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At what it isn't simple to change me and then to tell, and I wanted to watch and be specifically on it in it directly involved. I will a little digress I will describe myself and the wife to me and my darling is 24 years old, she at me light fair-haired height of 169 cm, a breast between the second and third size, in general in a hand lays down well, and I constantly noticed as men stare in the summer on the beach and just on the street at her that wildly made horney me. I began to talk to her on this subject, but in reply a wall of misunderstanding and mistrust, everything is very banal me only you make horney, I have enough you, I need nobody any more, and in general you will leave me … On all my arrangements that I won't leave you, give though we will try if it isn't pleasant we won't be any more, in reply I was refused. So there were months, every time during sex I as soon as will submit the picture as my darling is touched by other man at me at once the orgasm approached. What to do in such situation?! I got acquainted on one website with people who think also, I listened from them to the whole heap of councils, but all this was not that, all became complicated the fact that my wife doesn't drink alcohol at all therefore just to give to drink her and to fuck with somebody the option disappeared. And here it is absolutely accidental on one of the websites I got acquainted with one guy, he has a similar situation and he too as well as I would like it, but the wife categorically minds. We are with him from one city and here solved will meet to discuss with him that yes as. It turned out so on combination of circumstances both of us work in IT sphere therefore at both office laptops, agreed with him after monthly correspondence according to icq will meet, I approached in due time in the appointed place, I wait … the guy approached me, to pleasant appearance, got into the car sat talked to him, at me the arrangement to this person, became clear that if I something and want that has to be this guy with my wife, at first he to me on the laptop showed to a photo of the wife as she to him sucks and in general the wife in all details, me very much made horney, is necessary to recognize went at once that at him the wife is very beautiful too. My turn was farther, I showed him a photo of the wife one behind another, and saw as he begins to breathe more deeply and is made horney. As a result we with him made friends, and began to solve as to us to acquaint the wives with it. To start to see him became more often, to drink beer, and where went to the wife's question quietly I answered with Seryoga beer to drink in billiards, where that several weeks so proceeded then my spouse says you sometime you will acquaint me with the mysterious friend with which constantly you drink beer? HURRAH, it was the small victory she actually agreed, even itself offered that I invited to us to the house Seryoga … And one fine evening he arrived to us with a bouquet of flowers and 5 liters of beer on a visit … Mine at first felt dickey, constantly was confused and looked down when noticed as Seryoga looks at her the devouring look. It damn it was pleasant to me! Having fairly struck for bravery I began to touch the wife for what I received from her slap in the face, Seryoga began to intercede for me having reduced for fun. Whether then I frankly at the spouse asked Seryoga he mine wants to look and estimate a breast of Lenochka? On what he without deliberating I waved the head in reply let know positivity of the intentions, my Lenochka at this moment reddened as tomato and tried to escape because of a table, but here we began to finish her together a pier there is nothing terrible here and so on well we will just show him a breast and everything, I don't know how many it was required to time for it but it at some moment began to fluctuate and here I undid her a dressing gown and before a look of my friend appeared two beautiful melons in a white brassiere, she turned away reddened and closed eyes one hand … and I in turn took the right hand also began to rumple her right breast slowly … Seryoga sat and looked at this action as driven then I asked him to comment, he began to stream verses on that what she beautiful, then I lifted her brassiere and showed him both two favourite breasts, he asked for permission to touch I agreed, my Lena all this time sat and was silent panting. We sat so minute three both caressing it for boobies then it with words well everything will be enough fools mocked release me I ran away into the bathroom, at that moment it seemed to me that she cries, I having sat still a couple of minutes I followed for her afterwards, she didn't close a door in a bathtub having come I saw the spouse standing in front of the mirror she was all red there, and looked at myself in a mirror I approached her behind embraced and began to whisper on an ear as I her I love her for a waist and what she at me the clear head, the world's best wife … What she answered that it is a shame to her, but she was made horney and would like that Sergey left to remain as soon as possible with me alone, I lowered a hand in a bottom of her hips and felt as there everything is wet more hotly, and here the wild thought came to my mind, and can step further … and I bent lowered from her panties and began with her to lick buttocks to kiss each fold of her perineum, greedy swallowing juice continued I so minutes five didn't understand that she is already close to an outcome, then I rose and the sharp movement took her on hands and incurred to the room, on the way waved to Sergey that he followed me when I put her on a sofa, I parted with her legs aside and gave to Seryoga to admire her delights, she strangely enough at this moment only closed eyes yet, but didn't resist, probably worked the fact that I already almost forced her to terminate and excitement was great, here Seryoga kneeled and dropped to her pussy a mouth, I was in 10 centimeters from this action and with greed and pleasure observed as he kisses the pussy of my wife … until she didn't begin to shudder in ecstasy … And here she the sharp movement escaped and we asked us to leave I embroidered and well kitchen drank up beer and Seryoga left home to fuck the wife and I made horney as the March cat returned back and with scope put in the girl. From those about passed three we on this subject didn't talk to Lenka though I see that she liked that evening, as for Seryoga he plans to invite on these days off me on a visit similarly to lick his wife … I apologize for confusion, I want to tell not the virtual at once, this story occurred in reality on last days off, in process of advance of events I will spread new details … Someone had a similar experience write me on email, it would be interesting to communicate to the girl which had a similar experience. Author's E-mail: