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The majority of appointments, family campaigns took place in cinema halls. Generally foreign movies, but not cheshky, Polish or Hungarian, and purely western were in the most great demand. We were reached by generally Italian and French movies. The ban on movies-" to children to 16 was the biggest disaster for us". Especially offensively when to you already just about 16, but the vigilant ticket collector surely drives out on control. In the city there was the French movie "Fantomas" with participation of popular then actors Louis De Funes and Jean More. Looking through already now, all 3 series which reached the Soviet viewer of the movie I in an emphasis didn't find what could corrupt children - unless that beautiful life of the French inhabitant. Lines for tickets were enormous, and it was necessary to buy in a week ahead. It is necessary to understand what happened to us - the forbidden fruit is always expensive. The most surprising that in difference from guys, girls of our class to Fantomas were let, l and they, with sadisky looks, violently discussed adventures of the useless commissioner Zhyuva and the journalist Fandor. To try to pass, it didn't make sense as. from guys, I watched the movie, I Am only brisk - the decent lanky fellow, and that from the second calling, having put on glasses for solidity. Once my friend and the schoolmate told that his sister, Katerina, undertakes to help us and to put on make-up under adults. It was necessary to buy tickets and to come by agreed time to Igor. Those years people put on much more simply and carried that you will get. Jackets, caps, footwear often had no floor. Girls were allocated generally with the fact that even on a frost managed to go "in kapron", and skirts and jackets were so short, and tights thin that sometimes the cold legs gave obvious blue. However what am I telling?. When already with tickets I went already to Igor, just in case took father's glasses and a tie from the house. The door for me was opened by Katya, having told that Igor will come soon, and it is time for us to be engaged in business. I undressed and sat down to a table with a mirror. On the truth I often was at Igor, and the 10th grader, Katya for me was, something like elder sister. And so she makes up me. For a start the girl began to rub a dark pigment that an impression was made that I shaved in my cheeks, and then slightly pasted small short moustaches. If I had more courageous and rough face, it for certain would work, but not that is obvious now, I tried to sdalat furious expression, but from it it became even more ridiculous. I went to the bathroom and I washed away all "beauty". Katerina offered a make-up in a feminine way. I didn't find anything cleverer how to ask and as Igor. The door of the neighboring room opened and he left, already in a make-up. and dressing gown. From surprise I opened a mouth and kept him in such provision of minutes five. It is necessary to understand my state - the 70th years, lack of any official sensuality, there were no concepts of minorities, in the woman only the popular actor Arkady Raikin, and that only for humour with satire and everything, and from above changed clothes. I had no sister, and in difference from Igor with Katerina, I had the separate room. I broke long not because of obstinacy, and it was simply not prepared, right there everything, somehow at once. I don't understand how I am a Komsomol member, I began to agree to a similar avntyura. In soul I raved about Suvorov Military School where all go with shoulder straps and salute each other, and here … the woman … From a chair I didn't rise, and Katerina began to nakrashivat me slowly. I remembered how in summer camp, before a final fire, to us quite often nakrashivat attractive faces, like a carnival, and one courageous fellow, borrowed a dress at girls, safely approached the teacher who painted our faces and asked to paint to him lips, and still, on her discretion. He so passed all evening in this dress, and nothing … To me made a make-up. Never I thought that it is so strongly possible to change the person. Igor, I wouldn't learn on the street too. We were girls, just charm, it isn't worse than the presents.Igor left the neighboring room in a dressing gown and I, somehow didn't attach it significance, earlier he in such look didn't appear. He undid a dressing gown, and before me the nice young lady in a miniskirt and light tights appeared. Me, in a flash morally raped, so, that directly, sitting on a chair, I violently and spontaneously terminated directly in trousers. I was lower than a belt all wet and in a cum. I jerked in a bathtub and long from I didn't leave there. The visit of cinema was questionable. I washed off the trousers and asked track bottoms. I left we are silent. Here Igor started talking. - If now we don't go anywhere, then the situation will be even more difficult – you present, well an obvious nest of perverts. The Komsomol, the general education be in good spirits … Well I obviously got a role innocent and fluffy. The way back wasn't. I even in something it is demonstrative, obviously becoming hysterical, I suggested to dress me, for a visit of cinema. I put on gloomy, but with persistence I pulled tights and dressed, the offered short skirt. Time flew without restraint, without amendments on emotion, and in half an hour we already stamped on the bus. On the street it was frosty and it were the first feelings from what is below cold. Years later I remembered a remark of one of heroes of the movie "Some Like It Hot" that Dafna - one of disguised heroines of a picture, felt from below absolutely naked. In the beginning so it also was. I and Igor were dressed very probably: short jackets are slightly lower than skirts, transparent tights and low boots. Sapozhek wasn't enough for Katya as she conceded the to us, and superfluous wasn't. She undertook a role of the leader, having put on the only trousers, from Igorev boots. While reached, a bit got used to a situation. MOVIE THEATER. Stiffened without deciding to progress in pass further. With shame didn't know where to put eyes. At last there came pikoy load of the ticket collector and we went … Ahead Katerina, and we behind. Despite the pressing turn, having bought three of our tickets the ticket collector attentively examined us and made a remark, addressing me and Igor-such young people, and so made up it was told already from a back. Hurrah!!! - we passed, works didn't go to waste. On pleasures sent Katya behind ice cream, I with the already deep voice and Igor, hardly went to buy. While stood aside, noticed the guy from a parallel class, as if on command turned away. Having eaten ice cream, we took the places. Only now, I on the present felt singularity of an obtyanutost in nylon. From movie theater we went made horney not so much from what was seen how many from extraordinariness Bought two bottles of Agdam, by means of Katya and went home, to continue evening. Katya and Igor's parents worked in the second change, and us no that constrained Having come to the apartment we seated in the short skirts. The girl changed clothes Under port wine and tights too, I for the first time began to understand that the debauchery can be norm As though there was no long Platonic friendship, a komvospitaniye, education on the example of classics, there came the hyper sexuality.