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But I didn't even understand plainly whether she dreamed me, or came actually. The attitude of girls towards me in chamber was gradually changed. Nobody hesitated to go before me without panties to a quiet time or in the evening before a release any more, little girls easily wrote on the vessel literally in meter from my bed, without turning on me the slightest attention and even without trying to be covered, and many at the same time coquettishly smiled. Mine писюн too for some reason ceased to interest them so I quietly lay now not covered – every day it became hotter and is hotter, sweat just flowed from all streams. And when once I, without having waited for the nurse with already habitual duck, got up and peed on girlish the vessel, in general nobody looked at me – really, an eka невидаль - the pissing boy! Only for the third day in the evening I for the first time felt normally after operation. Olya lying near me was written out, and angry Ninka, dimming the next bed a hospital oilcloth, so strongly I puffed and swung hands that several times I touched also me why I absolutely woke up. Directly absolutely naked little girl whom I already saw punished for the described trousers flopped on an oilcloth near me: "Great, the boy, me now near you put. Svetka doesn't want to sleep with me and other little girls too!" She lay down a little silently, but the collected offenses were torn outside, and the little girl sharply turned to me all over: "And unless I am guilty what I ussykatsya? I don't know how it leaves, I just don't feel anything! At school it is good, there it is ringing, I just go on each change to a toilet, and all! Even if nothing pours out – too well: means also at a lesson not уссусь! In two years only three times I was embarrassed and nobody saw that. Other little girls - and that sikatsya, Mashka so in general on physical culture in a system four times! And here at home to me it is absolutely bad. I have no hours from where I know that it is time to go? You be silent, be silent – to you tonsils pulled out? There now – I forget and I sikatsya! Therefore houses I always naked go, the mother takes away all clothes from me. If I put on – at once beats! And forces me to undress the brother. Once in the winter he to me allowed to leave a jacket, so the mother to him on a muzzle so cut - week with a shiner went! Well and me got! Not for this purpose, speaks, I buy things that they stank of urine! And I never sit down on a sofa – she told that she will kill. If I where piss in the room – too will flog moreover a muzzle tycht! If she is absent – I try to wipe rather that didn't learn! The mobster fights too – in, saw?!" - she showed big bruise. "In the fall and in the spring, of course, it is bad, especially if don't heat yet. Then I in a doormat am wrapped if nobody sees. So from cold at me always snivels. At school from snivels badly – on a form drip, and in notebooks. And still the head began to hurt. I this spring three times fainted, and so I in hospital and was taken away, antritis was hollowed. And I already got used naked, sometimes and I don't remember absolutely that without pants! To the brother boys came – and how I time tried a rack on the head and is ridiculous to me so, and they speak – at you that, the sister – absolutely the silly woman? And he as will give me on an ass – went! In the summer I even to walk golyaky I run away, little girls say to me – you that, abnormal? And I speak – will think! I also am not afraid of boys even if I am a little more senior – both I harm on balls, and will lag behind! If only not to come across to adults with a naked ass. After all nine years already – will abuse, and even will beat! The folder at me kind I was, only he drank all the time and was gone somewhere – I also didn't go to school. The mother drives any uncles now, together with them drinks vodka and then they naked on a bed roll. We with the brother do homework, and she only shouts – give it, bring! We all live in one room, there is even no kitchen – the general. One uncle has a healthy her as sausage, he says to the mother: "I can't at children!", and she to him – "Yes they got used long ago, well you want – Lizka to you will suck away? Lizka, suck to him x..., he will buy chocolate to you!" And drunk in an ass! You that, silly woman? I won't be! – I speak. "Ah, so?! Do you so talk to the mother?! I will kill to a ssykukh!" - the Frying pan grabbed as will cut to me on a hand – I her month then couldn't lift! I is rather to get away on the street, it for me! Hardly her that uncle caught! And it was already cold – November! I naked go, I shiver, I pay, and suddenly towards - the militiaman! I cried something and to me – hardly I got away, I know all gates in the district! Home late I came – all sleep sluggishly and immoderately already. I thought though in a bathtub I will be warmed – and the column isn't lit! The aunt Tanka somewhere blocks gas for the night, everything is afraid, there would be no what. Yes, it was hardly warmed then!" Lisa lay down on a back a little, having closed eyes, and then continued: "And somehow time other uncle says: "Go here, a ssykukha, play with my device!" To me the her inflated also puts. I his two hands took and what next to do – I don't know. A gnu – he doesn't bend, I rumple – he isn't rumpled, then I began skin up and down to move, and they with the mother laugh. "The daughter, capable at you, grows, in a year - another will walk together! On, bitterns!" - also gives me a glass, and let's mamkina of a boob rumple itself. I thought – water as I will take a sip! So in a mouth also I burned all, vodka appeared! I – let's sneeze and otplyovyvatsya, and they laugh again, laugh. And to mine mobster eleven, so he already several times vodka of saws. Says what only