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One of the main subjects – a privacy in the secluded place where it is possible to play cards, to smoke, drink, kiss little girls. (feel a difference of the 70th and 21 century). We opened air-raid shelters, cellars, attics, but every time us caught and expelled from "lush" places, most often with the drive in militia. And here – good luck! The one-storey house with some office was in our yard. The office moved down, and the house remained thrown. And at the house – the smart attic! It also became our headquarters (timurites have a rest). The most rowdy-dowdy guy became the ringleader (we will call him Fedya). Here we drank, smoked, played cards, created "secret societies" (what there will be enough imagination at the Soviet pioneer for?). And one more "coincidence": to us the new dvornichikha moved – we will allow, Shreds (to us, four founders of garret club, was on 18). The boy was cute, but posed as "the kingpin from a zone" - smoked, drank with us and used foul language. And as he had no money for cigarettes, we forced to render him for tobacco and wine any small services: "give-bring". But it proceeded not long. We once again sat on the attic, smoked, played cards, stirred about any nonsense. Unexpectedly Fedya says: "Roofing felt, you have velvet such cheeks. It is possible I on them a dick I will move". All were struck dumb, and Roofing felt answers: "No, you at first on a cheek will move, and then in a mouth you will put." - No, I won't put. - Aha, too so spoke to me, and put …. I don't know whether he decided to pisanutsya so unsuccessfully before adult men in the life experience or actually it was forced to suck, but we absolutely were stunned, and Fedya, on the contrary, grew bolder: "Did you already suck? Then at me suck away!".-I won't be... Blow in a stomach (quite weak, so – to intimidate), and ours of Shreds already on a lap with the dick in a mouth. In general, it was visible that Fedya doesn't feel sexual satisfaction, but he groaned notably. And all of us were made horney too. And everyone the dick in Tolin put a mouth. Then there was a calm for several weeks. Nobody touched anybody, Roofing felt hung out with us, nobody remembered anything. So far to us on the attic the guest – the guy from our yard - Igor didn't welcome. We strong were on friendly terms with him until he moved to other end of the city. For the years it was низковат growth, but is thickset. He was very mild and artless. And here, Fedya decided to brag to the "senior" influence and again forced to suck to Roofing felt. But literally in a few minutes blowjob dawned on Fedya: "Undress, in an ass we will fuck you". Strangely enough, Roofing felt I didn't resist at all – whether they often were engaged in it, whether was frightened that will beat again … I undressed to a goal, I laid down on a stomach and I spread legs! I was the third. Feelings are any. It is simply sick to insert a dick into a narrow bunghole. I moved to and fro as the adult … Pleasures – zero! On what my first and last experience of anal sex also ended. Igor on the offer refused to join, but it was visible that in trousers at him a storm. All very quickly dispersed, and we with Igor remained to smoke. And excitement doesn't take place. Here he unexpectedly says: "It is good that I didn't begin to fuck him in an ass, I would tear him". Also the dick gets. At once I will make a reservation, at me not small, 21 cm in length and 6 cm in the diameter in a condition of an erection. But what I saw! It is not a pussy, not the dick is a DICK! Huge! Centimeters 30 in length, and in the diameter about my wrist! The huge round, smooth shining head, a huge brawny trunk with thick veins … Inimitable show, work of art! At me legs grew cold, the head began to spin, in a groin заныло. I wanted to take him in a mouth! I didn't know then that there are homosexuals, and what we made from Roofing felts - it is just a game, humiliation and submission, but not sexual satisfaction. And at me even the thought didn't arise that I nonconventional orientation (to put it mildly). I, without hesitating at all, I said: "And it is possible to try how – to suck it?" My question sounded so routinely and carefree as though I asked for it to light. He also quietly and indifferently answered: "Try …". I kneelt between its the spread legs and his dick took in hand. I, as well as many ripening teenagers, already had long-term experience of masturbation. But at these manipulations all feelings go from the dick. And here I felt hands! A firm trunk with soft velvet mobile skin. Current ran on hands. Igor shuddered and strained from what I was even more made horney. I bent to a head and felt – there is not a no smelly rustic tawing smell with impurity of urine and a dirty smegma – and almost inaudible delicate aroma of a youthful penis. From this smell the head began to spin, as after a glass of vodka. Already in a floor-zabytyi I clasped a head with lips. I already kissed little girls and practiced "the French kiss". But feelings when the dick in a mouth, such m-mm … … gentle … fills all mouth … pulses … concerns all erogenous zones inside!. Here, suddenly, I as sobered up: I suck as Roofing felt! If boys learn!. I was sharply discharged and, looking in eyes to Igor, asked: "And you will tell nobody?" The answer was original: "And you speak to nobody", with these words it slightly bent and, without any efforts, the dick took in a mouth. I began to doubt that it somehow will acquit me in the opinion of friends, "he sucked a pier at himself and I at him" if he lets out. But Igor so looked at zagovorcheski on me that I understood - it is his intimate secret and he is glad that could share it with somebody, and nobody will give him. Now I could always tell that I saw how Igor sucks at himself, and on me slanders in revenge. We became keepers of one secret – his magnificent dick! Excitement gushed with a new wave. I approached it again and began to caress a soft, smooth head. - And where it is more pleasant than everything? - Here. He showed on a bridle and a crown. I, wishing to deliver him a pleasure maximum, I began to caress in these parts. His dick strained even more and pulsed. - And if so to caress, you will terminate? - If I want, I won't terminate at all.-? - If to relax, then you will never terminate. And he relaxed perineum muscles. It worked on me, how on any Russian, by the principle "poorly?". I began to caress a head with redoubled zeal. He quietly sat, indifferently looking at my manipulations. His dick excited imagination. At me the head began to spin again. Continuing movements by hands, I slowly carried out by language on all dick from a ball sack to a head. "Still also" - he whispered. I repeated it several times and felt as his legs strained and a perineum – he gave up! "And lie down balls …" I willingly fell below and began to lick a ball sack with large balls, continuing to podrachivat slowly a dick two hands. It it is noisy I began to breathe, put a hand to me on a nape and I began to direct my head, slowly moving a basin. I saw nothing, besides a charming, tasty dick and these huge balls! I heard nothing, except his noisy breath! His movements by a basin became stronger, it took a dick in a hand, turned him forward, and other hand slightly pressed to me on a nape. I without words understood what he wants. And I wanted the same! I took his head (more just nothing was located) in a mouth again and began to suck, gently caressing hands his ball sack and the podrachivy dick. In several seconds it suddenly sharply discharged me, and from his dick the cum scattered on a stomach. It was much, it was dense as sour cream, snow-white and smelled of fresh lime. He cumed about a minute. His dick and balls pulsed at me in hands, and all body shuddered. His dick began to fall, but remained big and beautiful. I took him in a mouth and to stalnezhno exhaust the remains and to inhale aroma of a cum. He caressed me on the head. And I, having reached excitement peak, I terminated in pants. - I yet so never cumed, - he whispered. - I too. And why you didn't terminate to me in a mouth?