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I left because of a table and went to a push, I opened a door and saw that there Yulya sits. Eyes at her were closed, the blouse is drawn and she caressed to herself boobies. At first I wanted to leave, but my tool already stood and I decided to act. I approached the Spinning top and asked: "Not to help?". Yulya in a fright opened eyes and looked at me, and she continued to rumple boobies. She seems I didn't understand what occurs before was drunk. I took her silence for consent. Having stepped in a toilet I closed behind myself a door, Yulya looked for me as bewitched. "You someone?" - at last she squeezed out. "Dima!" - I risked - "you what didn't recognize me?". "DIMA! Take me!" - she almost cried. Here so good luck! I approached Yulka and having thriftily lifted her from a push began to be active between legs. Yulya and hung on me. Then I developed her dog-fashion, she rested hands against a sink. Before me there was a fine hole of Yulia. I undid a fly and the dick pulled out and immediately I inserted into a monda to Yulka as panties and a miniskirt were already lowered. I began to fuck her, but at the same time also rumpled her breasts. Later some time she terminated, and behind her and I. I wiped a dick about her skirt from the inside, took panties for memory, corrected on her clothes and sent to a table. In 1 minute there were also I. Having entered the room I saw changes. Natashka slept a drunk dream on the sofa, and Masha's husband, Alexander, left for work, there that happened. All danced except Masha, that I also invited its. There was a slow dance and Masha all over nestled on me. My hands from a waist on Masha's buttocks, but that how many I didn't object quietly slipped. At this time Zheka impudently touched Irina buttocks under a dress. When dance came to an end I invited Masha to the empty room, the benefit Zheka lived in 4-roomed, and 3 more were free. When we came I even managed to make nothing as Masha dexterously threw off the super fitting dress, removed panties and began to undo my trousers. The type of the naked woman made horney me and when trousers fell to my legs I I tumbled down Masha on a bed itself I pulled hard with top. I began to kiss Maria's boobies gradually falling, lower and lower. At last I reached sexual sponges wave, having kissed, them I directed between them the dick. Masha published a pleasure sigh. I clattered Masha didn't terminate directly on her yet, and then is exhausted laid down near the wife of my friend. In a couple of minutes Masha began to cover my dick with kisses from what that got up again, and she took it in a mouth. She did a blowjob just astounding so I terminated soon and she swallowed all cum up to the end. After that we began to put on. Masha dressed on a naked body everything in a cum the fitting dress, as well as I took away panties from Yulya to myself for memory. We entered together what no someone paid attention to. Yulya danced with Dima, and Zheka "imperceptibly" caressed an internal part of a hip of Irina. From under the fitting sweater of a breast of horney Irina stuck out just obvarazhitelno. When everything, except Natasha and Sani, took seat at a table binge began to flow the river again, I drank less than others, I not drinking at all. After the bottle begun when I came with Masha, Zheka fell asleep directly at a table. We carried it to the 1st room where had to sleep and Irina, in the 2nd Dimke with Yulka, in the 3rd Mashka, in the 4th to me from Natashkaya laid. When all settled a door of the bedroom of Irina was boiled and she was slipped out by the hostess in a thin, short dressing gown. She approached our bed and called to me having put one leg on edge of a bed, and having removed another aside, so, that could see her perineum. My dick instantly got up. I in a whisper responded. Irina told that Evgeny warmed her during dances, but now there is nothing isn't suitable, and she wants that I had her. And I told. I told that all rooms are occupied. One moved apart hands, there are tails of the robe she held with hands, and threw off a dressing gown on a floor, in the next second she was on me. The bed was quite wide, and Natasha slept at the wall so all bed was at our disposal. I lay on a back, and Ira sat on we wash a her, then she began to jump up slowly, then more and more accelerating speed. I had the friend's wife on a bed where in too time my wife sleeps! Through some time I terminated in Irishka and she fell on my breast. Whether having lain down some time I asked her she to me will make a blowjob. She swallowed whole. She started quietly anew to lick him then when he got up began to kiss a head, and at last completely took him in a mouth. She did a blowjob not worse than Mashka and I again quickly terminated her in a mouth. Here I engendered brilliant idea, I the sharp movement developed Irishka to me the back and the dick in a vagina vzavit. Then I pulled out and I implanted 4 fingers there I pulled out them and I greased with lubricant an anus of Ira, then