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That, having seen naked light-chocolate Venus in the slave market, it was blinded by her big, but firm and standing breast, a slender waist, a high round bum as if cut out from an integral piece of Eben, long fine-molded legs, with thin anklebones. And the black triangle from a small black kucheryashka in the bottom of absolutely flat stomach, flew the Spaniard into a rage. Having hasty paid the dealer, he tested the new property right there in the carriage at once, having highly lifted up and having spread to a limit to her legs, driving a dick on the balls and greedy sticking into the black sticking-out nipples. At first, the noble hidalgo was inexpressibly glad to acquisition. But he understood soon that Melinda will drive him to the grave, is more faithful than the Toledo blade. She was simply insatiable. All nights and all syesta, noble Don humoured her raging flesh. As soon as the Spaniard appeared at arm's length from the beautiful mulatto, the hand inevitably was enough him for a dick, and then chubby pink lips and bright as a snake sting, a uvula were used. As soon as this artful tool began to tickle a head bridle, tired flesh of the Spaniard rose, and it was doomed to be dried up to a last straw. Melinda's vagina was obviously big for the Spaniard's dick, but isn't less frequent than in this bottomless vagina, the hidalgo had to enter the eager anus of the mulatto. Wishing to receive a respite, he got it big wooden олисбос. It was the exact copy of men's body, time in two there is more Spaniard's dick. But he miscalculated. In the first night Melinda inserted into herself this monster completely and the owner's dick swallowed entirely. Holding him with one hand densely for balls, another she took the wooden monster which is plentifully covered with her juice and stuck олисбос into the back of the valorous hidalgo. He shouted from terrible pain and to the surprise, lowered to Melinda in a throat such quantity of a cum that that didn't manage to swallow and white streamlets from corners of her mouth spilled on brown spheres of her breasts. After that, the noble Spaniard understood that it is necessary to get rid of Melinda immediately. It was simplest to transfer her to a plantation, to satisfy lust of slaves, but it was a pity to throw out such woman. Here very opportunely dear visitor - the marquis Korvuazyak turned up. The hidalgo showed to the marquis the house. Having come into one of bedrooms, the man saw Melinda who was scattered on a wide low bed under a canopy. Her legs were bent in knees and moved widely apart. Dark олисбос it was inserted so deeply into the back that it was almost indiscernible between halves of a chocolate bottom. But against the background of black, small kucheryashka of a perineum, the vulva opened, expiring juice brightly reddened. The left hand the mulatto squeezed a breast, unscrewing the black sticking-out nipple. The middle finger right, with an improbable speed jerked off the bulked-up clitoris. Dense it is sweetish - the musky smell of female lust filled the room. Nostrils of the marquis were inflated involving in themselves this magic aroma, and his eyes literally devoured the naked body of the mulatto coiling from passion. His trousers ahead выперлись such hump that it wasn't hidden by wide padded stools. The Vysokorodny hidalgo as true noble Don, immediately suggested Korvuazyak to try this magnificent body. The marquis hadn't to be persuaded. The tactful Spaniard left the room, and the marquis having instantly got rid of clothes, showed to Melinda the huge tool, in all reared beauty. The mulatto looked with eyes, muddy from lust, at this miracle of the nature, parted with fine-molded fingers the black incredibly bulked up vulvar lips in the parties and, having torn off hips from a bed, completely opened a dark opening of a vagina in the pink flesh. But the marquis, despite the banging his shiver of excitement, was a skilled lover and the dick didn't hurry to enter into her pulsing bosom. Having kneeled over beautiful Melinda's face and squeezing palms her elastic buttocks, he raised her hips even more, having brought closer a horney genital of the woman to the person. Pressing finger-tips on her perineum at the entrance, he forced her vagina to contract in lust paroxysms, extorting from depths of female nature of a wave of tart aroma. The marquis it is noisy I breathed, reveling in this smell, burning from him more and more. Melinda, widely opened eyes, looked as at each breath the anus of the marquis contracts. His ball sack contracted, having turned into the dense, dark, wrinkled, covered with hair thick skin which closely pressed his huge balls to a perineum. The mulatto clasped with a hand a staff of the dick, but couldn't close fingers, the horney body of the marquis was too thick. Having delayed a skin to a limit back, she completely bared a violet head. With each compression of an anus, from an opening in a