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Yesterday I, the associate professor of foreign languages V-skogo of higher education institution, Candidate of Philology Anna Vladimirovna came to be in the German brothel and became the prostitute Lotta, the sex slave and already served in all respects six clients. Including four students poor students. But why so everything hurts, really so zatrakhat? Well a bottom - she lost virginity only yesterday, but what so pricks boobies and a bottom of a stomach?, It seems, nobody especially crippled them. I don't remember. I remember only that after labor night madam gave me some tablet and I ordered to drink "that more best it was fallen down". In the same mirror I see that my nipples and a navel are punctured and decorated with piercings, the same ornament and on shameless sponges near a clitoris now. In the neighbourhood with it on hip inside - the blood-stained gauze. Hardly I sit down, holding the head (how many alcohol I drank at night?), carefully I remove a gauze and I see a tattoo. The charming maiden face very similar to mine, and an inscription the stylized gothic style: Fuck me, darling! There now, issued finally. The door silently opens and Vika Semyonova comes, she is Gretchen, in a dressing gown, house-shoes, in hands a tray with some food covered with a napkin. - Guten morgen, Lotta! Regained consciousness, Anechka? Madam ordered to feed you, and the lunch already passed that. Well, how in new quality? You are a whore in all respects, here now and prokleymit you. Suffer, will pass soon, but with pirsy and a tattoo you are such sexual! All clients now yours! By means of Vika I make toilet and I have breakfast, in passing we discuss with her details of last night. The compatriot already got used to it, and for me an impression quite strong. - You are a good fellow, Ania, in the first night six clients and with the Aral Sea, an anal, a group sex, a Lesbian, gold rain! Cool I worked. And what you in a bed! Here I didn't think at department that you are such whore (the last is told with the deepest respect)! And still, with you it was pleasant to me, you are such gentle...-Vikochka and you are a prostitute too - the top class, - I answer with a compliment a compliment to the colleague. - I didn't even guess that our meek creature beauty has such experience and skills. And with you it was pleasant to me too... Vika begins to caress and kiss quietly my shoulders, a back, a breast, hips, a perineum, accurately without concerning piercings and a tattoo. - Poor! To you it is painful, my good? I with pleasure respond to her caress, strong I kiss on the lips. Wow, and under a dressing gown that she is naked! - Nothing, Vikochka, I will suffer. Again, as last night from a bottom of a stomach the languor wave rises. I begin to moan. Vika softly and persistently stacks me on pillows, spreads to me legs and begins to caress a uvula my shchyolochka. And as her shchyolochka, as well as yesterday, over me, I begin to process this butonchik. It is slightly sweetish, damp and fresh and me very pleasant to be active in is mute my proboscis, causing more and more penetrating and passionate sighs and Vika's groans. I am not silent too, we sigh and we squeal a little almost in unison. At last, we at top! Amicably and loudly we cum. - Bravo, girls! It isn't a shame to show it to clients also! - our madam - Frau Dort is on the threshold with a pleased smile. Now she, as well as we, in some shlafrok. - Gretchen, don't forget, you today the person on duty with Otto. And our newcomer let will have a rest today. And tomorrow will replace you. It is good that you together. Gretchen, show to Lotta that where and for what is available here, and that, I am afraid, yesterday she not up to the end studied the cozy room. Frau Dort approaches, pats me on a cheek, pinches Vika for a chin and majestically leaves, shuffling bedroom-slippers on a floor. Vika honestly carries out an assignment. It appears, in a wardrobe and a dressing table there is the whole warehouse of all sexual toys: vibrators, handcuffs, a lash and leather personal belongings for masochism, amusing adaptation from a heap of thongs with the huge artificial dick and other pieces. In jars, tubes and bubbles, besides cosmetics in which I already began to be guided, various lubricants, vaginal creams, anal candles, aphrodisiacs. Generally - the Gift to the Prostitute set. However, not a gift, Vika explains that all these accessories together with clothes, furniture, washing, cleaning, binge, medical examinations at revenues to work and on Saturdays are, etc. entered to us in the account and the sums turn out rather round. - And you, expensive, all expenses on delivery you here, plus an award to firm in Russia which ushchuchit you, and firm in Germany which defined you to Frau Dort also are entered in the account. You, actually, bought. So, be not surprised to what you will