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I somehow pulled trousers, and, dozing, potopat in a children's toilet. Directly before me very fat big little girl – too with a jar for the analysis entered there. The jacket on it wasn't, she at once took off trousers and hung up on some hook and at once began to stick to me: "Here it is good that you came! The lassie, a kisonka - well help out, I can never get to this jar – I am such clumsy!" - "And how to help out?" - "As-as?! I will pisit, and you substitute a jar under a stream! Or again everything by will turn out and where I will be taken this urine the second time?" - "Well, give, only it is rather - me on analyses too!" - "Yes I in a trice!" She sat down over a toilet bowl, having widely spread legs. She had no pisyun - nothing means to me yesterday it seemed, and and was actually! And just in a dream - all the lie was invented! "I as will begin – you substitute at once, only don't wet a sticker on bank! Only wait - I will move apart sponges now!" I with surprise stared at her face – and here lips, would write rather! But the little girl for some reason radvinut the hairless pussy. Inside something seemed like a pink peshcherka; was and is similar to Natasha and at the same time it isn't similar. Suddenly from this peshcherka the stream began to flow, and I stood with surprise with a jar in a hand. "Well give that you!" - almost crying, the little girl exclaimed. I came round and substituted a jar. The stream at the little girl really continually changed the direction, besides was narrowed, extended in the form of a fan. I liked to catch her, I finally woke up and acted enough dexterously, even almost didn't wet fingers. The jar was filled, and I removed it from under the fat woman. At this time one of the most senior girls of children's office entered a toilet – too in a pajamas and too with a jar for analyses, and with a smile I looked at us: "Hey, you, soplyushka! Study as it is necessary!" Having taken off trousers, she hung up them to herself on a shoulder, slightly placed the legs which are only a little bent in knees and brought a jar to the pussy which grew with hair. Having moved apart it fingers, the girl almost inserted there a jar which neck was captured by leathery folds. The little girl pulled the socks up, and in a jar bright yellow urine quickly began to flow. The fat little girl reproachfully spoke in a bass: "Well and PIZDIShchA!" The big girl gave her rather strong slap: "I will give you "pizdishcha", a snivel fat! It is my pisyulechka-tselochka!" With a full jar it indignantly went to a door. "Hey, so without trousers you will also go?" - I with astonishment exclaimed following. The big girl turned back and wildishly burst out laughing: "It's killing! I was absolutely forgotten with you! Thanks, mokrokhvostka!" Having pulled trousers, she left a toilet. The fat little girl got up over a toilet bowl and considered the pussy: "I saw a mare – also fights! Have more better a look that there at me, and that hurts and scratches!" I was struck dumb I glanced in her moved apart chink. "Well that you are silent?" I is valid петерял a speech power – it appears, девчачью the pussy can be turned out so! What I saw there was perfect for me unclear – some folds, a plyonochka, holes! With surprise I heard own voice: "Yes at you there red everything!" - "Here, so I also knew – IRRITATION! To me mother washed with Furacilin of the house, and here I what I will do?" - "Well you give – yes Furacilin in bulk, in procedural even two large bottles huge here! Ask – and will give you though a bucket!" - "The lassie, a kisonka - what you are pretty! And I also forgot – it is "ear-throat-nose", as without Furacilin! – Well help out once more, get a piece of paper from trousers from a tack, and I want to crap that!" - the Little girl sat down again, having spread legs even more widely: "Here thank you! And at us many girls standing can write, and I can't! Perhaps because I am fat? And Katka in general sikat in a small bottle from under a narzan easily! Doesn't spill a droplet, I saw! You represent, she already on a bet won one million chocolates against little girls with the small bottle!" - I burst out laughing: "It as – one million? Full truck, perhaps?" - "Oh, well it just means – much, you that – absolutely small?" At this time the toilet was run in by two boys and began to write amicably, without paying to us any attention. From such show the little girl jumped up as stung: "And you, hooligans what you do in a girlish toilet? Here now about all of you I will tell – you will know then!" One of boys, without ceasing to cast, sharply I answered: "Shut up, thick! Shared bathroom!" - "As it is the general? At you in other end!" - "First, there only one toilet bowl, and here ten! And secondly – still last night it was closed on repair! So now patsansky time! Look at the schedule!" At the little girl all skin – both a face, and a stomach, and legs reddened! - "No, well so it is impossible! At our school even at first graders – separately boys, separately girls! And I already passed into the fifth – what now, I together with boys have to? It only in kindergarten the shared bathroom was and that in the senior group we went with little girls, and boys then! Here also go then to men's!" - "A podotra ass, thick! It to other building, perhaps, to go? So there too repair, also you know what turn?!! We were told here to go – here and be silent, and that others will come running – to you will tear an ass!" Boys escaped, and in the face of the little girl tears acted. She and stood without trousers, having placed legs, and it seemed that she has no pussy at all – the thick stomach hung over columns of legs, on the place of boobs there were some fat folds too. I felt sorry for her: "You be not upset, you will think! Me here in general put in women's chamber, and nothing! Consider simply that you it is temporary in kindergarten, that's all again! And you will want in a toilet – agree with girlfriends!" The little girl calmed down: "All right, I will do a poo then – give I to you more better a jar now I will take!" - "Yes thanks, I already can!" - "Well isn't present, you to me held – now I to you will be, and don't argue!" I was already tired to object therefore I lowered trousers, gave her the jar and quickly wrote to her. The little girl with astonishment stared at my pisyun and slightly to bank didn't drop: "So you that – the BOY!? Here, nothing to myself - I sikat naked here - and he is a boy, it appears!" In the face of her tears acted. – "No, can't be – such ringlets! And well, once again show a pussy! You what – decided to nadurit me?" - "Yes look, please, only not щипапйся!" The little girl literally was absorbed in my pisyun – "Perhaps, you also not such disgusting as other boys! And it is convenient to you to run with it?" I even took offense: "Yes I will overtake you, give competing in speed! Why inconvenient and that?" Suddenly the nurse entered a toilet: "Well you got stuck – long ago it is time to carry analyses! Where did you stare, the shameless person – you would suck it still - you know what sweet?" The sister of a visor of a jar at us with some strange snicker, and the little girl reddened even more – now both a stomach, and a bottom of steel at her absolutely crimson. I pulled trousers and was indignant about myself – here invented nonsenses! When elderly aunts lisp – it is still clear, but this nurse was not so old, and even beautiful. Well someone it sucks pussies??!! Meanwhile the fat woman finally recovered and began to pull trousers: "And you good, not depending on what boy! Let's be on friendly terms with you! I – you know what cheerful! - And games of everyones I know one million, only I am accepted by nobody. All are only teased: thick, thick! And I, by the way, Liouba am called! All right, send a blood test to take!" Nearly in an embrace we came to the room where take a blood test, and even when to me pricked a finger, Liouba so on me posmortet what I also forgot to think of pain, and even began to smile in reply, it and nurses noticed – "Listen, the beauty – we see the first time that they on analyses so rejoiced – you at us not the little fool a case?!" - "To Yana the little fool, and the boy! And to ache as the little girl I don't gather!" - "And, so you at us the hero!" After blood donation Liouba was taken away somewhere, and I returned to the chamber. The high elderly nurse came and took away Natasha on operation. All poyeryyoznet at once and became sad. The Odnogrudy woman pulled together from herself absolutely sweaty shirt and with doubt looked at her: "Well, yesterday I cadged spare! And with this now what to do?" - "That, Tamara, again temperature?" - it is sympathizing Semyonovna asked her. "39, only – speak to nobody!" - already in a floor of a voice Tamara answered, putting on a dry shirt, - "Cancer damned gnaws me – any to Saviour isn't present! Though not late still would be, I have three children on hands!" "A duckling, готовся on a zaradka!" - Katya cried out. She and some more young women took off shirts and pulled dressing gowns on a naked body. In chamber the nurse Zinochka glanced already familiar to me since yesterday: "Walking, on charging!" To my astonishment, all chamber went to charging, even lying Anna Pavlovna got up and hobbled after all. Behind hospital quite big platform adjoining the wood was located. There also practically all inhabitants of hospital went. These morning walks were fallen in love by everything, even lying tried to leave stuffy chambers. Though there was an early morning, was already absolutely warm. To breathe forest smells after stuffy chamber it seemed surprisingly tasty. The hospital clothes changed people to unrecognizability. Especially inconvenient dressing gowns spoiled women. Their fabric was quite dense, the same dressing gowns carried both in the winter and in the summer. Now in July in them was very hot. Women hesitated to walk in public in uglier shirts. To take place along the corridor in women's office – still all right, and "all society" gathered on charging; both women, and men tried to dress up. For rescue from a heat many, especially young girls, didn't put on shirts under dressing gowns. But here they were trapped by other danger – dressing gowns were zapashny, without buttons, only with a belt. At active movements dressing gowns swung open at the most inopportune moments from above, from below, making women blush especially as no linen on them existed according to hospital rules. It was easier for men, but also they in the striped pajamas looked clowns. Almost all of them came to charging without jackets, in some pajama trousers. Most picturesquely children looked. As a rule, pajamas everything were not by the size: are too narrow or too wide, too long or too are short, and all this with a bo-olshy lishk. And, if the jacket was small, then trousers are big and vice versa. Why it turned out, I didn't understand - it seemed that rather just to exchange among themselves and all will receive clothes of the size. But for some reason if children started exchange, then the sense left seldom, and more often it became even worse. Besides, from 3-4 buttons which have to be on jackets at most of children survived 1-2, and at some buttons wasn't at all. However, now there was a hot summer, both one and all boys and most of little little girls ran in some trousers. Only the senior girls were in jackets, at them even the special fashion was formed – drove jackets from below and tied in knot under a breast. All little girls it is universal drove pajama trousers overknee, and tried to do it as it is possible above. Probably, to run barelegged it was much more habitual to them. At some patients various parts of a body were bandaged. Exercises were done by the tall beautiful woman in a white dressing gown. I admired her strong body, easy and accurate movements. She was pleasant to me most, there is even more Natasha though resembled not my fragile mother at all. Can be is because subconsciously pulls patients to physically healthy people? Most of nurses stood in the forefront, kind of setting an example to patients. If at doctors dressing gowns were buttoned in front, then is absolute all nurses and nurses had dressing gowns without buttons and were wrapped up behind. On sisterly dressing gowns pockets which made white fine fabric non-transparent around a breast were in front sewed. This hot summer almost all nurses, even elderly, under dressing gowns of brassieres didn't carry, and many didn't put also pants. Zinochka faced directly us with other young sister, probably, the girlfriend at whom the skirt was even even shorter, than at Zinochka. At one woman of a tail of the robe dispersed from below, but she continued to do diligently "turns of a trunk", probably without noticing anything. In the bottom of a stomach this woman had brightly red hair, as well as at Natasha, and just shone under beams of the morning sun.