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You never gave a hint at what you will do with me when doors of the bedroom are closed behind us, but I knew that it will be unusual cm - a session. Habitual gesture I gave you the hands and you latched handcuffs on my wrists. At first unpleasant cold of metal quickly was replaced by unexpected feeling of freedom: since this moment I ceased to belong to myself, you took me as wanted and I wanted only one - to be dissolved in you, to be one with you, to get out of fetters of the imposed representations and I tested it - I could come off the earth and depart. You hit me on a cheek and I liked this feeling of an imperious male hand on my face, I rushed about on a bed and asked more and more. I tested an orgasm, unexpected on force and brightness, and literally fell in your embraces... We both were shocked by the new feeling which captured us. You called me in the evenings and whispered the imaginations in the receiver, told about thousands of bittersweet things, about pain which you wanted to cause me. I for days on end couldn't think of anything the friend, except you. When you suggested me to go for a week to Italy, I, without thinking agreed. Then you told that this rest will be difficult for me. I waited for something new, unknown, wanted it and was afraid at the same time. We stayed in quiet cozy hotel on the bank of Lago Madzhore behind the Swiss border at once. Lakefront room and huge bed. "It is a pity, there is nothing to chain you". You tie to me hands and legs by a thick rope again, I am kneeling and almost aloud I consider the blows falling on my legs and a back. I learn that the horse switch is "much more evil" than a usual lash, I am almost grateful to you for this opening. After you allow me to touch you, to satisfy you with a mouth. Your dick throws up in me a stream of a cum and I fall, emaciated and joyful, we one again - mister and his slave. Late at night after a tasty dinner and a fascinating conversation - you listen carefully, everything that I tell, we discuss everything on light, it is just interesting to us together! - we go out for a walk lengthways the lake. Lago Madzhore, big, fine, lit with fires quietly poplyoskivat the fishing boats and expensive yachts chained at the coast. You several times quite strongly slap me in a bottom and you order me to kneel, and I will readily obey. I learned to understand that for you it is tenderness manifestation. In public you are very tender with me, you carry out любоё my desire, constantly you embrace and you kiss me. We - beautiful couple; you are more senior than me for 10 years, solid and skilled, such close and expensive. You admire my body, the person, gait. I am very happy, any man didn't appreciate me as you. In the middle of April in the north of Italy still cool, but I put on a blouse with very big cut that you could observe every minute traces from your blows on my breast. You think out new "tasks" for me all the time. We stayed near Genoa in hotel on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea. From a balcony a beautiful view of the sea, the coast in palm trees and typically Italian houses about the terassam and terasska forced by a wicker furniture and uncountable pots and tubs with various flowers and plants. I am fascinated by this look... and here I am kneeling, my hands are tied highly up to the balcony handle, and my back is decorated by the fresh strips left your lash... I cost so exactly a half an hour, and you observe me, lying on a bed... you, my master, are very mercy to me and you release me for 3 minutes earlier... flat-out I fall on a bed... you snatch on me and we frenziedly love each other... you give me slaps in the face again, I test these sharp, incomparable orgasms again... I cum, sobbing, and you dry up my tears kisses. We spend together four crazy days. In the afternoon you show me places, amazing on beauty; in the evenings you treat with the most tasty dinners - I never on will forget this typically Italian mix of smells: fresh dough, spicy olives, tart vinegar with a basil, sourish young local wine, fragrant strongest espresso; and nights we with greed revel with each other, opening each other the most secret corners of our souls which existence we also didn't guess earlier...................... Our holiday was interrupted unexpectedly. On the way to Nice you, without telling a word, the sharp movement I turned the car and we went in the opposite direction. Home. I any more never saw you, but reminiscence of you, taught me to fly with the connected hands, will never abandon me....