see in the pay book. To pension it is necessary to spread legs. And pension such as you aren't put. So, Lotta, hardly you in new academic year will get up for department. Rather you on her will lay down. Having moved apart legs. This statement of Wicky doesn't give new information to me, already guessed. And I am not going to cry while to me and here it isn't bad. Here only again zanyl the pierced nipples, a navel, a pizda, are slightly krovit by a tattoo. But from it there is too means which I by means of the fighting girlfriend found in a first-aid kit. I drink a tabletochka, and pain passes through a quarter of hour. I am interested about watch, and Vika explains that girls in turn have to serve security guards. Today we are protected by my yesterday's znakomets of Otto, and he will receive the portion of love from little Gretchen. And tomorrow there will be Curt whom I should humour. - Nothing, is necessary to them much, usual norm: a cocksucking, a fucking from above, a fucking from below, sometimes - an anal, still a cocksucking, and you are free, - explains Vick. Looks at the watch: - There now, it is time to be on duty, so far, - kisses me gently, caresses on a cheek and leaves. Boringly. I cover with a dressing gown and I creep in the hall. There several girls watch the next "educational movie". Probably, as envisioned by owners we have to think only of production need. I watch new artly intelligent fucking, and also I meet girls who gradually gather almost all. It appears, from twenty prostitutes in an institution Frau Dort of Germans only three - Renata, Laura and Erica. All of them are students from the former East Germany and on vacation earn additionally to pay training. And so - us Russians four (we with Vika, Svetka-Elza from Stavropol and Lyusya-Catherine from Ivanov). All of us, except Wicky - the "nested dolls" enlisted allegedly for work as leaders, maids, sex slave's cleaners. In the same position of the Ukrainian Galya from Odessa and Kalina from Lviv, here they respectively Inga and Klara. And here the Serbian girls Mylène, Carla and Gerda - on contracts. Hungarian Margo, Silvius and Shamoni and Pole Magda, Eve and Rada too. Exotic to an institution is added Cuban Ines - the slender hot mulatto who peed the annual contract and Fan - the Chinese woman whom already five times resold on the way from Girin. I know real names only for Russians and Ukrainians, other girls don't open the pseudonyms. And I also don't arise. They rather friendly tell me about orders in an institution, about whims of clients, about how to use these or those devices from a bordelny arsenal. I in turn share with them details of my Odyssey described in the first part. And more than a half of listeners knowingly nod. The attack of silent fun causes an episode with service by us with Vika of four of our poor students, it in Frau Dort's institution wasn't yet! However, Erica somehow humoured the former schoolmate, and Shamoni came to be in a bed with the chief of the Hungarian firm to whom, by the way, persistently I didn't give in the homeland, but these small sensations already became business of the past. To a conversation (and we talk in German) with interest Gottlieb who as I understood, executes functions of the photographer, the bouncer and the security guard, and also the exotic door-keeper listens. While girls with laughter savor details of my history, it disappears, and in five minutes returns, having put us a package of photos and having put some new cartridge in the video player. Photos soundly illustrated my story. Gottlieb very artly photographed us in an environment touching our boobs and pussies of boys, group blowjob, two - and then and a tripartite fucking me and Wicky, Vika sucking to Hera, me under Pasha, a lesbis-show, gold дождичек... Art of the photographer was properly estimated. And then Gottlieb turned on the video player, and instead of next art ero-or pornimaginations on the screen there was a pink office, and in him I, Vika, Edik, Hera, Pasha and Salih. Now everything went in real time. Here just Vika from watch who reddened damp after a shower in a dressing gown and "working" shoes on hairpins approached. Oh, her physiognomy was also extended! Probably, as well as mine. And our friends very professionally aloud estimated our work, calling all things by their proper names. How many new German words and turns I learned during the session! However, judging by comments, we justified rendered to us high (and deep) trust. Girls quite approved our activity, a lesbis-show even caused sympathetic sighs of spectators, a teardrop on impressionable Renata's cheek, and Silvia kind of accidentally began to stroke me. What, however, was pleasant to me. At the same time I noticed how strokes Vika and kisses behind Ines's ear. Still I noticed that all movie was from beginning to end watched by Frau Dort who settled on the ordinary place at the head of halls.