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But on her pressed understanding that the great love already is, and she loses her with leaving school. She still didn't undertake anything to turn this love into reality, to make a declaration of love, achieve the beloved. She was disturbed by natural modesty and even shyness. Confused her that the beloved as she considered, is crazy about blondes whereas Alina was something an average between the brunette and the brown-haired woman. Frightened her that the beloved will reject her. And again the teenage complex played: not such beautiful as others, it has it something is not right. It was confused by own age - 17 years and own situation - it is only a school schoolgirl. Alina was faced by the difficult choice: or to make mad action, having rushed to the abyss of the unknown that can become a large mistake in her life, or forget and suffer probably for the rest of the life because of the lost love as result of the not courage and indecision. Such thoughts seized Alina. Looking hour in a mirror, she at last made a painful choice. She began to plan the actions. Heart was driven in at reckless speed, the head began to spin, drained in in the pit of the stomach - it should have presented the injurious intentions. "Riippumatta siitä, että se!" ("Come what may!"), - Alina solved. Her fanatical enthusiasm for Finnish was known to all and was considered as one of its not numerous strangenesses. She without restraint began to prepare for decisive day in her life. Having made up, she looked in a mirror. "Hm, in my opinion I very great look!". And it is valid, in blue thongs and a bra she looked irresistibly. And all this had to disappear under jeans and a blouse … Because she couldn't come in such look to school. Something prompted to her to put on a short skirt and a t-shirt instead of jeans and a blouse. At school she noted genuine attention of many boys that flattered her. She attracted attention a male part at school earlier, but this day she tried to catch obviously bigger number of delighted looks. "Painajainen! Just a painajainen!" ("Nightmare! Just nightmare!"), - Alina's nervousness amplified with approach of long-awaited hour. And these views absolutely enraged her. As it was the last day, many lessons didn't take place, and the second lesson became the last. When painfully long expected call rang out, she literally darted off and ran out from a class. All were stunned with such unusual behavior of Alina. Alina nearly ran on a long-awaited appointment with darling (about which he knew nothing). "Kristus!" ("Devil!"), - most of all she was afraid that darling will leave school earlier as many others. And more successful moment isn't expected and hardly it will be solved on such act once again. She ran up the third floor, on the third floor was unusually empty. Most of teachers already released classes, without waiting for a call. Her fears amplified. When she ran in an open office, in her everything boiled: the fear that she should be made that darling could leave that she won't decide to make conceived. She stood in the doorway out of breath, uneasy, all red, to her didn't gasp, and heart without restraint beat, the head was turned, legs gave away for fear and the rolled feelings. "Alina, what happened?! Are you ok?! Someone offended you?", - the historian, the young man of 23 years sitting at a table was frightened and was afraid that there was something awful to her or to someone to others. "I … I … I …", - Alina couldn't finish speaking. The pause hung. It was so intolerable that Alina burst loudly out crying and driven into the corner. Alina damned herself for indecision and shyness. She had to make that she planned: to make conceited to the teacher, to arrange a striptease show and to tempt him. Alina understood that instead she represents a pathetic show now. "Yes what happened, tell, calm down!", - the historian got up and jumped up to her. He showed genuine interest in her long ago, and she was pleasant to him most. He watched her secretly because of a table when she talked to girlfriends on change, pretending that he glances over the magazine. He would never admit to himself that he is lovesick on her that I am in love completely. He couldn't imagine to himself how it is possible to fall in love with own schoolgirl?! Alina continued to sob, without answering questions. The teacher approached her behind and embraced hands for shoulders: "Well it happened, a kitten? What do you cry?". "I … love you!", - Alina through crying told, having still buried a face in a wall. "What? Do Are you kidding?". "I am absent, however, for a long time …". The silence hung. Alina calmed down and there was only strongly confused, expecting everything anything. Internally she was satisfied: a half of business is made. She made that she could. The rest depends on circumstances. She has nothing will blame himself unless for the weakness shown at an inopportune moment. And the crying which caused pity - the successful course can on the contrary? So Alina when the historian embraced her all began to doubt and I pressed to myself all over. The girl's face terribly reddened. She obviously didn't expect such reaction. "And I love you … too long ago", - the turn of the teacher to redden came. "It can't be, I don't trust!", - Alina considered it for mockery. "No, truth. We will go, we will sit down", - the historian released her and went to a school desk. Alina, without wasting time, I closed a door on the lock. In her injurious feelings prevailed more and more. Having heard click, the historian turned back and with astonishment threw up eyes. But I didn't find words and silently I sat down at a school desk. To the right of him also the schoolgirl sat down. "Well, tell", - the teacher decided to take a situation in hand and to relieve the tension. The conversation was gradually struck up. At the end they already laughed as real friends, discussing other schoolgirls and teachers as though nothing was and didn't occur. When both were uttered, there came the pause. Now Alina grew bolder and decided to take a situation in hand. Literally. She nestled all over on the historian and very strong embraced him both hands, at the same time heaving a deep sigh. The schoolgirl enclosed all the love in this embrace. The teacher was shocked and wanted to object something, but didn't dare, the pressure of this young beautiful girl was so resolute. Passed only a moment of internal fight in the man's soul, and the historian gave up: I embraced the girl in reply also strong both hands, cramping them in elbows behind her back. There came the most disturbing moment. Both sat, panting from strong embrace, but didn't intend to break off it. Suddenly Alina was unwillingly discharged of the