at the beginning burns down and to vomit pulls, and then кайфово! All right, I will go, perhaps, I will cast, and again under myself I will piss that!" Lisa got up and golyaky went to a toilet. When she returned, I managed to collect the strength and to whisper rather distinctly: "Lisa, and where your jacket?" - "Yes from me she was taken away too! I and a jacket pissed all over!" - "As it?" - "Yes when trousers selected, so I it tied around a stomach as a skirt – it is more and more best, than with a naked ass to walk. Well and again, you understand, I forgot to cast so wetted pants and it is so unsuccessful – both behind, and in front. And here just the old nurse goes – that that from me yesterday I took off trousers! So she even splashed with saliva, directly beat me with a wet pajamas a muzzle, well and selected, of course! Though sheet of a would distance, bitch!" - "Lisa, you take my jacket, she isn't necessary to me!" - I once again whispered, overcoming pain. "Thanks, boy! Well, I won't take – both I will be caught, and to you will get! I already thought up – here I have a towel, watch what big! It is possible to take cover, and tomorrow it I will have a skirt! Only to me it isn't cold yet!" Lisa turned over on a stomach. "Eh, after all it is good in hospital not that houses! Sisters are kind, nobody swears! Also feed awesomely moreover in time! And houses, happens, from the mother in the days of food you won't wait, especially, when drunk! Then we with a bratka get livelihood... Eh, would know – where, so would run away from the house and only to someone I am necessary, I am a ssykukha!" - "Listen, and you tell the doctor – can be, you will be cured!" - I prosipet again. "And unless treat for it?" - "Surely and by all means!" - I surely said, before there was a wish to help the little girl. "And what, also the truth can tell? Suddenly will cure – and that I can't naked go all life! To me the pokher, especially when warmly, but and cold is!" - For nervousness Lisa jumped up and sat down on a bed in Turkish. "Everything, I will surely tell tomorrow! They won't beat me – здеся culturally, and will scold, so from me - like water off a duck's back!" The horney little girl muttered something for a long time, I failed in drowsiness again. The next morning on Saturday the round took place quicker than usual. When the procession was late at the Lizkiny bed, the girl densely reddened, but nevertheless collected the strength and told by a loud voice: "Aunties is doctors! Treat me still, please – I obsykatsya all the time and I feel nothing нахуй!" Main puzzly I looked at one of women in a white dressing gown, and that began to chatter: "You see, this girl from a dysfunctional family, she has a chronic incontinence of urine, is similar to the dysfunctional urination complicated...." - further the conversation went absolutely in medical language, and I ceased to understand something. The doctor frowned even more: "Very strange, Emma Vasilyevna that we learn about it in the last day – you on an extract were going to train her! By the way, why the child lies on a naked oilcloth? I understand what is freight, but we will treat it – immediately transfer to neurology! Interchange the position of anyone – but this girl has to lie there! Further – learn someone to me to contact from militia on her question, prepare telephone conversation after a lunch!" Saturday was reduced in the afternoon and sisters hurried to finish somewhat quicker procedures and to leave home. In chamber Zinochka flew: "Postoperative, how at you with a chair?" - What does it have to do with a chair? – I thought. In hospital there were stools, couches, even sofas different – but here chairs almost and wasn't! Aloud I asked, overcoming pain: "Postoperative is I from Narina, perhaps?" - "Well, and still Galya with Natasha. When last time more went, it is only honest?" (Well, I guessed at once: "more" - means to CRAP!) - "Moreover before operation, we are we can't much yet, and crap there is nothing!" - Narinka was responsible for all. "Means to you yesterday nobody gave enemas? – All right, again to me allow to be answerable all in procedural, it is absolutely necessary, and that stomachs will ache!" - Well an enema, so an enema – I already knew, what is it, and at all wasn't frightened. However in the nursery procedural was not to force the way, Zinochka even was upset: "No, so I again till the evening won't cope! Girls, you stay so far here, and I bring together children on the third floor, there is already empty. Utkin and you are two – for me!" I and two more children am slightly more senior than me jumped for Zinochkaya. All were dressed only in trousers, the senior boy looked a fat man, from his nose the big green snivel hanged down. The one that was younger floor heads all the same higher me very shortly, almost налысо is cut, and at the leanness looked the robust fellow – wons what brawny hands, if such pinches, then won't be a little! Procedural on the third floor it turned out not so empty: the woman of a powerful type in a white dressing gown pulled rubber gloves, and the low dense uncle ridiculously jumped near a couch, trying to take off the got confused pajama trousers. – "Oh, Nina Vasilyevna, it you here!" - "Zinochka, come for God's sake, to me to look only at one patient, and I disappear immediately! Guys, sit so long!" - We amicably took seat on a near couch, Zinochka began to fill enemas, and the uncle at last took off trousers and ridiculously got on all fours on the next couch, having strongly bulged a naked bum. The female doctor greased a finger in a rubber glove with vaseline (I learned a familiar smell at once!) and completely I thrust him directly into a dyadkina to the priest! He not only wasn't indignant to such impudence, but even kind of moved towards to a hand in a glove!