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Julia, having seen that Alex doesn't react to words the Undershirt in any way, again I turned to him. - It is impossible for me, - she murmured, - mother forbids me. She at me strict and...-My God what is mother, - Michael interrupted her, - you sometime kissed? - Yes, with Alex, - Julia looked at him again, he sat still not movably. - And kissed men still somewhere? - he in an emphasis looked at the girl, expecting reaction to the words. Julia with a fright rolled up the head in different directions: - Same it is impossible, only prostitutes are engaged in it! - My God and you are still a child, - his tone became cunning, eyes blinked the eyes, smiling, is quite natural way of satisfaction of the man. There is nothing reprehensible that one person wants to give pleasure to another. - But I don't want, - she tried to rise from a chair, but he held her for shoulders. - And if we with Alex very much ask? - With Alex! - with horror Julia looked in his party. Really Alex is at one with him? She couldn't believe in it, but Alex didn't stir that was the best proof to the fact that she wasn't mistaken. He felt how blood clung to the person, it was terrible to it to look in her party, he was ready to vanish with shame into thin air, but, unfortunately, a floor in the house was wooden, and the hope wasn't. Michael rose and began to undo a fly: - A kitty, it isn't terrible at all, only five minutes, - he spoke as it is possible more softly, but in his tone the sneer appeared. Julia tried to jump, but Michael a push forced her to sit down in a breast. - No, no, I won't be, - with a shiver in a voice she told. - You will be, - in Michael's voice the irritation appeared. He undid trousers and the dick pulled out. Julia with fear blinked. She saw a penis for the first time, especially is so close. It seemed to her such terrible and huge that she was afraid to open eyes again and sat not movably. Suddenly the girl felt as something warm touched her lips, she involuntarily shuddered, opened eyes and saw before herself the smooth skin covered with black hair. Having felt as the end of the dick rested her against teeth, she squeezed jaws and moved down, trying to slip out at Michael between legs. But he seized her by hair and with a force pulled up. Julia screamed from surprise and began hands to push away him from herself. - Alex, help, take her hands! Well, a kitty, I will teach you to gallant treatment of men. - Michael seized her by wrists and pressed her hands to chair handles. Alex since half-minute sat not movably, in him there was an internal fight, he already hundred times for this evening damned himself for the fact that he agreed to Michael's proposal, but to change something was already late, the car is started. He rose, approached them behind, kneeled and, having seized Julia by hands, turned out them for a chair back. She screamed from pain and with frenzy began to wind the head here and there, trying to evade from the dick. Michael seized her by an ear, with a force wrapped him so that the head of the girl was thrown up up and the dick to her in a mouth began to push. Julia very much gritted teeth. Fight continued minutes two, then Michael didn't sustain, and the ringing slap in the face put all an end. The blow deafened the girl again, at her rang out in ears, she threw up the head and looked at Michael. In the opinion of her there was a horror. - Open a mouth, the bitch, - that hissed, his face was distorted by rage, it took away a hand for new blow, - I consider to three. Julia understood that all this. Her only hope - Alex who to it seemed such noble affable, kind, reliable, now the iron lock squeezed it hands behind a chair. Alex with whom they together grew, played, together went to college, shared the same desk, even kissed, Alex didn't intercede for her, he betrayed her. She couldn't believe in it. My God, as it meanly. She wanted to shout from pain and offense. I drove a lump to a throat, tears gathered in the eyes. - Time, - rezanut hearing Michael's voice, - two...-Come what may, - she thought, I blinked and opened a mouth. Michael Proskolznul's dick between teeth also rested against a throat. The girl choked, but didn't open eyes.