the dick began to insert there. Irina began to wag the back, trying to escape, but one biting blow in buttocks calmed her. She has a snack a sponge not to cry. At last after long attempts the dick entered completely, I is careful, almost up to the end pulled out him and again inserted more and more accelerating. In the friend I heard a voice behind myself, from a door. "Fuck the Natashka, fuck". The voice belonged to Zheke. Probably in the dark he didn't recognize the wife. I decided not to stop I had Irina in the face of Zheki of an eta it was magnificent. When I felt that is cumed by me pulled out a dick and terminated on Irishka's back. "Glue feelings?" - Evgeny asked. "Yes!" - Irina lowed. After that we were tumbled down on a bed, but I wanted thrills and I pulled hard on Ira having closed her mouth a kiss, one hand touching her breasts, and another a perineum. And I did so that Zheka was in the best foreshortening, it at almost complete darkness, and I distinguished all details of a lapanye of the spouse, but without seeing her face. "All right, I will go. I just looked for the". It was already developed, but here returned to the room approached Irina's buttocks and implanted 2 fingers into the wife's anus. I made couple of progress, I listened to Ira's groans, then I squeezed few times nipples and after that I left. I right there released Ira. "You are a madman! But it it to be pleasant to me". After that she jumped from a sofa threw with a dressing gown and jumped out, having received from me cotton on buttocks. Through couple of seconds of Zhek passed back to itself. I quietly got up and proceeded behind him. When I glanced to the room Irina lay on a bed, Zheka on her also fucked her. Having observed a little I understood that my standing dick wants a hole. I went to the apartments. Natasha lay on among a bed naked, it I undressed her before a dream, having stretched hands and legs. I laid down on her the dick inserted into a peshcherka and I began to have the wife. At last now she regained consciousness a little and began to podvilivat the back. I bit her nipples and its shouts became louder, but shouts from the bedroom of the birthday boy were not less ours. Two sharp shouts reached from both bedrooms together. After that Natasha failed in a dream again. I lay down and decided to descend to look that to be created in other bedrooms. The bedroom of owners was the first on my way. On sounds I already understood what there occurs. Yulya and Dima's bedroom was following. I glanced in inside and saw how Yulka does a blowjob to the husband. Only I wanted to go further as Dimon pulled out a dick from Yulia's mouth and terminated on her face and boobies. "I need to descend in a toilet" - Yulka told. I quickly slipped in a toilet. In couple of seconds for me Yulka came. Having turned on the light she on the automatic machine passed in a toilet while I closed behind her a door. Only now she turned back and appeared a feather to me absolutely naked. Two fine boobies, and the shaved pubis. The dick stood, it was time to act. Without wasting words I approached Yulka, buttocks raised a skhvatilz and spread on a dick (on the apartment I walked naked). Then I began to stick rhythmically Yulka on the her. Yulka leaned back back and began to moan. Speed became quicker, groans are louder and louder. Yulka terminated before me, and I continued to clatter her more and more so far at last didn't terminate. There was a lot of cum that it began to follow from Yulia's peshcherka. I quietly removed her from the dick and put on a floor. In a couple of minutes Yulya got up on all fours and crept up to my dick. She tala serially to lick a dick, balls. When the dick got up Yulya took him in a mouth and began to do me a blowjob. Her uvula slid on a trunk of my tool all the time. When I felt an orgasm wave I seized Yulia by hair and began to do movements-headed by faster. At last the cum escaped in a mouth of my partner. One thin stream began to flow from a mouth corner, I pinched it and kissed Yulka on a mouth. Our languages merged in one. After a kiss I sent Yulka to the bedroom to the spouse. I went behind her, but then was developed and went to the bedroom to Mashka. That lay under a blanket. Having thrown off a blanket I saw that Masha was without panties, but for some reason in a brassiere. One strap slipped from a shoulder and one breast was in the public eye. I removed also the second strap. Now two breasts were at me in the public eye. I pulled hard on Masha and began to bite her nipple. Masha slept tight. I inserted a dick to her into a monda, then pulled out, developed Masha buttocks to myself and with dispersal inserted into an anus. Now Masha woke up, developed the head to me and looked in my eyes. "Everything will be good" - I told and kissed her on a mouth. She answered a kiss and I began to fuck Masha in an anus. That began to do rhythmical movements by hips in my party. I grabbed with a hand of a breast Wave, I bent to her ear and I whispered: "your hole velikolepna-a-a-a-a:". On the last word I