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Someone was in these parts in the Caucasus in July after a rain, that knows, what is it – subtropics have just a rest, this continuous Limpopo and Amazonia! The humidity reached nearly 100 percent, and from a bright blue clear sky since the morning the sun burned as everything living to the north of Rostov and lower than 1000 m above sea level it isn't allowed to learn, and it is only possible to imagine! Instead of a round ordinary at this time to which I managed to get used only one female doctor with two nurses came into chamber, and at once cheerfully and loudly I declared: "We have children two good news at once: at last repaired a laundry, and still we received new pajamas! We will change clothes of all of you today, only at first we will bath under a shower! Boys already wash, and you behind them!" - "And why it is boys the first? We have to go earlier! They will splash everything there, and in general – gentlemen pass ladies forward!" - Alevtina didn't restrain. "Girls – yes I two hands pro! Well just like that it turned out! Water got warm not at once, and we decided to pass boys in the beginning! And now everything got better – so welcome! All gather! With itself not to take anything – only pajamas! Someone bandaged – you will go to a bathtub separately in друглй the case, and the others – in a shower, fast!" Little girls joyfully began to make a racket – still, new things were coming and all liked to bathe. At this time the chamber included the elderly nurse in absolutely wet dressing gown: "Sorry, Nina Vasilyevna, well give us couple more of girls, we don't cope!" - "Well! Zina, Natasha – help nurses! With boys finished?" - "Now the last chamber was given! Patients patients, and how to fulyuganit – so you are welcome! Splash, devils!" When all put on, brought us out of the case. The shower was located in the stocky one-storey building on the edge of the big hospital yard, near the boiler house which of pipe, despite summertime, there was a smoke. Towards to us groups of fresh-washed boys in brand new blue pajamas with the drawn planes, cars and ships continually came across. It was felt that it are pleasant to children of a pajamas. Little girls enviously looked back and quickened the pace. On an entrance Zinochka stopped us: "Yes you don't crowd, I will check whether all left!" From doors shower reached the acquaintance to everyone a bathing smell – damp and fragrant. Soon to the yard three on the run of putting on the boy jumped out, and called us inside. The elderly nurse meeting us joyfully cried: "Women, скидавай repituza, little girls brought!" To my astonishment, all being present women stripped to the skin, on one them them there is even no pant left, only the heads are tied by kerchiefs! Little girls didn't keep themselves waiting long too, and quickly shot the panties and jackets, and nobody already hesitated of me at all, considering for the. Suddenly from where there was a naked boy with the bandaged hand on a sling he held a pajamas in other hand. Having come to be among naked little girls, he absolutely was stunned, even dropped a pajamas directly on a crude floor. On him I attacked from all directions at once: "And you it as got here? Wanted to spy on us? To spy?" From all directions on him punches fell down, and its began to push out outside. One of little girls managed to pull strongly him hair, the poor boy even screamed, and from eyes at him tears began to flow. So, without trousers, he was also pushed out for a door. In lots we began to bring directly to the shower room. It was quite spacious, in the middle from a ceiling about ten branch pipes with shower nozzles hanged down, no partitions existed. Under each shower up in arm there were absolutely naked (except for white kerchiefs on the head) women of different age and build who weren't lingering and soaping basts. Two more young girls dexterously picked up the coming little girls and distributed them between women. I was directed to a wall, opposite to an entrance, where the dense busty woman began to rub to me a back without losing seconds. My shower was located absolutely near wide open open door on the backyard; the sunshine breaking at a door brightly lit the unfamiliar beautiful girl of a class, probably, from the fifth which was dexterously soaped by naked Zinochka with a white sisterly cap on the head. I saw Zinochka without pants for the first time, and in the beginning it seemed to me that she has no hair on a pussy at all, as at little girls. But here she turned to light, and I well considered that hair are, but only short and very light. Suddenly light from a door grew dim. I looked there, and saw three gone crazy boyish mugs with astonishment staring at naked little girls. But literally during the next instant crept in roofing felt of a wall and the nurse, invisible to boys, dexterously and quickly closed up on these attractive faces with a soap wet towel. Probably, soap got into eyes because all three boys wildly howled on different voices and took to heels without sorting the road, and the nurse jumped out after, aggressively swinging the weapon and striking blows to what got. "You are at war, Semyonovna?" - near the naked nurse from nowhere there was an uncle in overalls, probably – the fireman, I thought. "Oh, Petrovich, frightened! Podglyadavat, shameless persons, girls confuse! And what will be when we begin to wash women – here all dogs will run together! And the door can't be closed – we choke absolutely!" Semyonovna also didn't think to be confused, and on the contrary, turned facing the fireman, having rested hands in a side, and somehow coquettishly rolling over from a leg on a leg. "Well so I can keep watch over it – to you, by the way, elevator operators aren't required?" - "You what you grind, kaki elevator operators?" The nurse for some reason raised one hand the big heavy breast, kind of weighing her on a palm. "Well as – to undo a brassiere, to rub a back – you never know?" - "Look, and he there – to okhalnichat!" Semyonovna wanted to stebanut also the fireman a towel, but