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This day I was appointed the person on duty and had to prepare a board for occupation, but as always didn't make it on change to go to couple time. I came into a toilet to wet a rag but it turned out that there was a breakage and mixers didn't work. I didn't want to go on other floor but since I didn't decide to come into a ladies' room too therefore came into a toilet for the staff of institute. Here that also occurred the most interesting. When I stood near a sink and wetted a rag, she came into a toilet. Very young and bitchy teacher of Latin and French. At me she the truth not of what didn't teach but my fellow students told about her character. She came into a toilet and at once began to run over me and to run so that I even couldn't squeeze words. I frankly speaking got a fright terribly. All I think it was disaccustomed! Suddenly she calmed down and closed a door on a latch, I became puzzled even more. Mandative tone she ordered to kneel to me and to apologize, I was indignant pushed away her from a door to open a latch but she seized my hand nails and is so strong that scratched me till it bleeds. To my indignation there was no limit. She told me that if I leave that now I can go to dean's office behind documents at once. To me of course at that moment was it is all the same on her words but I stopped. Know I felt such smell which Scent of a Woman is necessary the man. It awfully made horney me, at me just broke a tower. I turned to it it so lewdly smiled at first I even thought that all this seems to me then it took my hand which I scratched till it bleeds licked her and blurted out something in French. I just couldn't constrain more than. I just snatched on her, at the first moment it was visible that she was shocked a little. But at in a moment she joined in my game. I drove her into the corner and caressed her neck and a magnificent breast. She quietly groaned from pleasure. At some moment she pushed away me I thought all a little the high is finished but I didn't guess, she kneeled undid to me a fly and got my unit of the Sizes he averages but judging by her hungry look it was pleasant to her. She at once swallowed him almost on the balls, I just excuse for expression I was shocked. Then I began to caress him language and I terminated her directly in a mouth, she with appetite swallowed my cum. I took her put on a window sill threw her legs to myself on shoulders and set with her on most I don't want, set so she screamed, I measurement thought that we will be burned now, waited several seconds and continued, I entered and took out from her a dick slowly to make horney her even stronger. She just was exhausted from impatience, her slender hips were strained to a limit, I felt it, I felt as she got excited, her swarty skin became covered by droplets of sweat, her eyes were filled with inexpressible feeling of pleasure. I began to increase pace, she felt it and began to shake hips to me in a step in a moment my dick scurried about in her perineum with a mad speed she already just couldn't constrain herself and groaned more and more loudly at the same time muttering something in French. I very plentifully terminated and having taken out a dick poured a cum over her wonderful tummy. In a moment also she terminated. From an orgasm she strongly strained hips and curved a back I just couldn't resist standing and fell on knees. On my slippery shoulders she came down directly to my person and I saw before with own eyes her remarkable rosette that I just without restraint fucked her she was such accurate and attracting that I just didn't keep and began to caress her, caressed until she didn't exhale with pleasure, I she understood I terminated. I rose from knees and began to kiss her on the lips, we kissed so some more minutes the call didn't ring out yet. I was surprised as the whole couple quickly flew by, but to rebate was once. We quickly put on. Before the door she pressed me to her and asked not to tell not someone about the event. We left a toilet in turn. Today I the first time after holidays visited institute, but didn't see her. Maybe I will see tomorrow So I don't say goodbye can be there will be a modern history.