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And suddenly, it is absolutely unexpected for itself, I saw very young (years 14 - 15) the Black woman, to be exact the light-chocolate mulatto lying on sand of absolutely naked. It terribly was pleasant to me, and I decided to get acquainted with her. I approached and, indifferently, greeted. The girl jumped, as scalded, and turned tail, but, having run meters five, stopped and looked back. I still stood still and didn't do any attempts to catch up with the fugitive. She with astonishment stared at me and remained to stand so, having pressed a long dress to a breast until I repeated the greeting. In response to it she shy spoke: - You aren't going to rape me? - Well. From what did you take? - absolutely quietly I answered. - Then why you crept to me and frightened to almost death? - Believe, I and in thoughts had nothing bad. I only wanted to get acquainted. Probably it calmed a little her (though she didn't understand all sense of a phrase yet) and she relaxed a little. Then she suddenly found out that else she costs stark naked, and told: - Turn away. I turned away. She quickly put on a dress and buttoned it on all buttons. Then I heard a question: - And what you do here in such wound? (The matter is that there where I was brought by wind of wanderings, day began about ten o'clock in the morning when the sun stood already highly. What to do here - the resort, it and in Africa the resort: at first walk till three in the night, and then sleep in the forenoon.) - I here nearby have a lodge, - I answered, turning, - and in the mornings I usually walk on the coast. - You, probably, recently at us: I don't remember that here someone similar lived on you... So we struck up quite friendly conversation and we, that is noticed, together went along a sea edge. It turned out that the girl call Cindi, and she lives in N-ske since the birth. She is 15 years old and she studies in local college. She loves very much to bathe and be fried on the sun. How? And I too? Then to us definitely on the way. And how my name is? Yes? That's great! And how many to me years? So we are almost age-mates! (5 years of a difference (!), anything to age-mates). Give more better on "you"... So gradually we reached my house. On hours there was 14:26. Lunch time. I invited Cindi to have a dinner with me, and she naturally agreed. Having made a lunch, we took seat in the living room and continued a conversation. Gradually subjects became more and more personal. Eventually, I asked why Cindi prefers to undress absolutely when she bathes and heated on the sun. She answered that it is natural and there is no need to constrain herself unnecessary clothes when it is possible to do also without her. - You are very sexy, - escaped at me. - Do you like me? - Of course! - again language outstripped thoughts. - And it is so more best? - she asked and lowered a dress from shoulders on a belt, having bared a young, elastic breast. At the same time her eyes lit up such flame that I was frightened whether there will be no serious fire in my heart. But any motives in order that the young mulatto tried to get to fall in love the unfamiliar young man in addition white (... well almost white [because of suntan]), I still didn't notice. Therefore, without being an idiot and the egoist, I simply kissed her on alenky chubby sponges. She answered quite logically and naturally: strong I twisted my neck with hands and I didn't release, I didn't enjoy yet a kiss which I willy-nilly had to continue. Began to smell fried. - Maybe we will go to the bedroom? - she asked. Here I understood that I won't be able already to get out in any way, spat on everything, picked up her on hands and "dragged production to the place of a feast". Though my bedroom also didn't differ in the huge sizes, but in it quite large double bed somehow went in (and what? you never can tell...), a wardrobe, two chairs and a bedside table with a lamp.I put it on the middle of a bed and began to take off with myself clothes. Cindi watched me with ill-concealed delight. It was visible how her desire inflames more and more. Each thing she watched short leave and started over again feeling a look all my body. When business reached shorts, she stuck into me the charming brown eyes at all, and is more faithful not in me, and in what disappeared under the swimming trunks which appeared "from under wide trouser-legs". Even it seemed to me that she won't sustain now and will rush on me as the wild puma, and will break off teeth that scrap of fabric which constrained so welcome guest of her lonely cave. Having finished with the preparations, I passed to a magnificent toilet of the lady (which, as well as befits for the respectable fifteen-year-old mulatto, I consisted of only two things - a thin linen platyishk and the same poyasochk). At first (as always) gentle, sensual kiss... And at the same time right hand slides on her side down, to a hip; caresses him, makes horney; then begins to rise and occupies with itself the region of a dress; her legs are already spread and the basin does short breakthroughs forward; my lips come off her lips and begin the campaign on elastic, chocolate color, skin... On a cheek to the left ear; kiss it; language gets into a sink; then begins to lick it; join teeth the game: they it is gentle, but noticeably bite this charming ear; and right there the cool breeze everything from the same mouth blowing in the bitten places comes to the rescue; both again language, and again kisses; Cindi is already rather horney, but I didn't finish the begun business and, slowly, I continue (in my opinion, caress still yet prevented nobody). There is a neck, such thin, gentle, absolutely still children's further. Then shoulders. Slowly, slowly, without hurrying. Now breast. Oh, this breast!!! She, probably, will dement me (though it is doubtful that this mind at me still remained)! Such soft, young, elastic, gentle. And these nipples! The miracle is simple. One white has no such nipples! Large, ostrenky, rough, firm from excitement and divinely sweet on taste [the horney man]... It is a pleasure to rumple these chubby balls. Excitement begins to prevail. I begin to hurry. Quickly I untie a belt on a dress and I lift his edge even above - to the girl's navel while it doesn't gather in a ringlet. Now I want to remove him; Cindi rises and sits down on beds. I remove a dress ringlet through the head. It goes to the same heap of clothes where mine already lies. Her hands are still raised, and I embrace her under mice, nestling on boobies, feeling their nipples on the skin. Again I drop lips to her lips. The most sweet drink... We lay down - I from above, she from below. Our legs find the necessary situation; and there comes the moment of truth: I to the touch find an opening from which lubricant liquid already exudes, and carefully I begin to enter into it a dick. The opening is narrow, but in process of occurrence of my tool it gradually extends and allows to pass further. Cindi holds the breath; this moment proceeds the whole eternity; strange - I thought that there is more spacious; but here, at last, the dick reached the vagina arch. Bingo! Just imagine, it entered entirely! Now everything went like clockwork. To and fro, to and fro, to and fro; Cindi moves apart nogiyeshche more widely; so more better. I included-married, I included-married, I included-married; Hlyup., хлюп., хлюп., хлюп... Her hips begin to move to a step, towards to mine too. Time, two, three, four... Speed gradually increases; I bend to Cindi's ear and hot whisper touches her cheek: - How do you want that I terminated? - I want that you made it... to me... in a mouth! - she captured by passion answers.