terminated, together with Mashka. Having pulled out a dick from an anus and having slapped finally on buttocks I left. The following item of appointment - the bedroom of owners. Having glanced and having convinced that the owner sleeps entered the room, quietly I approached a bed and having cast away a blanket I saw the girl vaguely reminding Irina. From hair to hips in a cum with the opened mouth, with a wild hair, with two caves instead of two accurate holes between legs and the swelled nipples. I took it on hands and incurred to the room where I slept. Having put Ira on a bed, I kissed it on a mouth. From a kiss it opened eyes. "No, only not today! I can't any more!" - Ira begged. "Well I will carry you back:" - I answered. Probably something wasn't pleasant to her in my answer as she right there stretched legs and told: "Act!". Without lingering ялег on Irishka the dick also inserted into her peshcherka. Then I pulled out a dick and inserted into already razjebany anus, then again inserted into a vagina, and again into an anus, so I did all the time because of what Irina not as couldn't terminate. At this time my wife very quietly slept nearby. Once she opened eyes looked at our games and told: "It makes horney me! I want in all holes!". Then it was again cut down. 10 minutes later I began to fuck only Ira's anus and she quickly terminated. Then I fucked the wife in an anus. Then Ira made to me a blowjob then I fucked Natasha. So till 7 in the morning I had them in turn. At 7 o'clock I carried Ira in a bed to Zheka, and itself left to sleep. Having woken up in the morning I found out that all already got up and have breakfast, except Ira, she was in the bathroom, too only got up. I went to a bathtub, pulled a door and having convinced that it is open dived inside. We stayed in the bathroom 50 minutes. During this time I had it 5 times: 2 times in an anus, 2 times in a mouth and 1 time in a vagina. There were we separately. I walked on all rooms. I dipped hands to all ladies under dresses and skirts from what ои violently reddened, but were silent, and it was convinced that all of them without panties, except my wife, but also her I forced to remove them. Till the evening I had in a toilet of all girls in a toilet. Each hour was SEXA session in a toilet. The company began to crook the elbow since morning. Alexander called and told, as today won't come. By 11 in the evening all on were drunk so much that not only didn't knit a bast, but also couldn't sort the blessed. The most sober, I was almost sober. Today I decided to make something another. When all fell asleep I carried all ladies to one bedroom and men in another. Then I came into the bedroom of women I took Natasha on hands and I brought her in the room of husbands. I told that she wanted that all of us had her. Zheka and Dima stood in indecision, rocking from drunk a little. I the first approached the wife, bended over her and the dick drove in her. Zheka approached in front and as Natashka regained consciousness carried out by the dick on lips and forced to take him in a mouth. Now we together had my wife, and she smacked the lips from pleasure. I terminated on a back to Natasha, and Zheka in a mouth. As Dima's dick stood, his turn came. He laid down on a floor, and Nata saddled him, I laid down on the other hand and the dick inserted into an anus of the wife, Zheka approached Natasha's face and that began to do him a blowjob again, jumping up on our dicks. We terminated all three together, the cum was on all body of Natasha, it flowed from everywhere. I told what for her will be enough and incurred her to the bedroom. There I fucked Ira, Yulya and Masha and obkonchat them from legs to the head. Then I took Masha and carried to the bedroom to friends. Those crooked the elbow one more bottle of vodka and were in complete prostration. When I told that Natasha (Masha) wants still those were delighted and didn't even notice a podjmena!!! Masha we had everyone in all holes. After Masha there was Yulya whom we had, even between boobies. Ira was the last, we had her up to 4 o'clock in the morning. Were perverted as could. The most improbable poses were thought out by Zheka. He thought that we have my wife here and tried. The most improbable that he thought up was such pose: TWO! Dicks in Ira's vagina put, and it does the third a blowjob. Then we tied it to a table in such a way that legs were placed, in her caves it suvat: a leg of chairs, candles, the microphone from a karaoke, and then just I forced it. I and Dimka didn't stand apart and too worked owing to the depravity. In 4 mornings they got tired and went to bed. I carried them on bedrooms, then carried Ira to the bedroom to girls. There I have a little more a good time with all girls. The coolest was when I put three girls near with each other (they were so drunk that wasn't noticed each other) Inserted average and began to fuck her and extreme suvat hands in vaginas. At 7 in the morning I carried girls on bedrooms, and before going to bed fucked Natasha. For the morning all dispersed.