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He was quite high, blue-eyed blonde who at that time already was 18 years old, he played football, basketball, generally he had pretty rolled body, he not possibly sexually looked with a naked torso and in shorts, in such look he usually walked about on the village dementing all girls!!!! And I am quite nice little girl, with long reddish hair, a breast of the 2nd size and with fine, in my opinion, green eyes, into the account of a figure, I will tell one, I not thick and not thin, at me am a tummy, not flat as at a doll, but also not trailing to knees! =) And here growth I small, only 163 cm! At that time I didn't even understand for what such not really beautiful, little girl, got such stunning guy! You won't believe, but in two years of communication, Oleg never asked sex, didn't seduce me, of course I allowed to touch a breast, to kiss it and still some trifles, but more he didn't want and I wouldn't allow! We just walked, madly laughed loudly as he has an excellent sense of humour, made together some nonsenses, and then together ran away at full speed! But so long couldn't proceed, I understood that he wants sex and I wanted him long ago, but most it was a shame to offer somehow!!!.... And once, my neighbor Denis had birthday, all youth and we was invited including, all drank, had fun, played the guitar. generally there was all super, I quite well got drunk and Oleg too! I bent over a table, put elbows on a table and clutched hands at the head, trying to consider somehow someone sits next, I nodded as the real drunk, Oleg most likely it noticed, bent down to me and with alarm in a voice asked: "Gold! To you it is bad? Maybe we will go outside?", I approvingly nodded and we slowly got out because of a table, and passing pretty big corridor, at last went outside! To me it became cool at once and I strangely enough almost sobered up, alcohol of course remained, but any more not such, as at a table! Oleg saw that I shrank and quickly embraced me, I turned and nestled on him as I was lower than him, my person appeared slightly below than his breast! We stood so, just enjoying warmth of bodies! Suddenly I felt that something slowly rises and rests to me against a tummy, I understood at once that it is made horney, but I what it I didn't do didn't understand from what, just I embraced it and everything, I a little bit recoiled, but still continued to hold it by a back, and lovely smiling looked at it with an inquiring look, he understood that I on him look and without hanging the heads too lovely smiled, I couldn't stand in such situation and departed, he approached me behind and having bent down asked: "Something not so?!", I turned to him, put hands to him on a breast and unexpectedly for myself asked: "You want me?", with a bigger surprise Oleg looked at me and told: "Always! And why you ask?", I looked down and having not much waited told: "Well, just I want you too....", he embraced me:" Well, then went to me!" - smiling he told... He started the motorcycle and I somehow not to an uklyuzha, most likely for nervousness and alcohol, took seat on the motorcycle and we went to him, he lived alone as to him was 18 and his rich father bought him the house! I got down from the motorcycle and looked as Oleg brings it to a garage, I represented, what will be farther.... At last he closed a garage and approached me and having taken for a waist asked: "Well, we go?", I nodded! Oleg brought me to the bedroom took off from himself a sweatshirt and sat down on a bed, I without being lost too took seat nearby and crossed the legs...He looked at me and I moved forward, I met his lips which were not possibly hot and sweet, we kissed minutes 10, then he began to dip slowly a hand under an undershirt, I understood why he so slowly does it, he was afraid that I will push away him, but I naturally didn't make it, I also came for it, I only told: "Continue", he began to move quicker and soon I appeared without undershirt, I took off from him a t-shirt too and he drew near me, slightly pressed me to himself and began to kiss my neck, kissed so..... aaaaa..... it was so gentle, and I felt some warmly in the bottom of a stomach and any clear cool shiver on all body, Oleg laid me, but I still remained in jeans and he too, here he began to undo a belt after he removed him, was accepted to a button on my jeans, but she, the infection, turned out hard and it was necessary to him will tinker, but he coped with her soon and I already was without jeans, I lay before him in lacy panties and a brassiere! I rose and began to take off from him trousers, it appeared surprisingly quickly, I pulled together them from