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And here, week already, Ksyukh hung on my neck importunate freight. Grown in the deaf small village she was surprisingly naive and direct. In the mornings I walked about on the apartment in one linen shirt, not in the least me without being confused, I could move on walk barefoot and in torn, washed off to a platyishka from which I grew up that for a long time. Possessing a figure and statyam of the adult woman, I didn't know about linen and clothes of the modern city girl. And now, snatching time from work, I was engaged not in usual things, and generally in Ksyukhoy. For a start I packed her by today's standards, not once going crazy from her questions. More than once she brought me to a stoyachka, asking to help to button a bra or it is correct to adjust shoulder-straps. I went crazy from an opportunity to watch ten programs on TV and I squealed for joy when taught her to use the videorecorder and the video camera. Quite often I removed everything and I looked then, squealing a little from pleasure. And yesterday, having included the magician, I became stupid simply – Ksyukh span in front of the cam in one belyishk, and then, obviously coquetting in front of the cam, pulled down also him and span before a lens, absolutely naked, attentively looking somewhere aside – at the TV screen, I guessed later. Absolutely accidentally I found out that in my absence she conceived a liking for a sensuality. The richest collection of movies remained to me in inheritance from a supruzhnitsa. Considerable quantity of a frank porno also were there and Ksyukh probably I gave preference to it. One night I came back home a little earlier, having opened a door the key not to disturb it, came into a prikhozhka and at once heard the sensual groans and shouts rushing from the hall. Having glanced there I was stupefied with surprise – naive washing Ksyukh lay, having stretched, on a sofa having clung a look to the TV screen where in ecstasy of copulation two pottered and with gusto I masturbated, one hand squeezing the boobies, and violently tormenting another a vagina. It also was already close to ecstasy – didn't hear how I entered and, without noticing my presence, coiled on a sofa, screaming and groaning from pleasure. Not to confuse it with the opening, I went quietly beyond a door, having covered her without sound and long rang standing outside. In about five minutes the door was opened. Reddened Ksyukh looked at me eyes, crazy from excitement, and I tried to explain with a stuffy voice that she slept, and I didn't hear my call. The girl inflamed very much didn't even think that her lie doesn't climb in any gate. However I obediently pretended that I believed her and passed to the room. - Dyad Sash! I will go to a bathtub, I poplyukhatsya, and that hot something – she defiled by a door in some little cowards and a brassiere, somehow having strange looked askance on me. And in about five minutes I heard her call again - Dyad Sash! I forgot to take a towel, bring please – her voice which was even more squeezed than at a meeting, I cut me to the quick and having taken a towel I entered the bathroom as if without guessing that I will see there. Ksyusha sat in a bathtub, semi-hidden by absolutely transparent water, but the first that I saw – her look. He stuck into me noticeably, he chained me to himself, forced to freeze in a doorway – was in him irrepressible thirst, some carnal call so much that I stood, having captured a look all it, all her naked maiden body. Also at once I noticed both trembling of nostrils of her nose, and the corners of lips shaking from excitement, and her face fossil. I saw slightly drooping full boobies with tensely blown up nipples and involuntarily throwing up, creeping revealing in the parties, her slender legs and dark треугольничек a hair on her bosom. Even the bulked-up vagina sponges which opened between her open legs. I looked at her without moving and it seems without breathing from admiration and only felt how my body reacts to this bewitching picture. My sports pants noticeably puffed up under his uncontrollable pressure and, overcoming their resistance, it grew and grew, being reared in an impetuous rush of flesh. Imperceptibly time passed, and all of us also looked at each other, being made horney from it more and more. She bathed in my look caressing her body and, almost without coming off, looked at my blown-up trousers, it seemed directing there not only a look – all nature sought to this expressive hillock. - Go to me – called her eyes – they shouted of it, demanded and asked - You want it? – asked mine, already knowing the answer and her shouted to me - Yes! Yes! Yes! You see – I want you, I want madly and now! Dreamily I pulled down a t-shirt, infinitely long I pulled together trousers and pants – time stopped for us under her look. Having become straight I faced it, absolutely naked, feeling as my reared dick shivers from impatience – and resolutely I stepped in a bathtub – to her. I sat down opposite and I sat without moving, in the same way, without moving, I sat Ksyukh. We looked at each other – eye to eye. The slow movement of her leg stopped at my body. It touched him with fingers of a foot and stood again as if reveling in this weightless touch. Having slowly lowered a hand in water, still looking at me, I touched the bosom. Her fingers sensually slowly, and from it especially excitingly opened to my look a shell of a vagina and it seemed called - Look at me, look! - She as if teasing me, carefully touched by a finger of the chink and now moved it there, slowly touching and caressing a clitoris. Still slowly the finger dived more and more deeply between her sponges as if showing a path, and Ksyukh leaned back on a bathtub wall, throwing back the head slipped to me. The sharp movement she drove a finger, deeply putting it inside and very slowly, prolonging feeling, it slid back that it is again prompt to dive into a hot belly. She masturbated frankly, for show to me, this frankness, her ostentatious shamelessness of priskhodyashchy, made horney us, as well as all priskhodyashchy. Not in forces more to restrain, I was inclined to her, having put palms on her knees slowly slipped hands on her hips, there – up, to impatiently treasured and attracting, having softly concerned rollers of her sponges, carefully revealed them slightly more widely and her finger, coming up from a vagina, for a long time lingered on a clitoris knob now, allowing me to see a small opening of a virgin pleva in the opened shell. Having slightly shifted fingers I concerned her, having slightly pressed, carefully stroked an elastic barrier and slow pressing entered a finger into her. Shortly and sharply I sighed Ksyukh – all her body started, having felt the getting touch and moved towards. Having taken my hand she quietly extended her from herself, and then breakthrough drove deep into, having shuddered and having moaned shortly, again and again repeated movements, jerking off my finger the vagina. I saw – she doesn't realize surrounding, she all there, in the wearying call of own flesh any more. I got up from a bathtub, picked up on hands it powerlessly the hung body and, without paying attention to the water flowing from us, incurred her to the bedroom. All she, all her body powerlessly hanged down from my hands – is only speeded up boobies rose and rough breath was torn from the slightly opened mouth. Having laid her on a bed, I was inclined and kissed the sticking-out nipple of her breast and, having screamed, Ksyukh clasped me, having embraced convulsively and strong, I brought down on myself, being palmed off by widely open legs, fussy pulling a basin impatiently I looked for a vagina my dick. Having felt touch of a head to her clitoris, it was hammered, being thrown up hasty, trying to stick himself on it and, having moved forward, I with strain thrust a dick in her eager belly. Short shriek – and she, having become soft suddenly, at once I turned from девушкив the woman. Expression of her face was smoothed and became softer, tension of desire – under me disappeared, having swung open, the woman – made horney to a limit, pining in thirst of a coition and completely ready to him – but already the woman lay! And, struck with this instant transformation, I, having suddenly thrown up a little and not looking away from her face, the dick began to drive in into her as in the woman – without restraining – long sharp blows entered her, felt how the head meets a neck and unbends it. My movements stirred up a body of Ksyukhi, fluttered, being thrown up under me, her breasts, and she, having easily embraced my shoulders, all was given me …