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As mine the husband sat in pered, another him was called Seamas, I sat for a car wheel, I settled on Pavel's knees. My friends were called by Lina and Salva. They sat next. I sat a back to a door, and Pavel put one hand to me on knees and there held her, and another was to me behind a back, held my waist. As we went to odikhat that beat are dressed as ткто wanted. Someone in shorts and a blouse, someone in sportswear. I was just dressed in sportswear. We went and talked, joked. But I felt that a hand which was on my waist спустилас in a bottom and began to caress through trousers mine the back. As I sat a back to a door nobody could see it. I continued to talk sovsem too. As I didn't pay to it any attention, palets of steel of a probirats for my trousers and began to caress to me a bum. I looked at him, he ulibnutsya, but a hand from my trousers not винял. When the hand turned away that there was a probiratsa and through my panties. He caressed my bum, but palets couldn't proskolznut further as I sat on him. And around others sat, his wife, the girlfriend, and in pered and mine the husband. The finger wanted to proskolznut to my back Dirk, but to him it didn't turn out. So the hand also stood under panties. And with a bottom of an upyors of a kokoa in me that firm as a stone a subject. It was his stick. It such was firm that it seemed me on сквоз could prodiryavit. As I sat on knees, the stick rested to me sideways thighs. I a little bit rose as far as could and sat down so that his stick appeared just having rested against my pizda. This stick began to press very much on my pizda and if didn't beat trousers that probably and my panties насквоз podiryavit. I looked at Pavel, he was silent, was krasny. Ktota asked whether he is sick. But Pavel said no that, that he is healthy. And it was pleasant and interesting to me. So led up my pizda Pavel's piece, that I began a techka. Well that I put laying of the house, and that my panties and trousers were bi mokry when it was necessary to vikhodit from the car. I only couldn't present that a tvorits in Pavel's trousers in any way. As he viglyadet if bi terminated in the trousers. At last arrived to the place where planned to put tents. Pavel had to take the hand from my panties. As I the first vilezla from the car that corrected the trousers, and looked at Pavel. On that place where there was a head of his stick was small petno. As his trousers were tyomny she not really was visible. And others just didn't notice her. Men put tents, the girlfriend went to collect with my husband firewood for a fire, and I with Pavel went to a usadba, to bring waters for питя and for soup which was going to be cooked. To her it was necessary it where that one kilometer through the wood. On which on that path we arrived. So I with him also went. When we skritsya and us it wasn't visible any more Pavel suited closer the koyena, I looked at him, and he looked at me. Valn's billetings, I stopped, he ulibnutsya, put a bucket which he bore, I embraced me for a waist and I began to kiss me. I at first didn't want it, but his hands got to the koyena into trousers at once, clasped to May a bum and pressed me to itself. He so passionately kissed me, that I couldn't an otkazatsa from Neva any more. One hand was raised top on waists, reached my brassiere. It began skolzt under a likhchik, but it was very close, and it was difficult for it completely залезсть under it. Then the second hand was raised in top too and undid mine a brassiere. Now he could rumple my breast freely. It was pleasant to me, he kissed me and held hands by my breast, he rumpled them, pulled in the parties, in top. Two palets I held by nipples and I twisted them. To me it was so good, I just all shivered with it. I felt that to me in panties became wet, laying was already absolutely wet. I began to trample down legs as I peacefully couldn't resist any more. I wanted Nagoya to clasp his leg. He a hand wanted to get under my trousers again, but I pushed away him. Time went and it was necessary for us it behind water. And ostalny bi began to suspect that. He didn't want to stop, but I told that then we will continue, then he left me alone and told that will wait. I clasped the brassiere, corrected the breast in a brassiere. Then a little bit I stepped aside from it, I thrust the hand to myself into panties and before it a vinyala the wet laying. When looked at Pavel his eyes were such big. Probably for Neva it was neozhydano. I ulibnutsya, and laying of a vibrasil. Now more nobody sterezhit my panties from my moisture. And if at me the techka that only began at once bi noticed all this. But we with Pavel came to a usadba, took waters how many it was necessary for us and came back to ostalny. The fire already burned, tents stood still too. Probably we too long were late. Mine the husband suited the koyena, kissed me. Pavel went to the wife, he kissed her too. We so-so felt as bi nothing occurred between us. Darkened, we sat at a fire. Sat long enough, I bothered all and we went to sleep. That wasn't hot I put on shorts and an undershirt. In a tent of a vsyotka hot. Ночю I wanted in лесочек to run. I rose so shtob of nobody to wake, the vishla from a tent and meters stepped aside ten. I lowered shorts with panties and I sat down. I began to write, that that rustled peredomno. When raised eyes that peredomno there was Pavel. He stood and looked at me, stopped writing and got up. I didn't even put on shorts, I got up and I look at him. Ночю it is badly visible, very darkly. And he a hand for my pizdoa grasped at once, I was even frightened, wanted to shout. But Pavel the second hand shut mine a mouth and I couldn't shout. Then he began to kiss me, and a hand which was on my pizda one finger proskolznut in inside me. I placed legs a little bit more widely and now Pavel's hand could лехко a dvigatsa