that easily evaded, and in turn loudly slapped the nurse a palm in a hard bottom. The little girls standing me near and too seeing this duel, amicably started giggling. Погонявшись for form's sake for Petrovich, the nurse returned to a shower. Suddenly near me the shriek sounded, and I turned the head. Tall and thin very pale girl is a little more senior than me fell backwards as in the slowed-down konopokaz. I also didn't manage to blink as the deaf unpleasant blow of the head about a concrete floor from which sound hair at me bristled sounded. I didn't understand – whether it seemed to me, and or actually, but in shower there came the ominous silence; all looked at unsuccessfully fallen girl. Her face in a flash got some dead expression, all naked body became instant some pathetic and not just pale, but blue-green. The first Zinochka regained consciousness. She rushed to the girl so that the cap from the head flew; very carefully Zina lifted the girl on hands and was thrown to a door: "I in procedural!" - "Where you though throw with a dressing gown!" - two women managed to throw dexterously over Zinochki's shoulders goodness knows where from the appeared dressing gown, but he right there fell down down what the girl didn't pay to the slightest attention, selflessly saving the victim. "Oh, babonki and as it!?" - "As – as, patients they moreover children! Here also I slipped, warm – healthy would keep, and дитё sick – it is direct on a stone floor a nape!" - "Women – we will be more attentive! We don't relax – it is necessary to wash all today, and so we and till the evening won't cope!" The aunt washing me began to work with such diligence as a bast that by anything alter ego I couldn't be distracted any more, only managed to blink, and already literally in a minute it appeared in a lot of the butt-naked little girls receiving pajamas. My turn approached, and from the okoshkayena dexterously threw out the pink tasty smelling pajama couple. I was struck dumb: "Aunties and you that?!!! I am a boy, blue it is necessary to me!" The woman with big naked boobies wearily leaned out of a window and having taken of me a view, told: "The beauty, well sit on a shop – I will look!" Soon several little girls in some jackets joined me – pajama panties for them were too small, and nurses looked for replacement. Our chamber was washed, in a locker room a crowd other little girls became hollow and began to undress. Though I also got used already to a type of their pussies, but now was surprised again, having opened a mouth – to what they are different! At someone already grow at volosiki, and at some isn't present at all, color of volosik changed from very light to absolutely black too; at some between legs absolutely small, imperceptible shchelochka hid, and others had big pussies and chubby, at some senior girls from lye leathery folds of more dark color, even at blondes strongly leaned out. The locker room was run in by the reddened Zinochka in someone's pajama trousers, but naked on a belt, except for some scanty towel. First of all Zina took off trousers, and threw out them for a door: "Volodya, catch!" - then and the towel followed there, and I kind of for the first time saw not so small tits of Zinina, unexpectedly round and fervently sticking out forward. "Well, it seems carried by – Nikolay Efremovich looked at Svetlanka – got off with a cone on a nape, nothing serious, there is even no concussion, already talks! However, couple of days to it only to lie – everything because of weakness turned out, painfully the girl slender!" - Suddenly Zinochki look from serious became some playful and even naughty: "I even didn't pay attention in the beginning that I face it naked as the silly woman – and Efremych the man delicate, you know - this winter only married, showed no sign as though and it is necessary! Only when everything was and I gathered back, he from some guy took off trousers and to me threw a towel: "Sorry, Zinochka – Volodya will see off you, you give him a pajamas, well there is nothing else, everything in washing was handed over!" - "Too me – delicate, could give the dressing gown to the girl also!" - "From you will tell – he naked under a dressing gown too, and the doctor on duty – same responsibility, it is necessary to understand! Always on call has to be, here any cases happen! Another just would shout moreover and on laughter exposed!" - "Well that you tell it, it is already boring to listen! We have not some habotsky hospital – all culturally and decently!" Gradually all little girls who were sitting next to me received panties and left so when the first women entered a locker room, I sat in a corner absolutely alone. Of course, women began to undress too, and I didn't manage to be surprised to a variety of forms and the sizes of their stomachs and breasts, hair on pussies and buttock hemispheres. At last I didn't bear and approached a window with a mute question on a face. "The beauty, go you to chamber! Well I searched everything – there are no malchikovy any more!" - the same woman with big boobies answered me. – "Tomorrow still the party is received – then it is replaceable, I wrote down your surname!" Though not at once, but I quite successfully reached the chamber and was flat-out tumbled down on a bed – the weakness after operation made itself felt. And some postoperative little girls felt already quite vigorously. Karinka and Alevtina were decided even to be written out directly today despite Sunday. The old nurse took away from them pajamas, having promised to bring house clothes. Both little girls quickly collected the things and golyaky approached my bed waiting for an extract. Karinka and Alka were about one age and growth, but in my opinion Karinka was much more beautiful. Karina had very white skin and surprisingly smooth; fair-haired Alevtina was more swarty, and covered with birthmarks and warts. The round bottom and quite big breasts balls were combined at Karina with a slender waist and a flat tummy. At Alevtina boobies in a feminine way hanged down down, the stomach stuck out forward, and the waist wasn't in general.