head dense transparent drops of lubricant followed. Sniffing up a vulva of Melinda, the marquis began to move slightly hips why his dick began to be rubbed by a head about velvet cheeks of the beautiful mulatto, plentifully covering with transparent lubricant her face. At last she sent the overexcited monster of the marquis to herself to a mouth, having at the same time transferred transparent lubricant from the face to the contracted Korvuazyak's anus. Hardly his inflated head filled a mouth of Melinda, the marquis having moaned began to rub feverishly the person about a hot vulva, having instantly covered itself it with juice, involving them both a nose and a mouth publishing at the same time juicy champing. Melinda, having plentifully greased an anus of the marquis, sharply I pressured him two fingers. The smooth brown opening revealed, having completely let in fingers up to the end. Whether from pleasure, whether having given in to pressure of fingers, the marquis slowly began to enter the powerful phallus more and more deeply into a mouth of the Mulatto. She utrobno lowed and slightly cast away the head, facilitating him penetration. Small pushes he entered a dick to her into the throat, her neck was inflated and Melinda began to touch quickly lips on the trunk entangled by veins, trying to advance him even more deeply. At the same time, she entered the third finger to him into the back and began to rotate them there, expanding an opening. The marquis intensively pushed a basin, snoshy the mulatto in a throat and being actively stuck by the back on her fingers. Распалясь, he began to lick feverishly her vulva, with a smack sucking in her vulvar lips and quickly sliding language on a naked head of a horney clitoris. Having pulled out олисбос from a bum of the mulatto, he, without stopping sucking her genital, I began to pierce with a huge speed her anus this tool of lust. Melinda wasn't in debt. Having put fingers щепотью, she pushed to it to the back all brush. The marquis began to roar and for a moment came off her vagina. He saw that near a bed the young Chinese woman stood. She stiffened, holding a tray on which there were a jug of lemonade and a crystal decanter of old Spanish wine in hand. The hospitable owner sent the servant, having providently assumed that his hot temperament will be required to be extinguished not only love, but also reviver. To the girl was years fifteen - sixteen, but in a low decollete of her dress I was already seen, the appetizing well issued fold. Her slanting eyes were widely opened, the neck reddened, and on an upper lip biserinka of sweat acted. - Undress, - by a hoarse voice the marquis ordered and began to snoshat three fingers Melinda's vagina, a thumb strongly jerking off her clitoris. The girl obeyed as the sleep-walker, keeping the eyes glued on the picture of the dick getting into a throat which opened between bodies. Having put a tray, she quickly unlaced a dress and the easy movement dumped it to legs, having remained in a thin, short shirt. A moment and this batiste miracle later it appeared near a dress. The naked, young Chinese woman stood again as a porcelain figurine. The marquis literally ate it bloodshot eyes. Black brilliant hair were забраныв a tail, opening gentle small ears. Amazingly beautiful face gave the excitement which captured her. But the girl's nipples were even more eloquent. They performed as light pink intense hats with the sticking-out shishechka on, almost ideal rotundity, the boobies which slightly drooped under a body weight. On a breast size of the Chinese woman reminded couple of large oranges. And even by sight they were very dense and firm. I emphasized their size improbably even more - the slender waist which is smoothly flowing in wide for the teenager, hips. In the bottom of a flat tummy the pubis hillock rose. Several long rare black hairs on him, only emphasized his tenderness and virgin purity of absolutely smooth full vulvar lips. Unlike the mulatto, the sexual crack of the girl formed by densely compressed vulvar lips was located almost vertically, falling from a pubis and being lost in halves of the buttocks perfectly visible between slightly placed Chinese woman's legs. The marquis saw how at the very bottom of a maiden section, just there where chubby rollers of lips smoothly flow in buttocks hillocks as exotic dew, transparent heavy drops of dense juice of her excitement acted. Korvuazyak felt that the show of almost children's pussy exuding with desire, will lead to an immediate discharge and suspended vigorous movements by the dick in Melinda's mouth, however without stopping snoshat hands her lower openings. - What is your name, baby? - He asked. - Lian, - the girl quietly answered. - As yours flows пися: You what never saw how make love? - No, - Lian's cheeks reached color of ripe tomato. - And you touch to yourself писю to make pleasantly? - I touched once when took a bath, - the girl strongly was confused, but didn't