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We came into office center, the security guard politely greeted her and wanted to accept at me a box, but the woman sharply stopped him, told – "Go about the own business!" It is dazzling I smiled to me and I specified by gesture to follow her. I subconsciously became interested. We came into the room. It was her office. The situation was intriguing. On walls pictures in which distinguished beautiful women in evening open dresses were represented hung. One united all these pictures – women had an imperious, imperious look and a look. While I considered pictures my pro-guide attentively looked at me. When did I at last tear off a look she asked – "It is pleasant?" I answered – "Of course" and smiled. "My name is Oksana", she was presented and I sat down in a chair having bared is already dazzling nude slender legs. I was presented – Alexey. She continued to study me and in her look something resembled with a look from pictures. I didn't suggest to sit down to me and I stood in the middle of an office silently. At last she told – "pour to me coffee". Not to us and me – I noted, but I obeyed. I served her coffee, she accepted without smile as due. "I suggest you to enter our club" - after long silence and studying me she told. "So far the pupil then acting with the dick". Surprised me, the fact that she wasn't interested in my opinion at all and didn't trouble itself what explanations. "Now you will communicate to our psychologist and we will begin training". I stood deafened, but to resist under her look there were no forces and desire. She grinned to my tacit consent and pressed the call button. The man of years 45, high growth, in shorts and a t-shirt entered. His look burned me and rooted to the spot. It without tearing off from me a look asked the woman – "It is possible to begin Madam?". "Yes" - sounded from where that from it is far. Without tearing off a look he began to ask me strange questions about some doggies, about trees, mushrooms, water …. It proceeded probably hour though I hardly understood time. And suddenly it told – "Kneel and pull together from me shorts". I mind will obeyed. I got up and began to pull together. Having seen curly hair of a pubis I understood that there are no pants, but continued the begun movement and shorts having slipped on hips fell to a floor. At the level of my nose the big dick with an open head hung. He was based upon terribly huge balls which under the weight impressively drooped. I is bewitched I looked at this giant. Suddenly I felt as someone took my head in hand and heard Oksana's voice – "A kiss a head!". I obeyed and touched lips a smooth warm head. And here something joined in my head, all my nature resisted the events, I began to get up. But strong slap and Oksana's hissing stopped me. "This test for obedience! If you don't pass it you won't be allowed to the main thing!!!! The slug understood?!?!?". And here at me the feeling came that this most important in my life that I have to in what that wouldn't begin to pass examination. From me as though pulled out a core, I failed on knees and with tears said – "Forgive Madam!!! Order!!!". "Humour this body! Make so that it got up and I terminated on your muzzle!" - Oksana shouted. I for the first time in life accepted a penis in the mouth. I began to suck it and to lick. The dick began to bulk up, it was huge, all in knots of veins. The head hardly was located at me in a mouth, but I continued to work lips and language violently. The dick completely got up. I licked him on all length, and hands caressed and caressed balls. They were of the size of apples. Them I had to lick the same and on one completely to thrust into a mouth. I sucked minutes twenty until the imperious hand of Oksana threw back to me the head and ordered to put out tongue. The owner of the dick began to jerk off very quickly him and in the same second the elastic hot stream over and over again began to shoot to me at a nose, filled a mouth, filled in eyes. Then this dick weightily knocked to me on language and on the person. I was kneeling with the closed-up eyes and was afraid to move. I heard that the man left the room and I remained alone with Oksana. "Wipe eyes and lick hands". I obeyed. "Undress!". I quickly threw off from myself clothes and naked remained to be kneeling. Humiliated and crushed. She sat before me in a chair, the leg on a leg, and drank some cocktail. "Penis sizes impressed you?", and without having waited for my answer I continued – "For any not obedience you will publicly suck it, and for a strong fault it will have you to the back. Consider it very painfully!". "To Alya, Yulenka, come with girlfriends into viewing, look what I have here" - Oksana by phone told. "Creep for me" and I went to the neighboring room. I on a lap spread behind it. "Quickly in