teacher and, having snatched the moment, kissed on a mouth. Having terribly reddened, she hung the head. The historian embraced her face hands and kissed on the answer. The third kiss was more voluptuous, the historian took up an initiative and began to suck and be played with Alina's uvula, to bite and suck her sponges. This kiss, appear, lasted the whole eternity. At last the historian came off lips. "Viileä" ("Abruptly"), - the girl whispered, panting. At the historian finally demolished a tower. He hardly constrained himself. He was concerned by no fact that a school office the improper place, the fact that before him his minor schoolgirl. He gave smacking kiss to her in lips, but without continuation. Now he switched to her body. He began to stroke her face, then a neck, at some point again embraced it. Then again long kiss. Kissing the ward, the historian began to feel, caress an elastic young breast. "Mmm …", - only Alina entirely absorbed by the fact that did the teacher's language at her in a mouth could give it. She also didn't think to oppose to inevitable. Eventually, she also tried to obtain it. To her began to pant. Having interrupted a kiss, she began to catch greedy a mouth air, having cried out: "Oh, kuinka miellyttävä!" (Ah, as pleasantly!). Now she was entirely in the power of darling - the teacher. The historian just sent meanwhile her lower lip to a mouth, and hands became gradually, centimeter behind centimeter to raise the girl's t-shirt, at the same time continuing to caress and rumple a breast. "No nyt! Ota minut!!!" ("Well! Take me!"), - all shook Alina from excitement, an unusual situation, feelings unknown hitherto. The historian didn't hurry. At last the t-shirt was lifted up and to his look the fine breast hidden by a blue bra appeared the moderate sizes. "Oh, my favourite color", - he thought. Slowly, he began to unzip a skirt and to pull together it. Alina stood up, helping to take off a skirt, the t-shirt became following. "Wow-wow-wow! You are so sexy!", - to the historian that appeared still a picture. Alina was confused, she constrained the hands which were involuntarily trying to cover her semi-nakedness. The teacher got up and attracted her to himself. Stroking her, he undid a fastener and the brassiere fell. To him the magnificent picture the remarkable breast which was evenly rising and falling at a breath exhalation opened and I attracted to myself. Nipples of the girl bulked up and from excitement stuck out as two small pegs. In the opinion of the man everything floated. He gave hands to a breast and again began to rumple and feel it. "Kyllä Kyllä Kyllä" ("Yes-yes"), - from Alina escaped voluptuous groan. Here the historian just squeezed a breast two hands and attracted to a mouth. At the next moment both nipples went to a mouth. Probably the teacher was ready to teach a good lesson to nipples. "On my God..." ("Holy Christ mine …"), - Alina was in the seventh heaven, all floated from inflow of hormones around. During the next instant her nipples were exposed to a soft pokusyvaniye, a polizyvaniye. But most of all she entered spirit when it began to do sosatelny movements. "Äiti! Äiti … Olet hyvin pines!" ("Mother! Mummies... You well suck!"), - Alina began to groan loudly. They could be heard and interrupted, and it wasn't in the lesson plan of the teacher. He was interrupted, pulled together panties from the girl and stretched to her. She without wasting words squeezed them teeth. The teacher continued "lesson". Alina was brought again and lowed enough, squeezing pants teeth. He sat down on knees and, continuing to rumple a breast, began to go down slowly lips, carrying out by language on a body, lower and lower. Already language reached a navel and began to process it strenuously. Alina lowed again enough, having nearly released panties from a mouth. She also couldn't think that it can be so pleasant – when lick and kiss a navel. Having finished, the teacher continued to go down and buried all opened language in a bunch of hair in a groin, trying to swallow literally a vagina entirely. "Aaaaa, Jumala Jeesus!!!" ("Aaaaa, My God Jesus!!!") – Alina began to squeal at the top of the voice. "To Tisha-is more silent, my girl! We will be heard", - the teacher stroked her hips, kissed on a tummy and again, already more surely and safely intruded in the inguinal area. "Aaaaa … to an uuuu ….", - the girl literally expired juice and just was afraid to pee the pants from indescribable pleasure. Unless she could assume that on light there is such cool pleasure – when your pussy is sucked?! And the teacher began to lick simply her clitoris meanwhile, having absorbed in a mouth a vagina entirely. The sensitive pussy couldn't sustain such ill treatment more and began to twitch, the girl shook, the stream of insufferably pleasant feelings deafened Alina, in eyes darkened, on all body heat spread, she slid on hands to the teacher, having published loud lingering groan. Now she lay on hands of the teacher and still twitched from endured, from eyes tears flowed, didn't gasp … The historian embraced the favourite schoolgirl two hands and began to lull, kind of calming. "Kiitos, opettaja" ("Thanks, teacher"), - the girl whispered. The teacher began to play kind of for fun with a maiden breast, shaking it and with the tongue hanging out. From time to time, language touched nipples of the shivering breast. Alina gradually began to recover, pleasant languor captured her body. "Silti, haluan lisätietoja" ("Still, I want more!"), - the girl looked an imploring look. "What did you tell? I didn't understand". "I want that you fucked me, Lenarcheg". The man felt pleasant vulnerability to this young girl who addressed him on a name middle name until recently, and now spoke with him on "you". "You are sure?". "Yes". The teacher accurately ran a hand over the pussy and began to stimulate her on new adventures, stroking and pinching from time to time. Alina was brought and began to moan. Having snatched the moment, it drained in the teacher as was able: greedy, with feeling. Again languages began to fight. Meanwhile the teacher, without distracting, I tried to take off trousers. But here the schoolgirl decided to get the best of the teacher. She tumbled down him on a back and, holding with one hand, another began to undo a belt. The teacher began to breathe is speeded up, it was unusual to feel in the subordinated role, it incredibly made horney. He looked and stared in disbelief: the schoolgirl continued to take off trousers, pants were already pulled together. Really he will oversleep with own schoolgirl directly here, on a floor, under her, but not over her?! However while in the head of the man such thoughts raged, the girl didn't linger, the dick in a vice grabbed and licked a head.