look down, still chained by a look to the dick hidden in Melinda's mouth, - But old Esmeralda saw, started shouting and whipped me an arapnik on hands. More I didn't do it. The marquis took out олисбос from an anus of the mulatto. - You not only will see everything, Lian. Sex needs to be drunk not only eyes, it needs to be drunk nostrils, a mouth, in each inch of your divine body and only then your body will become a pleasure altar. It stretched dark олисбос to the person Lian. - Inhale, the girl, this aroma. So the horney interior of the back smells during sex. Lian involved in herself with pleasure - a stuffy smell from a moist wooden phallus and felt increase of languor in the bottom of a stomach. She instinctively several times squeezed legs why her lubricant began to flow on the internal surface of hips. Tickling by thaws of gentle skin, made horney the girl even more. - I also didn't know that the woman can be snoshat and there - And not only the woman, - the marquis put a dildoe in Melinda's hand. That pulled out a brush from the back of the marquis and the sharp movement completely entered олисбос to him into an anus. Slowly snoshy the partner it other hand squeezed his ball sack. As the hand squeezing balls just left the back of the marquis, the turn of the mulatto came now will enjoy aroma of an anus as an instant before that, the young Chinese woman enjoyed. Just as at the girl, it caused paroxysms of sharp sexual excitement in Melinda. She pushed a basin under more intensively, masturbating her, fingers of the marquis and began to be curved strongly by a body, touching and being rubbed about a stomach of the marquis by horney nipples. Korvuazyak stretched Melinda's perineum two hands, trying to open as it is possible more widely than an opening of a vulva and an anus for a lewd look of Lian. At the same time, thumbs of hands he squeezed a large black clitoris and began to jerk off him as a small penis, baring the bright red, shining from lubricant head. Melinda's movements became chaotic, she breakthroughs fucked the back of the marquis, and from the throat filled with the dick the low continuous uterine groan was torn. - I have to lick this charm when it cums, - the marquis growled. He implanted a nose into the expiring vagina of the mulatto, a chin became pushed on a clitoris, and began to irritate with a tip of language her an urethral opening. At last hit orgasm spasms on Melinda's body. Her anus and a vagina began to contract rhythmically cuming, and from an urethral opening several transparent fountainlets scattered. Lian held up a hand, and liquids, from openings of the mulatto, mixed up at her on a palm. She sliznut this cocktail of love, getting drunk with taste and a smell. The marquis the dick from a mouth of the mulatto took out, allowing her to recover the breath, and then pulled out at himself from the back олисбос and rejected him aside. Lian at last could see a standing penis, for the first time. Korvuazyak approached the girl, slightly embraced her, having taken her buttock in a hand. Her bottom was surprisingly cool, skin very smooth, gentle and silky. He began to rumple and stroke gently a buttock, delaying it aside, concerning anus opening finger-tips. At the same time, he presented to the girl the easiest kiss on the lips, having concerned a tip of language of her teeth. Lian felt as below a breast the hot wet trunk of the marquis nestled on her body. His podragivaniye responded sweet pushes in a uterus, forcing to strain a perineum. From him there was a strong mixed smell of Korvuazyaka eggs and Melinda's vaginas. This aroma caused dizziness in Lian. The marquis, without releasing the priest Lian, I bent and I took gently pink, intense hat of a nipple in a mouth. Under his language, the head of a nipple hardened even more, having wrinkled to a limit. A hand he caressed other breast, being surprised her juicy hardness. From his inclination, the dick of the marquis slipped on a stomach of the girl and, having left a damp path on her body, rested a brilliant head to her against a pubis, just in that place where in a small accurate pole densely close sexual crack began. Having felt her gentle flesh, the marquis began to press easily the dick, trying to move apart her vulvar lips and to reach by an opening in a head her horney clitoris. Melinda, having slightly recovered after a rough orgasm, I felt that her sexual hunger isn't satisfied at all and the heat of lust captured her with a new force. Her vulva flared in intolerable desire to accept in itself a firm dick. The breast was poured by desire, black nipples bulked up again and hardened. The clitoris got up, having exposed from under a dark wrinkled leather fold a red brilliant head size about cherry. Having kneeled before the set aside back of the marquis, Melinda began to lick his perineum behind balls, and then having opened his buttocks started language in an anus. Two fingers she frigged the clitoris, driving on it a black skin.