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It was still very strong and convenient, stood on the high concrete base, under a new metal roof. Shortly before reorganization, the state farm repaired it for the grandma. The house was pleasant to Tolka before that when dispersed, and his parents decided to part, he remained to live in him. Tolka planted potato, grew up different garden greens, and grandmas to whom he willingly helped about the house gave bread to him. They baked his houses, and it turned out very nourishing and tasty. Absolutely not similar to that ordinary-looking bread in which from time to time traded in their small little shop. Despite the small growth, Tolka was surprisingly the strong and hardworking worker. At first grandmothers for whom he sometimes worked and farmers, tried to treat him with moonshine, but he steadily refused this entertainment. For this reason they often asked Tolka to work for them, and paid for work as sugar, oil and other products. Locals considered him the boy, without knowing what to him passed in twenty years for a long time. Numerous rural maids and lonely young women, didn't turn on him what attention. And, it very much tormented him. He especially liked the neighbor Tanya. Absolutely without noticing him, she chastokhodit on the yard dressed only in one short nightgown which is hardly covering her immense hips and the big back. She did it at him, without being going to tempt him at all. Tolka was short, and Tatyana just didn't know that he is already adult. In the village got used to live simply. Tatyana could go early in the morning to the yard, and having stretched with a crunch, placed legs, and having slightly raised a hem, urinated at a porch. It was even worse when she in the hot afternoon, started to wash in a fencing. Having pulled off a shirt, she inclined over big wooden gang, and began to be rinsed with pleasure cool water, cooling the big, excited body. Looking at appetizing, full thighs of the woman, Tolka toiled, representing as she groans under him, pulling widely spread legs. To him it was especially bad when, low bending down to the earth, it highly lifted the full become bare back with magnificent buttocks. And, then he often saw how under them there is a huge sexual crack which densely grew with chestnut-colored hair. Weigh, having stooped, disappearing in a dense raspberry brake, looking out of bushes, he jerked off while together with streams of a cum didn't leave the desire oppressing him. Ekaterina was more senior than Tolka for about five years. Two years ago her husband left on earnings and, since then disappeared, having forgotten about the young wife left in the remote village. For quite some time now in Katerina's yard the rural men greedy to female caress and binge which she always had began to appear. But, having even become tipsy, she not always conceded to them. Only the very few could brag of a victory over her. And at a table she could compete with any healthy man. Often it happened so that her drinking companion appeared under a table, and she with a smile and with an easy regret, having looked at the gentleman who fell down down to the ground next ahead of time, having sighed, was attached somewhere in a tenka and serenely fell asleep. Today at her Sergey Krylatov sat at a table under a branchy bird cherry. He was her frequent guest. Sometimes, even sometimes I remained to spend the night. Near drunk Katerina's legs four empty bottles from under moonshine gleamed. Having hardly risen from a bench Sergey senselessly smiled and, having nodded at parting to Katerina and, is drunk being shaken, went to a gate. Having contemptuously spitted out, she got up and, having approached a fence, settled on a grass. In a moment she loudly already snored. From the shelter Tolka saw all her mighty bared body, the big spheres of full boobies waving from breath. Having turned on a back, she with groan spread full legs. At Tolka heart when he saw her the darkening perineum which densely grew with curly hair was feverishly clogged. He crept to a fence and greedy stared at her, devouring with a look the sexual crack covered with hair. The woman lay two steps away from him and seemed such available. He knew that she won't wake up for anything even if to try to stir up her. Too much she drank. And … if to close a gate … Tolka was even frightened of the thoughts. Too simply and well it seemed. He doesn't even need to go to her through the street, it is enough to remove the torn-off board and to creep to the yard. He didn't even notice how it appeared near her. Only behind, behind his back, on a fence, deafly I knocked, having got up on the place, a board. Having glanced at the sleeping woman, he slipped to a gate, and pushed a strong