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The clearing became big immense and on it it was easy to go, sunny, and the wood was only in the distance on the parties. The Little Red Riding Hood went, admired the sun and collected flowers. Counter mushrooms-coral milky caps reached for her every time as soon as she bent to pick a flower, and then ozorno wagged with her following the blown-up heads. Fur lopushka whispered not far, the wild rosettes similar to her butonchik between legs, modestly drew in sponges and priotvorachivatsya constrainingly, and important orchids is damp smiled following to the Little Red Riding Hood. The Little Red Riding Hood eventually so was fond of collecting of flowers that she almost didn't notice the young elf flitting over flowers. She noticed him, but to hide as it was necessary, wasn't in time any more and she had to meet the famous little prankish. The elf easily soared over a small hillock densely overgrown with herbs and flowers. 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And you? - the elf told. - And my name is the Little Red Riding Hood. - the Little Red Riding Hood told trying not to look down absolutely. - I to the grandmother go. On a visit. - the Little Red Riding Hood, - the elf almost plaintively told. - Give me please a floret, and that I won't reach: - As pretty you will reach, the cunning kid! - on the fly the Little Red Riding Hood caught his cunning. Ale smiled is shamed and told: - All right. He looked down down. The Little Red Riding Hood looked after him down and with horror found out that his penis which grew to incredibility a head easily poshchekotyvat already to her a pubis. The elf slightly only gave a stomach forward and the head of his dick was surely stuck through a dress hem under a pubis hillock. The Little Red Riding Hood indignantly recoiled and zardetsya as a rosette on the hill received a threefold portion of a cum. 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Then they kissed through a head of his dick and during this instant Ale terminated. They began to tremble both in a passionate kiss and the river entering them was splashed out up to the end in their mouths closed in a kiss over the dick: After that El slightly calmed down, but told that he will surely see the Little Red Riding Hood to the grandmother. They went further, only flowers couldn't be collected more, El soared behind and probably finally decided not to miss the moment when the Little Red Riding Hood bends. Moreover the elf on a clearing on the road properly delayed to the back the very young nanny-goat running not far to her visible pleasure and to the accruing disturbing presentiment of the Little Red Riding Hood in the face of whom all scene passed is quite open and is frank. But the Little Red Riding Hood decided to constrain by all means encroachments of the windy elf not to pass thoughtless in the village because she didn't know in herself the man yet, and with flowers fungi and mekhovushka played slowly far away from curious eyes. therefore she put legs narrowly when walking, didn't shake hips and the member Elya the eregirovanny mushroom-coral milky cap which was so strongly reminding well tried not to dart glances at strained all the time. But the road didn't do without adventures. From under one of bushes the flock of horney birds-chlenogolovov fluttered out (The Little Red Riding Hood was always surprised why they are called by chlenogolovam if they were the copy of all penis moreover with wings on fluffy hemispheres). Chlenogolova were harmless and often very useful beings. They surrounded with all flock the Little Red Riding Hood and the elf obviously asking for mouths. According to custom of their village the Little Red Riding Hood sucked the blown-up mouth at three chlenogolov, the others almost terminated independently, but the prankish El vpoymat one chlenogolov on the fly here and started to the Little Red Riding Hood under a dress. Poor chlenogol I went mad from delight and a quick bindweed I directed to hardly making the way ringlets in a moment of the sexual sponges which sweated for horror up. legs persistently fought and knees tried to clench in vain, but chlenogol was so quick and скользок in the rush that resistance couldn't last long. The Little Red Riding Hood as could put in order a hem down and tried not to give very much what occurred at her under a dress, the elf smiled and looked her under a stomach bottom, the Little Red Riding Hood turned away and tried to squeeze legs after all. But eventually chlenogol I overcame and I entered hardly and it is plentifully greased in the bosom excited with fight. The Little Red Riding Hood sighed and tensely stiffened. Then the elf approached the Little Red Riding Hood behind, lifted a hem and began to observe otkroveno all shameless сценц occurring between chlenogolovy and the Little Red Riding Hood. The Little Red Riding Hood in exhaustion leaned the elbows palms forward on knees and her battlefield which is strongly stretched in the heat of passion was well visible. Hardly outlined hairs lungs a down only hardly reached buttocks, and fluffy big sexual sponges васос kissed got into them considerably recovered chlenogolovy. Chlenogolov still подраздулся also trembled wings at an entrance, fur hemispheres strongly nestled on an easy down of vulvar lips, most likely chlenogol sucked to the Little Red Riding Hood a uterus deeply inside. The elf wanted to look at a clitoris of the Little Red Riding Hood and raised slightly hemispheres of a horney chlenogolov, but only he managed to slightly open cherry of a head of a small klitork as I didn't sustain chlenogol. Having felt the elf began to mass strenuously in a hand soft hemispheres and chlenogol couldn't stop awe so the Little Red Riding Hood he is exhausted I fell by the earth and only frankly I raised towards to excitement the buttocks shining whiteness up. Chlenogolov terminated plentifully, having moistened with a cum a stomach and all hem of a dress of the Little Red Riding Hood. El right there wanted to use a situation, he dexterously snatched out from the inflamed bosom and released the calmed chlenogolov and already almost stuck to the obezvolenny Little Red Riding Hood not small, but here from above sprinkled a saving cool silver rain: all this was terminated together by other chlenogolova. Easy droplets of their cool dew brought round the Little Red Riding Hood and she dexterously evaded from the little prankish, having decided that else she will show to this young madcap how to start her under a skirt of chlenogolov. Evening I found them already in the forest. They found the fire which is accidentally left by woodcutters and remained with it to spend the night. All night long the image of roundish buttocks didn't allow to fall asleep to the elf. He continually woke up, looked at the Little Red Riding Hood and departed in one to him the familiar night sky somewhere. In the morning they came out of the wood on the wide light coast of the forest small river. Ringing maiden laughter drew attention of Ale at once. Nearby at the small river two Little Mermaids tormented the caught chlenogolov. One held him strong two hands by an intense body, and another seeing excitement of a chlenogolov from her naked body tickled fingers to him shaggy hemispheres. Chlenogolov strained a head, but couldn't terminate that extremely amused young prankishes. The elf thoroughly was already exhausted and therefore the heated dick sent to a cool rosette of one of Little Mermaids at once. The Little Mermaid let go shaggy hemispheres of a chlenogolov and obediently caved in towards to a hot dick. The Little Red Riding Hood regretted a chlenogolov, took him from hands from other Little Mermaid and so far kissed passionately the Little Mermaid in cool lovely sponges started a chlenogolov to her behind in the moved apart narrow chink. Chlenogolov was killed convulsively and at both Little Mermaids began to flow on knees.