a chair also part more widely than a leg!", I got into a gynecologic chair. In a minute the door opened and the room was entered by women. To all of them was from forty, but looked perfectly. All high, slender, beautiful with a bright make-up and in sexual clothes. The room was filled with giggling and an easy talk. "Here girls someone I to us brought he is already ready to training!" - with a smile Oksana told. They surrounded me with a semicircle, them was eight and Oksana. "FUU what dirty trick! That it for волосня at him between legs!?!?!?" - almost at the same time all began to speak. "Everything will be in the best possible way!" - Oksana told – "He will learn everything". Called the Dog, so called the person who had me in a mouth. "He is your Teacher, you submit to him. He solves extent of punishment if you were guilty. He solves you are ready to the Main thing or not!". He was told to begin training. He put on me a collar with a lead and dragged in a bathtub. There I completely shaved to myself a perineum when the Teacher finished threw out the giant body to me under a nose and ordered – "Shave!". I carefully soaped this monster and began to drive on smooth skin the machine. "Not to touch a pubis! Only I have the RIGHT, to be in presence of Women with not a shaved pubis!". I continued to drive the machine on the dick, diligently shaved each fold on a huge ball sack, in the soaped hands spheres of eggs were rolled. "Take in a mouth!", I rinsed a dick and took a head in a mouth, it began to increase. "Suck! And мыль balls". I began to suck and caress hands the soaped balls. Involuntarily I admired to these sizes, admired and felt the negligibility. The huge dick completely gained the size and from tension I felt his pulse. It was unusual to feel pliability tenderness of skin on a firm trunk of the dick. She easily went backwards-forward in my palms. Thickness of the dick was such is that I couldn't clasp with fingers of one hand him, was enough only to a half. I had to clasp with two palms him and to poddrachivat him so far the head was humoured by my mouth. He terminated. My God, as plentifully he cumed!!!! And it after just 2 hours ago he all filled in me. This person had a potentiality just some nuclear!!!! I was delighted and defeated. Even didn't surprise me with what speed I broke and didn't even break, it is too strongly told that I didn't resist at all and obsequiously submitted to all events. Hypnosis can? But I it seems was never subject …. Though probably just I didn't come across))). I am 29 years old, I am an athlete with well developed muscles, in a far proshlm of KMS on boxing. Never I noticed for myself blueness … and here … I derived pleasure from SUCH dick!!!! After my efforts he terminated, I washed his dick and removed in shorts. The teacher fastened a collar and dragged in a class. So my training began. In a class bylomny manuals. There were artificial vaginas, rubber female dolls, various toys created for humiliation of the man and adulating of the Woman. In process of training I began to understand that this club is created for Women and satisfaction of their sexual requirements. That I am only the tool for receiving pleasure by the Woman. That I am a toy in her hands. Weak-willed Slave. I am obliged to carry out everything, everything that she will order. I can be chosen and for a week to take away for example to the dacha and to be there a servants and a toy in the company and I am obliged to carry out any whim and a wish of Madam. If the woman comes into the room, I am obliged to throw everything, to creep up to her and as a greeting to kiss her in a kliter and if she wants to begin to humour her at once. At a meeting in a corridor the same. Anywhere I am obliged to kiss as a sign of the humility it a perineum. At a stare of the Teacher I on rubber dummies learned to lick a vagina and an anus. To lick a foot and to suck round fingers standing. To substitute the back under the strap-on dressed on a dummy because such desire appears can arise at the Woman. And the Dog directed all this. He constantly thought out various humiliations for suppression of the personality. When he went to a toilet, I on a lap crept behind him, belonged to my duties to take off from him trousers and being kneeling with the hung head the hands extended before themselves to hold on one palm a dick, and on another balls. And he ssat and smiled. When finished, I accurately wrung out him, licked a head from drops and accurately stacked in trousers. Often it came to an end with a blowjob. And here day of my dedication in clubmen came. I was carefully shaved all and washed up. The teacher led me to the hall where there took place examination on suitability. In the hall a semicircle in convenient chairs 14 Women sat, they made the main top of club. Having entered the hall I kneeled at once