on a pizda. Press a finger which was shipped I moved too. It twisted it on the parties, the second hand already was under my maikoa. She began to rumple my breast. To me it became so good, and he inclined me and the stake to my pizda attached the. Pizda my already wet was, and I felt as press his stake of the beginnings of a pogruzhats. I began to groan, so to me it was good, someone could hear my sighs. But here Pavel штото palmed off on me in a mouth. It was some fabric. Pavel began to accelerate. I already slightly stood on feet, and suddenly explosion. In me the stream, the second already on me struck. On my back. Pavel Vitashchil the piece from me. But vsyotki the first blow was very much silny. To me there came the orgasm and when it terminated I plopped on the earth. A number of a somnoa Pavel fell. A little bit having so lain down I rose, the back was in a cum, all pizda was very wet. It was necessary чемто to drain itself. It was necessary to remove the panties. Having removed them I began to rub the pizda, then a back. Having drained itself panties were very mokry. They weren't too where to put, Pavel from the earth podnatsya. He took my panties from my hands and put them to himself in a pocket. And in my mouth there were an okazyvayetsa panties too. They were women's, probably they prednadlezhat to Pavel's wife. Though they beat already mokry from my saliva too. It was necessary to do without them. I put on shorts and went to the tent where the husband lay mine. Pavel went to the tent. Mine the husband continued to sleep. Nobody ничево noticed. I couldn't fall asleep for a long time, embraced своево the husband and so fell asleep. Send a kupats in the morning when woke up at once, for polatko I put on a bathing suit. Nobody saw Kazhets. Also I went with other girlfriends of a kupats. Our men also joined us. Great bathed, all осталис shchasliv. Then it was necessary to prepare that to ninut to eat. All men wanted to eat as well we to the woman wanted. Water which we had for питя all spent for coffee and to tea. So that it wasn't bigger than water and it was necessary to bring from this usadba again. As weather was fine we one day solved an ostats of an eshchyon. All agreed with it. As I with pavely went already behind water and knew where it ordered to bring to us again. Pavel as the slave went, and I that to him it was more cheerful. I so in a bathing suit also went, didn't begin ничево to dress. As only we skritsya for derevyam Pavel seized me by a hand at once, leaned against a tree and began a tselovats again. Now he already ничево didn't speak, just I was for Neva as the wife, or as the prostitute who prednadlezhit to him. To me it was sore as a tree I scratched my back. I made a start from a tree, Pevel took for my thigh and began to raise it as it is possible for Vichy in top. And other leg remained on the earth. He lifted her to pain. I couldn't suffer any more and began an otalkivats from Neva. Then he tumbled down me on the earth, the bathing suit in a bottom shifted mine aside and probably two palets I got into me. At me even eyes налоб vikatitsya. It was so неожыданошто I was ready to shout, but he kissed me and I couldn't make it. He through a bathing suit rumpled my breast, worked with palets in a pizda. From such shchyastya I began a techka, Pavel's palets became skolzky, he vitashchit them and wanted to ship more palets press. He parted my legs as it is possible more widely and began to immerse palets. But they that very much entered me. Then he lowered the swimming trunks and the stake began to advance the in me. He probably was very much звалнован, and I very wet as his stake entered to the bottom at once. He began to work, and I how could groan as the mouth was occupied with his mouth. He one hand lowered mine a bathing suit and now on a straight line rumpled my breast. He grabbed with payets a nipple and began to twist it in the parties. Then I began to rumple. He probably represented that I am a cow as he just began to milk me. My God mine, my breast became such red and such firm. Nipples were as pebbles. Erto was it is indescribable, it was necessary an okazatsa in my place, for that a shtoba to feel that that I chyastvovat. He so without restraint a dvigalsa, so squelched his stake in me when entered. And suddenly he entered at all length and measurement, after a pause nebolshoa me ударыло a powerful stream. She got навернякак directly into a uterus. As as hit me with current, and I was disconnected. When came in itself that Pavel sat next, and I lay on the earth. Washing a breast I was red as ripe cherry. She was also ill to me. Legs remained divorced on the parties, from my pizda flowed штото. Probably it was already cocktail which we with Pavel made. It was necessary it, so that I corrected a bathing suit on the pizda, it became mokry at once. But you will do nothing. I filled a breast in a bathing suit, she was ill. Well that the bathing suit completely closed it. And at once all noticed that. And both of us went for water. When approached koloyets that I came for Neva and a little bit pomit the pizda and a bathing suit. When we are prichl to ostalny that they were already tired of waiting for us. Told that bigger us don't release an ita behind water. Too long we bear water.Nochyu I already with Pavel didn't fuck, his place was taken mine by the husband. We nicely in a tent potrakhatsya. Both I and mine the husband remained dovoln. Certainly, he noticed that somno штото not so. But he ничево didn't speak, he understood me. As with such figure нелзя an ostavatsa of innocent. To him it is important that I with him. In the morning we ate someone wanted an iskupals still. I didn't want a kupats, only packed things. And all went home. Only now on Pavle his wife sat. And this picnic ended. For certain there are no such women more which so the trakhayutsa when nearby is sobstveny the husband.