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There little girls who weren't lucky with guys gathered and not simply it wasn't lucky and whom guys in one way or another offended, whether threw, whether deceived, whether betrayed. And little girls, having gathered on this website, decided not to be in debt, and to pay off with offenders. And they chose tactics of active attack on the stronger sex, namely they listed surnames and suggested guys to meet that those could pay for offenses. And was considered that all guys pants and very few people will agree to contact. By the way, on the website there was also my surname and a surname of the girl whom I, allegedly, offended. We really some time met, but then I with parents for two years went abroad where sent my father. On arrival home, I tried to improve relations with the girlfriend, but she told that I meanly left her, and didn't want to see me. And now she wished to settle accounts with me for treachery. The matter is that she still was pleasant to me, and I thought that, having had a talk with her, we can renew our relationship. As I was mistaken what I was naive and as I received from her at full scale. For now I on the specified soap wrote that I want to meet and solve our problem. After a while I received the message that I am invited in Yudif club where time and the meeting place was specified. Wearied by bad presentiments, I after all went to the specified place. I was met by several lovely girls who tenderly communicated with me, and I calmed down. On my question of my girl, promised me a meeting with her, but a little later. And at first it was necessary to fill out the questionnaire, to sit, have a rest and to relax a little. The atmosphere of club promoted it. The gentle music played, there were great wines and snack, a great number of lovely girls which conducted a casual conversation. All this worked and I indulged in the pacified mood, enjoying a situation and society. A little the emblem of club in the form of a hoop to which the guy was suspended by hands and legs guarded, sagging a middle part of a body down. All this reminded female panties thongs a little, I inertly thought of all this, departuring on waves of delightful oblivion. Probably drinks which gave to drink to me much began to work. I with pleasure fell asleep and overslept, it seemed the whole eternity. When I recovered, I saw that my hands and legs are tied to a round hoop, and I sag a middle part of a body down. And still I saw through the twilight that I not one in such pose, and am a lot of us and we differ in the fact that are tied to hoops of different flowers, mine was red. We couldn't talk among themselves because our voices were very weak, and distance between us were quite big. Around there was a twilight, but, having got accustomed, I understood that all of us hang in a big wardrobe. Unexpectedly the door opened, and the girl of the huge sizes and with a thunderous voice removed me from a hanger and told the second girl that her order is ready, and she can receive these original panties. And it was my former girlfriend. She took panties with me and went to change clothes. Here from under her short skirt red panties are taken, and I, in the form of panties, having put on at first on one leg, then on the second, promptly I rise up, under a skirt and densely I nestle on the girl's buttocks, having been located between legs, and my breast and the head are pressed to the pussy, and the lower body, nestles on buttocks. Hands and my legs, on thin shnurochka, are stretched up, to that hoop which represents a corbel around the girl's waist. My face is turned to the pussy and densely is pressed to her, the girl tightens an elastic band of panties above and I am pressed between sexual sponges. Further follows small squats with cultivation of legs, and I fail between buttocks. The girl becomes straight, and I vanish pleated her buttocks, strong squeezed by buttocks and big vulvar lips. Opposite to my person there is a clitoris, and deepening of an urethra, I recognize it by a smell. I can't move, the girl costs, having densely squeezed legs and having strained buttocks. I hear a conversation, she is interested how many she can use me what she is answered that until she doesn't forgive me or won't bother yet. With words that it is very healthy, the girl flutters out on the street. She goes along the street, without hurrying, and me begins to chew gradually. Buttocks at the girl big and elastic, they move, rolling me, and squeeze with a big force. Sponges move a little too and quite sensitively volosikam which for me as thick a wire rub. The girl, apparently, begins to be made horney because dense jellylike lubricant begins to flood me. It flows on me and envelops all my body, reducing my sufferings a little. At last the girl comes to some institution and sits down on a chair, strong pressing me the pussy to him. I am completely spread and I labor for breath, it becomes especially heavy when the girl bends forward and presses me with a big force a pubis to a chair. I try to be turned out and I twirl by the head that, apparently, makes horney it because I am pressed in increasing frequency, and lubricant flooded me completely. Here I am pressed