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Then there will be also others. Maksimkino summer, or "first pleasures". Maksimka, the twelve-year-old barin, sat one in the room. Rainy autumn in the evening there was nothing to do. The fellow remembered summer, thoughtfully looking out of the window, sitting on a sofa. He held a hand between legs and touched fingers the balls. Any person with the habits: someone for nervousness scratches a nose, someone, being confused, licks lips. Maksimka liked to thrust minutes of thoughts a hand into a pocket of trousers and to touch hands the balls or to delay slightly the chlenik. Once he, having forgotten, I nearly made it at the father. His father was a doctor, often vanished out of the estate and when was at home, was closed in the office and wrote scientific articles to medical magazines. Mother died when he was born, and Maxim grew with one father who didn't marry for the second time. For the boy the old nurse Natalia who tried to grow up the boy quiet and kind looked. Practically she managed it except that the boy grew at too willful. He got used to receive all that he will want and to carry out all that conceived. The nurse Natalia, happened, I complained to Vladimir Ivanovich – Maxim's father: "It is sick he, the barin, shabutny! And disobedient. You will begin to demand from him, and he a wolf cub zyrknt and as will shout: "Not to you, old, me to specify!" On it the doctor noted, popykhivy a tube: "Well you, Natalia, my dear, don't become angry about him. He is a guy in general quite good. And everyone has kinks. He you see, all life without mother grows, maybe, there isn't enough caress maternal". Yes, the boy lacked maternal love, caress, and because of it he also grew at wildish. The nurse imparted to him kindness and compassion to other people, but she couldn't teach him to be a man – with firmness to tolerate difficulties, not to despond from failures, always to go forward, to protect women. The father didn't give to the boy of it too: he pursued science more, than the son. Maybe because of this Maksimk was rather afraid of girls. In a gymnasium all his friends had a subject to lamentation, and only Maxim's heart was free. And after last summer the boy didn't understand at all that he happens with him. Heart began to fight very often not at the thought of the girl. He dreamed again and again the fact that he happened in thickets on the river bank. Give I to you I will tell of it. The father saw that it is boring for boy to be to one in the estate during summer vacation. Therefore he usually asked the brother to send for the summer to them to estates the son Sashka to stay for a while. Though he was 4 years more senior than Maxim, however children perfectly met and spent together time a great lot. They built tents in the park of the estate, swam in the small river, rushed competing in speed on avenues of the park – usual boyish entertainments. This summer to Maxim 12 years knocked. Sashka who turned into slender sixteen-year-old handsome by then arrived not one, and with the friend Lyosha – the thin blond young man with thin, gentle, almost womanly features. Lesh was one few years more senior than Sashka, but, despite an age difference, children found a common language. They played if slept together, and were quite happy such pastime. Only one grieved Maksimka. In the evenings when already the sun began to sit down, Sashka with Lyosha went to the river, and he with themselves wasn't taken. He tried to protest, demand, but helped nothing – children were unshakable. Once Maxim decided to threaten them that he will tell the father about their campaigns what Sashka answered that then they will leave to themselves home at once and back in other summer aren't turned back to him. Such prospect of the boy didn't arrange, and he restrained the vanity. But one night there was absolutely nothing to do, and the crazy thought came to mind: "But whether not to track to me them?" And here, Sashka with Lesha go for evening bathing on the coast of a ravine, and Maksimka a silent shadow follows them, quietly running across from one bush to another. Having come to the river, boys took off shirts, and threw off trousers on the earth. Maxim indignantly sniffed, lying on the brink of break in bushes directly over them: when they bathed three together, they didn't take off an underwear. And here here you are – time, and to a goal! The fellow felt offense: "Too to me, friends, is called – at me are afraid to undress" At heart he passionately wished to see what is secret pride of any boy – his "cockerel". So "it" was called by his nurse Natalia. When Maksimka was absolutely little, she washed him in a ban. Once, when the nurse hurried to wipe a boyish little body a fluffy bathing towel, it several times quickly to and fro rubbed to him between legs: where the pisyunchik with balls dangled. And the fellow with surprise found out how something occurs! He touched the chlenik and found out that that already not softly dangles, and was reared up and became firm as a pencil! The nurse noticed it too and told: - "Oh, barin, early still to you. Lower the cockerel. Here you will be an adult, then …" Maxim with interest asked again: - "And what then, nurse?" - "You learn when you mature. And now put on trousers, a shirt, we will go to have tea". Over a cup of tea the fellow thoughtfully reflected why it is only allowed to adults that at them "cockerel" hardened? He mechanically lowered a hand under a table, put it between legs and began to touch the small balls. Over time it developed into a habit. Here and now, lying on a stomach in bushes on break over the small river, he already stretched a hand to a stomach bottom as suddenly what was seen forced to forget him about everything on light. When friends upon whom he spied threw off trousers and ran to bathe, he saw only their buttocks. But now, leaving water, he saw that long ago I wished: to a look "cockerels" of the boys leaving water opened. Oh, what the show was! In beams of the sun before sunset the river left two young Apollo. Sashka who is strong put the teenager of an athletic constitution was just fine! His long fair hair became wet and beautifully fell on shoulders. He happily smiled. Maxim with a sinking heart looked to him between legs. There were already volosiki, and the dick, such thin, but long, dangled here and there. Having translated a view of Lyosha, Maxim saw almost already the man. White hair were shortly strizhena, features rigid, but beautiful, blue eyes radiated the sun. Lesh I was broad-shouldered, thin. Between legs he had a lot of fair hair, and the dick – about is something! Podgy sausage was located on couple of big eggs. Maxim felt as his "cockerel" became a firm pencil again. He pushed a hand between legs and the chlenik together with balls squeezed. The touch was pleasant. Meanwhile, below, voices of his friends were distributed. - Water as pair milk. As here it is good. Thank you that you brought me to Maxim! – I told Lesh. - Yes throw you, we are the best friends. You, Lesh, for me the loved one, I so love you. – Sashka told and embraced the friend for a waist. - You are my best friend too, Sanka! – Lesh embraced Sashka for a back, I attracted to myself, and they … were kissed on a mouth! Maxim with surprise looked at them from above. It seemed to him that only men kiss women. So, in any case, he sometimes saw. It appears, and children do also! He decided that in academic year he by all means will kiss the friend Danka from a gymnasium. What occurs? Something interesting happens with Sasha and Lesha's "cockerels": they are inflated, become more! Leshin gets fat and gets fat whether he will burst, such thick! And Sashkin also didn't grow stout, but was extended in length and became similar to a small spear. Sashka touched with the torchashchimchlen the Region of Leshinogo, and that gave a hand and began to caress Sashina balls!