and spread as learned, to Madam closest at the left. All with interest watched me. I crept up to the first lady, she moved apart legs and I kissed her on warm, slightly damp pussy, she slightly shuddered from my touch. Without having heard anything I spread to following and so 14 times. I never saw such variety of female delights. What all of them are different. Both big and small, closed and opened, but everything equally attracting. In the course of my greeting I heard their talk – "Oksanochka you are just charm!", "You as always found, the fact that it is necessary)))", "What brawny", "It seems learned to submit", "I want that to me I licked", "Ah Oksanochka, the good fellow, and these rich persons bothered)))". "And with men it isn't obstinate? I want to attract it for the weekend to play with my pusik", "It is necessary to check how he with men!!! And that I don't want problems with the husband!". The dog who stood naked – in the presence of Women and he was obliged to be naked, devoured every word of Women and at once began to execute wishes. He told something in phone and in a minute to the room two slaves, but instead of a greeting crept, by order of Oksana they went to me. It were years fifty stout men. The dog put me on hunkers, and pressed the head to a floor and one of slaves entered me at once, and the second having widely placed legs laid down before me the sluggish dick substituted me to the person. Behind the slave having seized to me hips I made powerful pushes to me buttocks, to me it was sick and humiliating, but nothing remained how to involve lips in a mouth a dick of the second. He long remained sluggish and slipped out a mouth, but I didn't allow him to fall and worked that is forces. Pain behind became less, and the dick in a mouth began to bulk up, he was displaced in comparison with the dick of the Teacher and I easily swallowed him completely. I took in a mouth both balls at once. The slave to a szsada moaned and I felt pushes in a bottom, he terminated. It was humiliating to feel as the whore whose openings two men derive pleasure. At last and this terminated. I swallowed everything to a drop and licked balls. The dog ordered to clean up him and they crept away. And I remained to stand in a humiliating pose, raped and obedient.On it tests didn't end, each Madam wanted to try me in a cunnilingus. I licked and licked, over and over again swallowing their orgasmic juice. I didn't feel a mouth any more, but continued to work. Substituted me pussies and buttocks, pushed fingers of legs in a mouth. I without ceasing something I licked, I sucked and I kissed. Having sated with my humiliation Ladies began to discuss what nickname to me to give. Refer to "Leaf". The dog took away me from there and dragged to the room where there were other slaves. The door was behind closed and I looked round. Around me was the person twenty, all naked and clean-shaven. All adult men. Probably isn't younger than forty seven. In the course of communication it became clear that all of them are very wealthy and respectable misters, at many the business, and expensive cars around the building almost all belong to them. On interests and sexual requirements they got to this elite closed club. All of them liked what occurred around. It was pleasant to be slaves. And I about myself noted that it is pleasant to me. The door opened and in an aperture the Dog figure seemed. All were obliged on being necessary to kiss knees him the dick. Someone creeping up to him I tried to place a head in a mouth, to slightly suck, rinse balls because a lot of things depended on him and all tried to sweetheart the Dog. I crept up and too sensually licked a head holding huge balls, especially such power in hands gave pleasure. "Now you will be chosen for the weekend, try it will be pleasant! Especially you are the Leaf!" - the Dog told. We a chain on a lap spread behind him to the showroom. Got up on room perimeter on a lap and began to wait. Ladies began to come into the room and to choose to themselves slaves. Socks of the refined shoes they lifted dicks of slaves and considered them, sometimes ordered to become cancer and to move apart buttocks. I was chosen quickly enough by not the young high kept symmetry of the Lady. I quickly put on and dived on a back seat of her white "Jaguar". "Look the whore if it isn't pleasant to me, I will give you to the Dog! He will tear apart your nasty buttocks! I am very exacting to joys and I don't want to listen from the husband and friends about the spoiled days off!!!" - very quietly and rigidly Madam told. She carried me to the country mansion on Volokolamsk Highway. "My husband is called Pavel Georgiyevich, he is very influential person and my welfare depends on his arrangement to me. You have to make everything and even more what he would be satisfied, then I will thank you".