bolt. Impenetrable, without uniform crack the fence, reliably protected the yard from foreign views, and Tolka could not be afraid of unexpected visitors. Торкнувшись in the locked gate, they will think that there is no hostess the house. For the first time during all the time it could admire as much as necessary, strong sleeping woman. But, when it returned to her, and saw everything her big body poured by health, the attracting wide hips, it began to tremble, being burned with desire. Impatiently shuddering, it approached her and having sat down on hunkers, greedy fixed the eyes on the folds of her vulvar lips which densely grew with hair. Having given a hand, it shy touched it курчавящихся a hair. It is hardly heard having slipped on them, his palm laid down on soft folds of a crevice. The groin of the woman was such chubby and soft. He didn't even notice how his finger got into the damp cave of the woman which is obediently moved apart under him. Inside it was hot and damp. Tolka was beaten by an impatient, passionate shiver. "I will only concern it. I will only touch it …" - he with emotion muttered, getting from a fly exhausted from desire for a long time as a stick the strained dick. Having kneelt between her stretched legs, he leaned a hand to the earth, and carried out by a head on softly distributed sexual crack of the woman. It was burned by hot flesh of the woman. He instantly got drunk with inexpressible pleasure. And, I didn't even notice how rolled in her damp, hospitably opened bosom. It it is uncontrollable as in a whirlpool pulled inside, in its sweet and hot depth which gently drained in his dick pining with desire. Falteringly breathing, he convulsively pierced in it and, being afraid that she will wake up, and he won't manage to enjoy her desired body any more, Only convulsively and quickly moved, sobbing from the excitement which captured him. Him not on growth the huge dick hardly entered her a pliable bosom, having filled him. He was even frightened that, having felt it, she will wake up. But, Tatyana continued to sleep, having only instinctively moved towards to him the opened hips, revealing towards to his hardly entering dick. Once he stopped, she answered him with a low dissatisfied moan and, raised towards hips, demanding continuation. Having scaredly stood, he looked at her face, but she lay under him, continuing to sleep in spite of the fact that felt him. Looking at her face, he slowly moved hips, with pleasure feeling the hard movement of the dick in her closely compressed vagina. Ekaterina answered him with oncoming traffic of deep thighs and a stomach, groaning in a dream enough. His movements gradually accelerated until he noticed that the body of Katerina lying under him is shaken in everything, and she makes upward movement to him in a dream. Having got excited, he didn't pay attention to her happy postanyvaniye any more. For him it was even indifferent that she can wake up. To her likely it was habitual that, staying overnight at her, men, having quite often woken up near her in a bed, got on her sleepy. Having pulled out her heavy breast from under a shirt, he with groan sucked it, with a force driving a firm dick in the woman. Having poorly slightly opened muddy eyes, she looked at him and, having strong pressed his head to the breast, closed them. Having loudly lowed from delight, Tolka against the stop вогналв her the dick and with relief splashed out a cum stream. But, having even terminated, he continued to wish her. All wet from tension, he long snoshat the sleeping Katerina, and having only terminated the third time, with regret rose from her until red polished wide hips. Having deeply sighed, she turned sideways, and again snored. Having greedy looked at her appetizing buttocks with the green blades which stuck to them, Tolka, having buttoned trousers, I returned to the yard. Having hidden behind a fence, he, at last, waited for the moment when she woke up. Having sat down on the naked back, she twisted the head and, having looked round the yard, stopped him on the Tolkiny house. - Only! Only! - she shouted. - Go here! "Well, all! - fatefully he thought. Now she will give out to me! It appears, she saw me" a deep sigh having heaved, he approached a fence and, having removed the torn-off board aside, moved to her yard. Having seen his scared face, Ekaterina grinned: - "All right, be not a coward. I to you will make nothing". She came home and returned with a moonshine bottle. - I know that you don't drink therefore I don't offer. And, I will drink. She poured a half of a glass and drank. - Br-r-r! - she distorted shoulders. After the drunk her eye vividly began to shine. - It were you? - Where? - pretending that didn't understand a question, Tolka asked.