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A short hairstyle, the huge radiant eyes hidden behind wide lenses of points, a nose a button, a small gentle mouth, the angular figure of the teenager which only began to be rounded: in her appearance there was nothing unusual, the little girl as the little girl, but at the same time she want - you don't want, and attracted to itself a look. All her being radiated some touching naivety and vulnerability which it was impossible to resist. I stared at her long ago, but at me and in thoughts wasn't to try to meet with her closer or, it is worse than that, to get a trite romanchik. Her childlike shape was so light and pure that the usual carnal love in relation to it looked nearly blasphemy. Everything began with the fact that after one not really beautiful history to institute "cart" came to me. Trial stretched... Eventually the Komsomol organizer playing strong ideological commitment raised a question of whether such personality can as I to be a member of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. I didn't expect it in any way. Punishment for those times was obviously too severe, but, to my huge surprise, the group voted pro. Also Natashka raised a hand... Several days I couldn't recover, but even then, already поостыв, long went beside himself, tried to keep aloof anybody I didn't approach to anybody I didn't talk. It is unknown how many it would proceed if not Natashka. Once, going after classes home, I faced her at a checkpoint face to face. Usually in such situations I just quickened the pace. I wanted to make and this time, but, having already overtaken her, unexpectedly I heard: - Wait for me, please. It was, like a bolt from the blue. She and so not often addressed me, and now... I shortened a stride and being silent, not looking at her, went nearby. - Do you hurry somewhere? - indecisively Natashka asked. - Well. - And in general you are busy today? - after some pause it shy continued. - Yes, it seems, anything special. - And now you home? - Where still? - I who is much puzzled with such hail of questions smiled. - I can go... with you? - To me?! - from surprise I stopped. Natashka too. - Yes, - having densely reddened and trying not to look to me in the face, she squeezed out from herself. We stood in the middle of a narrow path on which a dense stream someone home someone in institute, hurried students. Continually somebody encountered us. "Useful" councils and exclamations of just indignation were heard. - Well... if you want, - having absolutely become puzzled, I mumbled. - Only I have parents of the house. - Went to me. At me now nobody, - having looked away at last from asphalt, Natashka beggarly looked at me. Little by little I recovered and now with curiosity looked at her. These minutes she resembled the played mean tricks child. It is interesting what she conceived? I couldn't ask about it, clear. - Well, we go if you so want, - unnaturally having smiled, I walked on a path. Natashka silently went nearby. Feeling some awkwardness, we tried not to watch all road at each other and didn't talk. On Natashk's arrival I led me to one of rooms at once and, having apologized, itself disappeared somewhere. Waiting for it I flopped in one of chairs and began to consider the poster hanging on a wall with Ornella Muti... Unexpectedly my neck was twisted by tender maiden hands. I turned back and stiffened, struck. The right, was from what. Natashka faced me only in panties and a brassiere, more on her nothing was! She all shivered, her breast uchashchyonno rose, chubby children's cheeks flared. Dumbfounded and it is already absolute not understanding anything, I was stupidly fixed by eyes to that place where from under fine silk of panties the magnificent pile of chestnut-colored hair as if this juicy show was capable to clear the events any looked through.My foolish look obviously beat Natashka on the spot, but nevertheless she resolutely continued begun. The brassiere fastener clicked, and in a second it already lay on a floor, having bared a trembling breast. Still an instant - and Natashka stiffened before me already absolutely naked. Her cheeks flared more, eyes burned. - Listen, - without having thought up anything it is cleverer, I began with tone of the mentor, - you realize... I wanted to tell still something in the same vein, but Natashka interrupted me.