him and he stood in some pants with the standing dick inside, I departed from him and looked at his risen flesh without deciding to take off from him pants, he probably understood everything and decided that will take off the remained clothes from and from me..... Oleg came nearer and dipped hands to me for a back and.... I heard as the fastener clicked and the brassiere fell to a floor, I closed a naked breast hands at once and reddened, Oleg quickly departed also from a word: "My God, expensive don't hesitate of me, remove handles!", I took away hands from my breast and I it seems somehow relaxed, but all the same it was somehow feel ill at ease, later he approached and began to kiss me with such tenderness and at the same time passion, one hand he began to rumple my boobies at once and to finger nipples which shortly became bulked up as stones the second hand he began to lower slowly to a tummy below lower below and.... his hand appeared at me in panties soon and began to caress slowly my clitoris, the second hand he still caressed my breast and continued to kiss me, he caressed my clitoris, moved a finger up, down and so several times and suddenly he stopped and sharply entered a finger into my virgin hole and began to move there, he still stood in pants, I held him by the head and kissed, then he ceased me to kiss and slightly started back, I sharp the movement pulled together from him pants and saw quite not a small penis, I sighed and smiled, I well knew that is necessary to do in such situations, I accurately took him in handles, being afraid to make the excess movement, Oleg at once strained, I began to kiss his dick, and slightly clasped his head and began to lick her a uvula and for the end took him in a mouth, but took only his half because as I and told he was not small, and began to move rhythmically backwards, forward helping ourselves a hand, I moved and almost released him stopping on a bridle, several times I made circular motions around her at once from what Oleg nearly howled, and in a few minutes terminated to me in a mouth, a cum was saltish and sweet and likely from surprise I her swallowed, but I didn't stop and began to lick his balls, gently sucking them, just to lick and at last I got up and went to a shower (at us was quite advanced village) Oleg followed me, and we washed together! Soon he embraced me again and we kissing moved back on a bed....He put me, accurately holding with a hand a back, everything kissed me and when we already laid down and he became lays down on me, he shook a little, I was frightened and asked: "Oleg! What is?!?", on what he with alarm in a voice told: "Well, you are still a virgin and I am afraid to hurt you!", "What terrible, I will suffer!"!!! He deeply exhaled and slightly entered me, I slightly strained and he moved further away, his dick was such hot and big, I felt as he rests against some barrier and Oleg strained all over at once and told: "Now it will be sore! Suffer darlings!", I prepared for pain and he the sharp movement tore a barrier and I screamed in horror, pain was really strong, Oleg began to kiss me at once and I was a little bit forgotten, pain slightly ceased and he began to move, quicker and quicker! He everything continued to kiss me, and I seized nails to him a back and enjoyed, pain soon almost absolutely disappeared and I weakened hands and began to move to him on a meeting!!! Both of us deeply breathed and I began to moan.... then I don't know why (we by the way ceased to kiss) I slightly turned away a face and began to cry, Oleg stopped and asked:" What is? Still painfully?", I negatively pomotat the head, I really didn't understand why I pay, I cried of course with happiness, with happiness, after all I lost the most expensive not from the unloved person, and from the person of which I love, strongly and forever! He continued to move and terminated soon! After he I carried me in a bathtub and I washed while I "soaked" in the bathroom, he was washed in soul and having wound me with a towel informed a bed and put on a floor, he changed a sheet, and I stood and looked at him without believing that it happened! We laid down on a bed against each other, Oleg long touched my wet hair and kissed, we just lay, spoke about an event! I quickly fell asleep and woke up only in the morning, Oleg sat next stretched me water and a contraceptive tablet (as we didn't use condom), I quickly drank and began to put on and Oleg brought me home, we kissed at parting!.......... Now I already left, but with improbable pleasure I remember the past! It was my first time which is most memorable and the happiest =)! When I arrive, we with it will surely repeat it! All so long!