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I bought a small bottle of champagne, candies sosatelny and isn't present which melt in the mouth but not in hands, and I went. At first I decided to come to the girlfriend of the childhood. We are with her still yet not.... with men. Maybe together we will go for search, there has to be a miracle, a New Year's Eve after all. For a finger on a pipochka, on a mouth a smile also I wait... Silence. Sleeps, perhaps. I to the neighbor, at them am a junket in the heat. The aunt, ruddy such, looks out, and I ask: "Where your neighbor?". And that: "Oh, the darling, took away her in hospital, in the 3rd city that in Urosov Lane, something in a feminine way at her, here wasn't lucky, poor, in such day...". "All right, - I say, - thanks for information", - and I went. From festive mood and a trace didn't remain. Managed her, here to what gives life without man, a pussy - and that in a trance. Not to leave the girlfriend - I will go, I will keep her the company. I came around home, I took a white dressing gown with slippers - and in hospital. I approach windows of office and I shout: "Svetka! Chernikova!" I look from a window третьго the floor Svetka signals supposedly give around, through the cellar, I will meet. I to the cellar, a door am open, and there some men of an uncertain profession - not plumbers, not electricians. Behind work I didn't see them. I enter, I change boots for slippers, I put on a dressing gown, a coat for a back and forward. Men watched me leave as if and it is necessary, and set to work further - to accept on soul. And round the corner already Svetka waits, well we also went to chamber. On the road if doctors met, we stopped, and I as the nurse said to the patient: - You will make tests about mornings and an ukolchik of vitamin B in a gluteus. None of medical staff got to the core of us, not to us it, probably, were, and here patients out of boredom decided to track us and declassified in no time. There were we on men's office (we have absolutely other entrance), in my bag outlines of a small bottle and a cap on the head obviously appeared wasn't enough. We had 5 meters to a treasured door and here we under hands were picked up, and not directly, and to the left forwarded, only and we behind the back of the deaf heard knock of the closed door and a roar of two pritaranenny bedside tables. Everything, I think, now of us something will be made. The benefit that the door was propped up: there is a lot of persons interested. And on that thanks, each of us will cope with two. Here it wonderful and was made, any, at once two, and you, Father Frost, the special gratitude for presents, elicited to the own harm. And fellows nothing, and patients is difficult to call them what wons the flush on cheeks was played. And they: "Yes you be not afraid, little girls, it won't be sore, and there will be enough impressions for all year." "Yes" - I say, and itself I look at Svetka. And she as a rabbit on boas, I stared at them, well, I think, now will cry. Here some I approached her and says: - "Don't shout more better, and relax and derive pleasure". I thought Svetka in a faint will fail, eyes were rounded and began to shine. There now, she took in head to cry now, and she should rejoice. "What you endure, all the same live will release". Well after such consolations a sin to start howling, here she also cheered up and slightly smiled. Here two approach her and to beds conduct, shifted together, - sit down, and me opposite, not on a chair, naturally, and too on a bed. Fellows opened champagne, on iron circles poured, and all of us drank "For a meeting!" In the head thoughts began to spin, overtakes one another as snowflakes, try to build a snow lump of sense, reason and logic, on him isn't present - situation absurd. All right, we will begin to flow on a current. I look, Svetka was undressed, put, and hands tied to a bed back bandage, it is visible the day before with the nurse were amused. Svetka doesn't resist, decided to act by council. One from above sat down on her as he saddled a mare, kisses on the lips, on a neck, on an ear something whispers. Light already groans, and not from pain is precisely. And he undoes a fly and vyplyukhivat her contents to it on a breast. And at not in the eyes this shapeless gruel, with easy podragivaniye, appears in a mighty image of an eregirovanny phallus. And here he begins the dance, being turned as a moth over a bud of her nipple. Both it tykntsya and will hook, and will drive, the benefit that the path already slides without excessive friction. I look and I want, but nobody approaches, all look at love games of our couple. Svetka licks the dried-up lips and the guy perceives it as an appeal. A knife he cuts off bandage and