especially strongly, everything fades, lubricant poured down the river and the clitoris which inflated to the improbable sizes and, having turned into firm as a stone body, begins to hollow me like mad, literally flattening out me on a chair. Everything around me pulses and contracts, even an anus which presses to me on legs, pulses and rumples to me bones. Through some time everything calms down, then the girl gets up and goes to a toilet. Here she sits on a toilet bowl, and panties and doesn't think to remove. The powerful stream strikes to me in a face and washes all my body. But there is more to come, the anus is stuck out, and the thick shit creeps out between my legs, at first one, then following. After that, everything washes away the whole falls in a toilet bowl, and here I already on a bidet. The huge fountain from below washes buttocks of the girl and me. The short procedure of a promakivaniye toilet paper, an elastic band of panties is tightened again, and I fail pleated buttocks and pussies again. Walk continues. The girl comes home, changes clothes in a short topic, the fitting short short skirt, gaiters and sneakers. She takes the bicycle and comes downstairs down, on the street. It becomes clear to me that I am expected by bicycle walk on a rigid saddle under the girl's pussy and that it just wash the end, all my life. But I can't do anything. I move together with a bottom of my former girlfriend to start of a bicycle race. The girl stops, throws a leg through a frame, and rises, leaning on pedals. Small dispersal and buttocks falls together with me by a bicycle seat. All weight of the girl is the share of me, I am pressed down so that I can't sigh. Besides the pussy of the girl begins to slide to the right, to the left on a bicycle seat, in a step with the movement of legs which twist pedals. When rise begins, the girl stands up a little that it was easier to twist, and for me there comes minute of a respite. Then the path is leveled also all weight on me again. And again lubricant begins to flood me, probably so to ride very sensitively. Doesn't pass also several minutes as waves of an orgasm begin to shake the girl's buttocks, she stops the bicycle and costs, having widely placed legs, nestling the pussy very much on a saddle. The powerful pulsation of the pussy and buttocks presses me in a saddle, and plentiful lubricant deprives of me air. I don't maintain such pressure and I faint. The girl can't go any more and comes back home on foot, it saves to me life, I recover, being in buttocks and in the girl's pussy. The most interesting that my destiny doesn't concern my former girlfriend at all, she perceives everything as due and is given completely to the feelings. Probably she was horoshoproinstruktirovat how to behave with the new panties and what pleasure can be derived from them. I was convinced of it still more than once. The mobile phone rang out and according to short answers I understood that in the evening to her her new friend will come, and they intend to hold a romantic meeting. I was expected for certain by the next execution and all question in whether I will stand her. Meanwhile the girl came home and began to make a dinner. The call was distributed and the guy came. He passed to the living room, and the girl strove in kitchen. At last she made everything on a serving trolley and rolled it in the room. The guy sat in a chair and watched some porno. Having used it, the girl quickly removed panties, turned out them and dressed again, only this time I was pressed to the girl's buttocks by a back, and my face was turned outside so I could see everything that occurred. The girl sat down on a floor between his legs and the dick got. Having licked a head, she began to do it blowjob. When the dick at the guy got up in all the growth, the girl rose, approached a sofa and laid down on a back, having widely spread legs. The guy didn't keep itself waiting long, he approached a sofa, and laid down from above on the girl. His intense dick nestled on me, the girl cramped legs together and the guy began the movement by the dick at her between legs. And there were just I so the dick of the guy slid on me. The dick was the huge sizes, all in lubricant and extraordinary firm. Moving apart the girl's sponges, he ran into my head, pressing her in the pussy, and slid below, pressing me into a crack between buttocks is deeper and deeper. And the stronger the dick rubbed about me, the stronger the girl squeezed legs, deriving from it pleasure. At last the girl lowered a hand down and the dick sent herself to the pussy. The head from everything to scope flew on my person and pushed me in a vagina. Having passed by me, to the basis, the dick left back, and I didn't manage to be straightened as again it appeared in the pussy. The vagina of the girl was firm and squeezed me very strong therefore when there the dick came, flattened me and pressed between genitals of lovers. The girl of a start of motion towards to the guy, the dick hollowed me more and stronger. Tension increased every second, and here spasms of an orgasm began to shake the girl and the guy who at first stood, and then began to fight in convulsions, trying to get more deeply, each other. Their bodies were