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Even it was interesting to me that for people arrived to us, to tell the truth, I was even interested in one of them. Kind of to explain it?, It seems, no what special in the person is present, and something attracts attention. No, she, of course, was very effective appearance, the high and slender blonde with fascinating blue eyes, stylish dressed, with very strong aura which was almost visible from outside, but... All this not that. In her there was something else it that left strange feeling which I couldn't understand. So, I entered this room, but here was nobody. Having put papers on a table, I looked round. About! Some disks. Can educational some movies? Something isn't similar. It became for some reason wildly interesting to me that on these disks, but how to look? Yes it is very simple - there is a dividishnik. At least, I will see that I there for files, and there will be able already to tell that in these files and what relation they have to study. Everything is simple! So I also made, but instead of the list of files on the screen of the TV the black screen appeared. Video means. I had no time to wait for all these credits, and I impatiently rewound forward. Hardly there was a picture, I nearly dropped the panel! And it is good that the sound wasn't, on the screen... I looked and couldn't believe own eyes! This video is watched by inspection? Yes this some porn, at what obviously amateur. The girl on the screen broke into tears, loudly groaned and muffledly asked something while the huge black strap-on dived into her pussy. She was just roughly fucked, and all this was removed very in detail! The operator constantly changed a foreshortening, showing a scene in general, switching to the pussy stretched and filled in with love juice close up. And so, someone I raped her, only roughly I whipped her hips and I cried out something rough and humiliating. How can it be? Someone is she? Why she is raped? Why she is removed? What in general is created? I was in panic and was already ready to grab this disk and to run in police - it is all the same on lessons, it is all the same on everything! But unexpectedly I understood that the girl on the screen cums. And as! The woman whose face I didn't see hardly held her, and the operator couldn't focus the picture normally! She cums... How can it be? I decided that it just madness or that else, but afterwards on the screen there was what I expected least of all. The girl fell on knees and began to lick the nun's footwear. She asked something, begged about something, and then was only developed and exposed the back, stretching buttocks. But... She asks still?. It didn't go in at me. Now I saw that on her face there were not only a fear and shame, but also something else. And it flashed with a new force when the woman with all the heart lashed her buttocks and without deliberating with one blow entered her... Rough rape continued on my eyes, but now I wasn't sure of anything. The only thing of what I was sure, so it that all this is very rough, rigid, and my pussy... I didn't notice as my pussy began to itch. Instinctively I was rumpled from a leg on a leg, squeezing legs, and now my juice was ready to spill... What is happens to me? Why this scene so made horney me? Really I am capable of it? Still slightly, and I will become really wet! It is necessary to do something, and I couldn't come off it the screen! - It is pleasant, the bitch? - I heard an imperious voice absolutely nearby. I didn't need to turn around to understand someone stood near me! It is bad! She saw me, she saw, than I am engaged here! But... How did she call me? Really... I am in danger! These thoughts flew in my head in a flash, and in the following I already jerked to a door. It was necessary to be fallen down before there is a disaster. I felt that this blonde isn't so harmless at all, apparently, and... and... it is dangerous...-At all, - I only also managed to throw. However she appeared quicker me. Because of shock I didn't calculate a trajectory, and her hand seized me precisely by the pussy! I screamed from surprise and from electricity which at that moment slipped on my body. And it only turned fingers and, having shifted this movement my panties, dived into depths of my itching bosom. I was in so ridiculous family way that couldn't even escape! And during the next moment juice spilled on her black gloves. These it happened... Now to me was also it is a shame... What will she think of me now?.-At all, you speak? - roughly she asked. - Then that it shines on my gloves, the bitch? - I ask you, don't call me so! - I when she began to move fingers screamed. - What bad is in that that to call the bitch the bitch? - I not with... bitch... - I whispered. - Not only that you took others things, so you also were engaged in it directly here. Someone are you if not the bitch? Thief? - Release me! - I shouted, trying to escape, but only received ringing slap in the face. I and faced it, stuck on her fingers, holding the burned cheek and filling in it with the juice... What is created? How could it occur? What to do to me? - Let me call the director and I will tell, than you were engaged here? You will be driven out from school. Do you want?