moves the tool of pleasures to Svetka's mouth. But she accepted him not at once, and, having taken in both hand and having put out a uvula, began to lick appetizingly offered "ice cream", tickling a sharp tip. But long without having sustained, I opened a mouth and I let in the tired of waiting and excited cockerel to be refreshed. Also the sucking and chvakayushchy sounds were heard. And meanwhile one more was attached at Svetka between legs and began to move apart the language to her petals of her rosette, tasting her, and then to lick and suck a butonchik slightly above. Further his language began to investigate a stalk, its thickness and depth. And from there various indecent sounds began to be made too. I would already die on Svetka's spot from orgasms, but I don't know how she, maybe, already and unconscious. I look, guys leave the chosen places, and the fact that was between legs, moves to Svetka's mouth, and another slowly puts the pestle in Svetkin a small stalk. And she with such frenzy was accepted to a new dish (by "eskimo" now) that I thought, she will bite off it in a rush of passion and won't notice. I see my two friends grew bolder, probably accumulated experience, and one approaches me. And another doesn't hurry something, all right, I think, I also will have enough it. Also we began to undress with the guy against each other. I undo his shirt, and he my blouse. We remove and throw on a floor. He undoes a fastener and accurately removes my accessory. Looks at my sticking-out nipples and begins to make horney them even more, pinching, delaying, twisting and rolling them between two fingers. I, meanwhile, the shivering hands undo his fly, I get the cool fingers to him into swimming trunks and I caress his dick, driving a thumb on his head. That shivers and increases under my hand. The guy takes off from me a skirt, tights and panties having picked up all this at once. I cross through this "a rags heap" and I take off his last vestments, and we lay down on a bed. And that fellow that I seemed to me constraining, takes the video camera in a corner and to us - it appears, she removed everything from the very beginning and only we didn't notice her. The fellow, to penetrate into all details, decided to move her closer. To me it became somehow uncomfortable, as a pornstar I didn't act yet, and I began to kick and twitch. And Svetka all, lies yes at all is thrilled. Already and a dickhead stick with her into buttocks, I look flashes only between legs, and she also is happy - everywhere to her tickled. My companion whispers:" Yes nothing terrible we will also give this cartridge to you, maybe, remember us then a kind word". Benefactors damned, all right, I speak, and I calm down. And my friend began to kiss my breast now, later leaned back on a back and lies, probably waits for something. Well, I not from silly, understood and settled slightly below than a belt, and set up the pussy to it under a uvula. Blowjob turned out wonderfully well, as on jumps someone will quicker terminate. We kept not for long and to the finish came in about five minutes. Our operator turned round and round near Svetka and near us and put the cam back and joined me. While the first fucked me, I to number two licked a pussy so that it terminated to me on a breast. And then and the first terminated. We drank for successful carrying out operation, restored forces - and again in fight. My the second was attached at me near a bottom both accurately and slowly began to be pushed by small pokes there, another waited for turn, caressing my breast... Then they changed in places - cumed and started over again. How many times were terminated by me - don't remember, with the higher mathematics at me it was always bad. We all night long made love, changed partners, changed also poses, well, evening passed unforgettably. After we sat down at a table and drank "for acquaintance". Champagne at them was much, and to it both candy, and chocolates of tiles five, and apples with pears appeared. Having gorged on, having got drunk, and, above all - налюбившись, we began to gather. And guys pulled out the cartridge and stretch it to us. I already also forgot au-oh, about her, and they: "You only bring to show", - and the address we were given. With that we also left. When Svetka was written out, we looked at the cartridge - a show impressive, stronger all seen porno. Here only to show we didn't incur her, it is a shame somehow. Since then a lot of time passed. It wasn't necessary to be hospitalized to either Svetka, or me, thank God, any more, I visited only maternity hospital, but there corridors safe. We is married and often we remember that case. And the cartridge we buried that with all honors as it is necessary, together with barchelor life.