hammered in passionate pulsations and the cum which struck with a powerful stream in depth of a vagina, mixed with lubricant began to fill all space which and so there was a little. Flooded me completely, air reached a limit, I prepared for the worst, but the cum began to follow and bubbles began to probulkivat, coming from a vagina to light. The guy got up from the girl, and the dick left a vagina, having released me. But it was not all, the girl got up and, having laid the guy on a sofa, walked all on him. The dick at the guy still stood, and the pussy of the girl rose and began to fall by a dickhead. When the head rested to me against a face, the girl stood for a moment, and then sharply sat down on a dick against the stop. Again pushed me in a vagina, and I was laying between two genitals again. It probably strongly brought lovers because they shuddered from passion, making frictions. The girl rose, so, that the dick completely left a vagina, and then sharply squatted, and the dick with a big force and speed plunged inside, on the balls. Pressed me between the dick and a wall of a vagina, and I fell by the guy's balls. A short pause, and everything repeated. The girl, waiting for an orgasm, bent forward and embraced the guy for a neck, nestling on him a breast. The dick entered a vagina at an angle now, striking me at full capacity. The guy hollowed my person and a breast the dick which from it became huge and firm as a stone. The small shiver began to shake the girl, the groan of passion was heard, but she, having risen over the dick, stood for a second.Having grabbed by an elastic band of the panties, she poddernut it up, and pulled out me forward, so, that the middle of my body appeared opposite to an entrance to a vagina. The girl began to fall slowly by a dickhead which, having rested me against a stomach, began to bend me in half and to push in a vagina. Thus, I put on a dick as a cap, I began to plunge into a vagina, moving apart his walls and causing feeling of wild passion. The girl howled and at once sat down on the guy's dick to the basis. I was pressed between a uterus and a head, and I was pressed by the girl all the weight. There came the strongest orgasm, the vagina and the dick became firm and swelled, pulsations poured blood their bodies, and I didn't have free space. Powerful pushes of a cum added a picture, pressure reached incredible size, the fountain of a cum hit to me into a stomach and filled in all free space, the vagina and a uterus in pulsations squeezed me very much, and I was again disconnected. I recovered and understood that the guy lies on a sofa, the girl on him from above and both sleep, having got tired from a mad gallop. Me a cum and by effort of elastic bands washed up from a vagina, and I nestled on the girl's buttocks again, having settled down in her chink. Nothing remained to me how to wait, what it will be farther. There came morning, the guy left, the girl, having seen off him in a light slumber, descended in a toilet, peed through me, having sprinkled with a powerful stream of urine, removed from herself, and, having collected couple of tens of panties in an armful, threw into the washing machine. Having loudly yawned, she turned on the car and went to sleep. I understood what in an hour me will weld alive and washing life will end. However, when water heated up to forty degrees, the machine began to erase, I understood that the mode sparing and I will survive. As I managed it, I still don't understand because I kept a full cycle with rinsing in cold water and an extraction at mad turns. Somewhere is closer than me to a lunch took in this world and, having found alive, fast put on the place, namely between legs, it is deep in a crack between buttocks, and the person inside, but now headfirst, directly opposite to an anus. Bottom halves strong squeezed me and, moving to a step with walking, rubbed all my body with a big force. The girl made to herself coffee and drank it, sitting on a chair and on me, certainly. In process of absorption of drink, in a stomach rumbling was heard, gases gradually came out a bottom, and I inhaled their aroma. Here rumbling reached critical size, the girl jumped and, having quickly approached a toilet bowl, took seat on him. The anus revealed, there was a large portion of gases and to me in a face the stream liquid a calla struck, filling in a mouth, a nose, eyes. Carried by her after coffee. After that, having changed on a bidet, she was washed away, having washed up herself a bottom and me, and having become wet all this toilet paper, went on a visit to the girlfriend. Her I knew the girlfriend, knew her bents and with horror represented what expects me. The girlfriend was at home, they met, kissed and went to kitchen, to cook snack and an entertainment. When everything was ready, wine and behind long table-talk appeared, sitting on me, everything was drunk and eaten. The conversation became relaxed and frivolous, girls embraced and got poisoned with staggering gait to the living room, to watch TV. They sat on a sofa and, having nestled, to each other, exchanged remarks about the watched telecast. All this time I was in a chink between buttocks of my girlfriend and patiently waited what it will lead