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That she really was his bible half, and rare minutes when they, having embraced, mourned the lousy life he with prickly clarity understood that he sits embracing a mirror... Ahead there was the last call for today. Before it it was in the next hovel and left from there, seen off by the reek of alcohol of daddy and a children's strange, damp, strong look what happens at angels and murderers... An entrance - a worthy entrance to this world and an exit from him. Urine, vomit, a mat on walls. But most of all it was enraged by the burned buttons in elevators... For some reason always it seemed to it that they are burned out not by children as it is accepted to think, and the most successful and respectable residents. Burn out, keeping the second paw in trousers and rolling sticky balls of lonely, undercover power in a palm... Fame-thirsty persons, shit... The door was opened by the woman, tiny and unpleasantly made up. It was strange. Usually housewives aren't too soft before the doctor, parading all the wrinkle also pryshchina. And this not only is made up, but also I waved buttocks to and fro supposedly to you not Ikarus, don't wait for a drift in one meter, but how not to sway to the boat without oar in the violent everyday sea... The neighbor, he thought. It happened. Now will stamp a leg and from foam of invisible washing such Aphrodite Dormidontovna will be - to pull out the shouting child from under a sofa. On the contrary. Not the neighbor. Besides. He suddenly understood that this made-up miracle and is his patient. To the children's doctor seldom get such, but, whatever one may do, if she isn't fourteen years old, her clinical record didn't transport the dust from children's policlinic in adult yet. Circus and only. Though farther it became even more interesting. First, nobody appeared in this five-storey apartment block befouled by someone's life any more. Secondly, she suddenly led him in a boudoir which, at some stretch, could descend for the spare room for guinea pigs of some count from lost. There she took seat on edge of a bed, obviously parental, and with a brutal smile looked at it. He didn't smile in reply, only drearily looked back on the parties and asked: "Of what you complain?". She giggled and without any arguments opened a dressing gown: "I cough... Doctor..." This is her "doctor" sounded absolutely obscenely, but a terry curtain of a dressing gown, having revealed, I brought to the stage two such wonderful actresses in role "to eat it is given" that he only silently got behind a phonendoscope. Then long I listened as under one breast the heart fights, and under another a sea surf breath rustles. And uniform rattle, my friends, only her nipples suddenly hardened and as if stretched to his fingers. But it is not pathology, isn't present? At all not pathology, truth?. The truth or not, I ask you! Then it widely opened a mouth, and to his look two tonsils which could become ornament opened if didn't hide so deeply. Then he rumpled her tummy, worthy where best address. And even I regretted that he - not the gynecologist though strictly I kept a tight rein on myself Hippocrates, without allowing either a view, or a hint of strangeness of the events... She, on the contrary, all was - a look and a hint. There is it! Having been surprised outright to the fact that survey is interrupted on the most interesting place, she right there thought up some heat-spots and pains, and before he reached for the direction to the expert, she already pulled together panties and settled on a bed, having stretched legs widely as soon as could... He saw nacreous shutters of the most wonderful of sinks, and, having felt that he dived too deeply, began to clamber on a surface... He ska... No. He cleared the throat and only then ska... Agree that you wouldn't know too how to behave in such situation! And so, he told that he before such survey has to wash hands once again carefully. And coward I disappeared in the bathroom, deliberating, to lock to him a door or not. There he was engaged in what he suspected respectable wreckers long ago of, namely, thrust both hands into trousers and, being afraid to undo them, began to jerk off convulsively, hoping to get rid of delusion, without having offended the child. At him darkened in eyes, before rescue there was an instant when suddenly be near... that is absolutely be near!. sobbing sounded. She sat on a toilet bowl, naked, helpless, and... I cried. Present, she cried, talking at the same time some sheer nonsense. That nobody loves her, that she has pimples and curve legs, that she will kill some Tanka if that doesn't cease to fight off her men... To I...I...I... Vsa passed. He with great relief suddenly understood that before him - the ordinary child. The dissenter in trousers shrank, and in heart the huge, ordinary, pressing pity to the left puppy vorokhnutsya. He put it under a shower and washed away all rubbish under which cornflower-blue eyes and, alas, the most ordinary heat-spots opened. He washed her as the daughter who could happen many years ago if not turmoil of student's life... Then he wrapped her in a huge towel, and they had tea in kitchen which suddenly seemed to him cozy and clean. Then he went home, having been glad to the fact that one button in the elevator after all survived. And still then he embraced the wife, and she surprised seemed to herself young and beautiful in that unshaven round-shouldered mirror which I believed once and for all burst. © Mr. Kiss, Hundred splinters of one feeling, 1998-1999