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A pier I am a ladies' man, the profligate pervostateyny, the ladies' man on whom brands couldn't be put and, in general, someone you Lida contact, he isn't a man, and perfect shit. Well I, needless to say, flared up what you have the right to wear me before the girl? So she looked at me up and down, contemptuously hemmed and told … Generally, the muck about me told. And Lidka, since then, began to avoid me. And? What it? Well tell me Pasha? In their native pedagogical collective Pavel had a steady glory of the irresistible seducer and an inveterate yubochnik. Knowing about this glory, hoping for male solidarity, complaining of Perventseva, Rodka hoped that he will revenge the unapproachable Lyudmila who salted everything. Frankly speaking, she too not too was pleasant to him, but as, their ways were almost not gushed over, a relationship between them, remained still neutrally indifferent. Lyudmila avoided the conflicts with him, on trifles too in vain didn't touch for what he even respected her, and office disagreements, without mixing oranges with pasta, he didn't take offense at her. What only doesn't happen between colleagues at work? Not to make the life for it miserable colleagues? - Yes you just are pleasant to her, here she also sends away from you potential competitors, - internally grinning, Pavel noticed though externally ordinary-looking Rodka, could be pleasant to women the possessing very poor eyesight, or in the dark. He perfectly knew why Lida contacted him. She thought that having learned about it, he will begin to be jealous her of Rodka, will begin to sort out with her the personal relations, and they will reconcile again. Yes let she sleeps with anyone though with all men at once, he will only be glad to it. Then she, maybe, at last will lag behind him. He bought her seductive appearance. Having noticed her interest, he thrust to it on a visit and they spent madly pleasant evening, with wine, kisses, small fight and its capitulation, then loud scratches of a bed, her legs lying at him on shoulders and lingering groans of pleasure. Having left her, he left to the back and having slightly opened a door on a balcony, having sat down in a chair, with pleasure dragged on a cigarette smoke. Near a chair the chubby album with photos rolled. Having mechanically taken him it opened and saw her in a familiar pose, with legs on shoulders, under a great number of different men. Even stirred up it from disgust for her. This it got! Yes she is the real prostitute! Judging by these photos, visited her slastolyubivy sexual crack penises not less than at the professional whore. Though the durishcha would hide the album, perhaps. Having quickly put on, it not saying goodbye I left it, having left on a look ten photos developed by a fan in which she was depicted in frank poses, with lovers. Having remembered it, he with pity looked at the upset Rodki's physiognomy. Begin to tell he to him that for a feature this Lidochka, so won't believe the little fool, will think that out of envy to him I slander the honest, good girl. But, it is necessary to try. Rodka after all guy quite good. He isn't guilty that god didn't give him bright appearance, and to it, a little mind. - You know, Lida has very curious album. There are such pictures, will see, at you at once pants will smoke. You ask to show her. Tell Roma advised to look. I assure you, you won't regret. The getting albomchik. Rodka, pricked up the ears. What else for an album? And from what it is Pashka suggests him to look at him? - And you from where know about her album? Already managed to visit her bed? Probably tempted and threw, and now you want to tell to me about it mucks? - Wait a moment! Wait a moment! Be not boiled. I will only be glad if between you something serious is tied. Honestly, I will be glad. Sincerely I wish you success! Rodka with suspicion looked at him. He couldn't understand how it is possible to refuse the seductive beauty Lidochka. No, here, something is not right. Pashka obviously muddles, bullshits him, and itself, probably, has own plans into her account. When the call rang out and all dispersed on classes, it remained from Perventseva alone. Having inclined over notebooks, she with the exaggerated diligence of the rule them, but he saw her turning pink cheek and nervous awe of long eyelashes. Between them something soared for a long time, forcing her to redden at his presence, and his heart unevenly to fight. - Marintsev complained of you. - It is unclear for what, he reported. - Why do you tease him? - I, tease him? Here still! - Indignantly she responded. - Much to him will be honor! - Luda, and what you think of me? She reddened and having low inclined the head, is hardly heard answered: - "Anything".-And here I think of you constantly. - I ask you, it isn't necessary about it Pavel. Don't start over again this a conversation, unpleasant for me. - Means, you have about me low opinion, - he concluded. - Absolutely, no. Even, on the contrary! - Hasty she objected. - At me about you, very good opinion!