to. When girls were tired of telecasts, they began to embrace and kiss. Juice of desire began to fill in my girlfriend, and I swallowed in a full measure. My girl changed clothes of the panties again, and I appeared in the pussy, the person inside again. Desire accrued and here both girls, it is a lot of нацеловавшись, and having caressed each other, were developed by pussies towards, and began to rub, making horney themselves. I was clamped between two pussies which rubbed each other, clamping me and trying to erase in powder. The picture was softened by the lubricant which is plentifully flowing from girls and alleviating my suffering. Excitement accrued, force of a clip increased, and the moment of an orgasm was close. Though a clitoris was not really rigid, pubic bones pressed with a big force, an ikogda there came the mutual orgasm, I was squeezed and pressed so that bones cracked, and all body flattened and tore to parts. At last convulsions of passion ceased, girls calmed down and, it seems, fell asleep. It were minutes of pleasure, I had a rest and could have a sleep quietly. So there passed night, and in the morning, the girlfriend, asked to give her me though not much more. It was violation of the rules, but my girl agreed, having shortly explained what with me can be done. When my girl left, her girlfriend cut off laces and exempted me from fetters. But I rejoiced not for long because the first that she made, I brought a strap-on with leather thongs and, having taken out it from fastening, tied me for legs instead of a strap-on, so, that I appeared on the place of a dildo. My role became extremely clear to me, and I to it didn't rejoice at all. Half an hour later, the call to a door was distributed, and the young girl who gently kissed with the girlfriend and they came, having embraced, passed to the room. When I was shown to the girlfriend, that was delighted and long was surprised how such little man could appear as a strap-on. The girlfriend told that all this the African magic, and they can use a case so far. Girls were very glad and wanted to test at once a toy in operation. I was tied on a basin of the very young girl, and I looked as the real dick in wild spirits. One girl laid down on a bed, and the second, with me atilt, went down on all fours over her and began to caress her, kissing взасос. At the same time she squatted a little and drove me on the girl's pussy up and down. The lower girl began to flow and I dived into the sponges covered with lubricant and failing in a vagina a little. At last excitement I reached that size when stronger emotions, one movement by fingers are necessary, and I plunged into a vagina on all depth. Me began to fuck the pussy as the real dick. And the top girl hit a pubis and quietly moaned from pleasure. Lower, in general I groaned continuously and it was stuck on me very much. Trying to reduce time and to make horney girls is stronger, I spread wide hands and tried to rub stronger the body about vagina walls. I managed it, and the vagina responded spasms and convulsions. At last speed became frequent, movements got force and amplitude, and I understood that the discharge is close. The last several pushes and me vpressovyvat in a vagina, pressing to a neck of the uterus, everything pulses and is flooded with lubricant, then fades for some time. I calm down, but rest is impossible. I am taken from a vagina, and I see before myself buttocks which promptly approach me, and my head rests against a chocolate ring of an anus. After a fucking, it shines from lubricant and when the head rests against buttocks, she gets there without effort. But here the movement stops, I am taken from buttocks, and I again straight off dive to and fro. And time is a lot of, so far movements don't accrue, and here I already half plunge into buttocks, here already on all depth. Approximately on the middle of my way on a rectum I will come across the remains a calla, and I should open of myself the way. A smell and feelings not from pleasant, but it isn't necessary to choose. And as it isn't strange, but I bring both girls to the second orgasm and soon. After that they lie, having strong embraced, and I have a rest somewhere between legs of one of them. But there is a new idea and that if to untie me and to push in the girl's pussy, and to fuck her a strap-on. It is told, made, I am untied and here I am shipped by the head forward in a vagina. It is horney, densely covers me, and the ringlet of muscles on an entrance densely holds me inside. But here the strap-on enters and begins to press me inside. But I hear delightful shouts, probably I make horney the presence. The orgasm comes almost instantly and again a respite. Me gradually washes away from a vagina, and I lie between legs and someone's bottom again. Girls sleep, then one of them turns over and the bottom lays down on me, I am pressed down to a mattress and I can't move. But to breathe is than and I wait, what will be farther. So morning came. The first the guest woke up, she descended in a toilet and, having returned, quickly put on, and, having seen me, took in a hand, attentively looked at me and suddenly quickly sat down and inserted me to herself into a bottom as I shine from hemorrhoids. She