought flashed: "Why not?" It quietly turned on a back and touched by a finger of panties around a knob. Languidly I sighed. Right there playful handles pulled an elastic band down and the buttocks freely felt a sheet. Lolita an average finger touched the pussy. She was wet. The finger almost failed down, having rolled down as a waterslide. The little girl nearly screamed, having hasty bitten a lip. Almost shivering, I raised a leg and carefully I lowered on the father's leg. Right there without having kept, I moved a front forward. Rare volosik touched the father's legs covered with black hair. She slowly and carefully began to rub about a leg. On a body heat.Ostanovivishis blurred, she listened to his breath. It was equal, deep. The girl, having completely grown bolder, I rose and I cast away a bed-sheet. In silver light I saw the hands, knees, boobies. Already good second size. Lolita tips of fingers twisted nipples, noting their hardness and... Desire took a body even more. The hand crept away down, being played, fingers went on lips, touched a clitoris. I looked at the father, imagining. Having clasped with the left hand boobies, right I began to torment a clitoris, I didn't scream yet. Right there I covered a mouth with a hand, heart trembled in fear. But the father still slept. Lolita carefully pulled his sheet up, baring legs on a belt. Pants, a strong hillock seemed. She carefully touched his small pillow of a finger. The pussy in the bottom of a zamokl, a droplet began to flow on inside of hips. The girl bent down over pants of the father and carefully touched a hillock by a cheek. Glancing at a quiet face sleeping, gently I touched by lips of pants. The dick even rose a little, straining. 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And from these sweet torments nobody could tear off it. - Stand, - he tried to discharge her face, but Lolita strong squeezed in a hand of his egg, and the uvula held her captive even more strong. - Yes wait you... - he still tried сопротивяться, but hands and a body weakened, and the terrible thought that it didn't happen to receive the best blowjob, didn't allow to believe that it is not a dream... And time dream... He lowered quickly enough. The bright, deep orgasm took and three or four times shot at her mouth. Lolita smiled, having raised eyes. I swallowed a half, a half flew down on lips. In her night smile there was something demonic, attracting. The father didn't restrain and attracted to himself, kissing взасос. She kissed ineptly, but tried quickly, as soon as possible will learn. The passion helped. He felt by a stomach her pussy. She was wet and hot. It excited. And rapid breathing of Lolita excited even more. He clasped with hands her elastic buttocks and attracted to himself, to the person. I stuck lips into her clitoris. Lolita in shouted, feeling dexterous language. There were too many emotions, to the head almost right there went, and covered it with a wave. The father felt her rush and drained in lips a clitoris, having strong squeezed buttock fingers. It cumed long. Many small orgasms rolled one by one, without being interrupted... At last she was slightly discharged and slipped on a fatherly breast. Her cheeks flared, visible and in the dark. - I love you, the daddy, - she with pleasure smiled and I kissed on a mouth, slipping below and falling asleep for his breasts. - I love you too... And now sleep, tomorrow we will consider all this for a dream. - Of course, - she answered, deliberating, kind of to elicit at the druggist the strongest sleeping pill the next night... Page of the author (c)