had neither panties, nor a brassiere, nor a handbag therefore it was possible to hide me only this way. She quickly left the house and somewhere went. I turned out in her rectum, all smeared with the remains a calla from a morning toilet and strong compressed strong young muscles of the girl. Suddenly I felt movements of an anus, and began to suck in me inside. Here I already rest the head against an internal sphincter, here pushes me through it, here it is closed also I in a thick gut. Here is more spacious also than air more, but I begin to be dissolved and soaked up a little. But at this time the girl comes home and says to the younger little sister that she will make by her a surprise now. The girl is excited and asks that it will be. And that says that she a bottom swallowed today the little man and that if that behaves well, then she to her vykakat him. At this time they have breakfast, do the cleaning and do any things. And small doesn't lag behind the sister and everything asks when that to her vykakat the little man. At last senior agrees and sits down on a pot of younger sister. Both wait what will be. Senior begins to make an effort, the stomach clenches and starts me anew to press, and then I feel the movement to an exit of their intestines. Here I am pushed through the first sphincter, here by me in a rectum, here me begins to push through the second sphincter, and it holds very strong and nothing is impossible. The younger little sister watches process and shouts that she sees nothing. Senior makes an effort very much and me, having fairly squeezed, begins to push out outside. There passed legs, and small joyfully shouts that she sees something. At last I fall down and it appear in a pot. Senior gets up, and younger I am enough in an armful and runs to wash under the crane. Having rinsed, properly, it puts me on a table both long and with astonishment looks at me. At this time mother of the girl comes and says that that sat down to do homework. The girl from surprise shudders and quickly hides me to herself in panties. Having got textbooks, she sits down on a chair and begins to do homework, sitting on me the buttocks. I appear in a chink between ягодичек and between sexual sponges again. The pubis the girl strong presses my head to a chair, and I can't move. But my existence under the pussy isn't in vain, I begin to feel releases of juice and a small pulsation of a clitoris. To the girl any more not to lessons, the pussy begins to rub on me forward back and to the right to the left. So there are long enough, I all wet and the clitoris which bulked up and firm, rubs me, trying to crush. But here the girl fades and presses me to a chair with a big force, everything pulses and she cums. Having sat so a little, she continues to do homework, sitting on me the buttocks. So there passes a lot of time, here again there is mother and suggests the daughter to go to bed. The girl collects textbooks in a briefcase and goes to a bed. But she can't just fall asleep and calm down with such toy. Probably having remembered today's morning, the girl gets up on all fours, gets me from panties and, having lowered a little them, begins to drive me to herself on a bottom, sticking me with the head to herself into an anus. In such pose it is slightly opened, and I quite freely there get. Me masturbate buttocks of the little girl in which there was just huge hole into which I get without effort. The girl holds me by legs, and the head I make horney the little libertine. At this time elder sister rushes into the room and demands that returned her a surprise. From surprise the girl falls by a stomach, her hand pushes me all in buttocks, and buttocks strong clench and strong spasms drive me inside, into a tummy. The girl roars, but it is impossible to do anything any more, it is necessary to wait when she wants to crap, and it will be only in the morning. I spend night in a tummy of the little girl, to do a poo in the morning she not zakhotela carried away me in herself in school. On a big change, after the dining room in a tummy began to hum, and the first grader ran in a toilet. Натолкав in a toilet bowl of toilet paper that I didn't fail in water, she sat down to crap. Soon enough I was free. At this time schoolmates who asked that here their girlfriend in a pot does of toilet paper came into the toilet room. The girl applied a finger to lips and whispered that she vykakivat now the little man and when it happens, she will wash up it and will show of the Girl suggested to help and amicably groaned, helping to vykakivat the girlfriend me. At last I was taken and thrown in the wash basin where I was long washed with soap that there is no smell left. At this time the teacher came into a toilet, and the frightened girl put me to herself in panties again. Girls cheerfully began to make a racket and a flock ran on a lesson. The girl approached a school desk and sat down on a seat, and I appeared in the girl's chink, between her yagodichka and sexual sponges again. Trying to find convenient poses, I moved a little, and the girl pressed me the clitoris to a seat where I felt on myself beating of her heart through the bulked-up sponges. The girl began to rub against a seat, and juice began to fill in me. All her weight pressed on me, flattening out at her under buttocks, but the pleasure from it only increased. At last the girl terminated, and the pulsation of the pussy reported about it to me. What you do there where the little man, show him to us, her girlfriends whispered. Girls, and I, sitting on him, I terminated and it is so cool. All wanted to try also me, having painted sequence, took from panties and transferred to other girl. Having lifted up a skirt and having lowered a little tights with panties, the girl laid me to herself between sponges and took seat on me, having pulled hard all weight. She sat quietly, and nothing occurred. All whispered to her that she began to move, but it didn't work, she continued to sit, having pressed down me to a seat. I began to choke and the beginnings moves, trying to escape. It worked, the girl deeply sighed and at once terminated, and from her pussy struck two streams of lubricant, the gulf me. And here her hand takes me, and I get to other pussy. There are no tights, and panties two sizes bigger so there is enough scope. At this time the girl is called to a board. She gets up and goes, and I not to drop out, cling to panties and I dangle in air between legs. At last she returns to the place and flops on a seat, and I, having accepted a standing position, from everything to a move I fly to her in a vagina. The girl a tselochka therefore I pierce a virgin pleva, and she loudly sighs, but sits, having strong squeezed legs. I weigh in blood, clamped in a vagina, I stand and I wait what will be. So it kept me until the end of a lesson. When the call rang out, all little girls surrounded it and forced me to give. Here one of them, probably the most bitchy, suggested that anybody got me any more, to crush me as and to forget a cockroach about me. The offer with pleasure was accepted and I solemnly all crowd was carried away from school to the backyard where was nobody. About ten little girls became a circle and put me on the earth in the center. One of them told that she will begin, and the others will press in turn me and to trample down while from me there is a wet place. I lay on the earth and with fear looked at ten pairs of legs which left far up, under short short skirts and came to an end with round daddies, dressed in multi-colored panties. This show could admire if not on the cards, prepared to me these legs. Here the leg of the first girl put in a sneaker rose and with scope I stepped on me, having stood in myself in all this world. Having pressed me to the earth, the leg began to turn on me, trying to smear in flat cake. However I continued to feel pain and to remain in consciousness. The leg rose from me and following fell upon me. This trampled down me and pounded, rolling on the ground, but I survived still. The following leg stepped on me a heel of the shoe and, having pressed down to the earth, slowly turned, rubbing me to the earth. The fourth leg, without hesitation, just trampled down me, driving in the earth from all move. My sufferings were intolerable, but I for some reason was still alive. Wait a moment, give me, and the girl became over me, having placed legs. She jumped up and from everything to scope fell not me both legs. Спружинив, she jumped up and again fell, having widely placed legs. So proceeded many times, the girl jumped, jumping on me, over me. The following girl didn't differ in imagination too, having become over me, she in turn stamped on me the right, left leg. No, so won't go, and girls formed a circle, having joined hands and having put hands each other on shoulders. They began to jump all together, circling, and everyone in turn trampled down me. It was sick, it was dusty, clogged eyes and ears with dirt, I have to be dead and crushed in flat cake long ago, but I continued to see everything and to hear, despite soles of shoes which destroyed me and broke to me all bones. And so you where, the voice of my girlfriend and what you are engaged in was distributed. Girls with shout ran up, having left me to roll in dust. My former girlfriend with the girlfriend who also stole me from her approached me. Yes, a look at him pathetic, well, all the same he is a goner, let's him crush finally, and then we will carry in club. They in turn trampled down me and rotated shoes, trying to pound me as cockroach, on the ground. When from me nothing remained, they took dirty flat cake, turned in a napkin, and having put in a handbag, incurred in the club. Having returned me to the main Shaman, they paid off her for the given pleasure on what she told, but whether my girlfriend wants to settle accounts somehow with me present until I recovered. No, now I threw it also we quits, the girlfriend told and was gone. I woke up on a bed in the room where there were many young guys, and was brought by a hand to the living room. The session is ended, now you understand what with you would be if you actually got to the dumped girlfriend. And it to you for memory, and me put that doll which I also was all this time in hands. On my puzzled look the Shaman nodded also in her and there was your soul until you slept here. I store this doll still, and she warned me against many nonsenses. WHICH I COULD MAKE IN THIS LIFE.