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I remember at the very same time having reddened smiled and telling words having bought a bottle of Coca-Cola sat down to a free table as it suddenly approached and. - From you it isn't borrowed? I with a smile answered-is not present, not занятоПо to the truth speaking, he very nice (and I too not a miss =)! Also call him by the way Sasha. He sat down opposite to me and we began to stir, the conversation flew by itself. We stirred about what only it is possible, nobody braked and was in a stupor, even managed will quarrel and will try in some 15 minutes. We laughed, smiled and stridently looked at each other. I don't know, love it was or not but to me at that moment it was so good that I forgot about all problems and cares during that instant. Really it was the t instant. to 15 minutes flew by as 2. It was time to go on couple. Having agreed to meet after classes, we left. On leave I waited 15 minutes. He came, and the beginnings will apologize and to say that they were delayed by the teacher. I calmed him and told that everything is normal. He asked...-Chto we will do? I right there answered...-Poydem to walk. He agreed t. to go except as home there is no place today. We walked on Nevsky Ave., dropped into cinema on the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean Sea". At cinema he took me by hand.... I was so glad that he began to show an initiative.... I kissed him in reply... The second part of the movie didn't manage to be looked through plainly! =) The movie ended, and it was time to go home. I told that already late and it is time to go home t. to parents went on a visit to friends to Moscow, and will ring 23...00 to check whether I came home. To me we went to the taxi. When we arrived, I suggested him to come and drink to tea. Sasha agreed. He so hesitated and gently smiled that I reciprocated. He approached and began to kiss me... As phone suddenly rang out. It were parents. Asked about my health and told that will arrive after tomorrow. All. Somebody will now not get us! And now I approached and began to kiss passionately him having embraced for a neck and nearly jumping on him. I don't know what happened with me... probably I felt at home. I will honestly tell you scary anxious and often I dream... (my first boyfriend was held too down for me). We drank to tea and behind a conversation it became clear that I at him the second girl and that he too loveful =) I had a feeling that I know it years 5. I was so relaxed that didn't understand what it is connected with. I told that it is necessary to me for a minute, to make pi-p, Sasha smiled and told - I in a minute will awfully miss you and I will die =) I with a smile answered - I stesnyayus-Ya will turn away agreed, itself I don't know why.... (honestly I don't know, but now I am not sorry) I removed panties and sat down and my stream beat with a strong pressure. It stood having turned a back. I resolved t will turn. to he nothing all the same won't see interesting to t. to with top a t-shirt. It turned and kissed me on a mouth. Both of us smiled from such unusual situation. I began to reciprocate he sat down to me on a meeting but not completely that to me it wasn't heavy. It so brought me that I already just directly wanted him. I turned gray with naked buttocks and my panties were lowered a little to knees and I with him didn't hesitate of it! It brought me even more. And he already just stuck into me the uvula. We kissed passionately and I began to pant. I braked a little and told Sasha that I want to make toilet and asked him to turn away. He without questions turned away. I stood up and began to wind off a piece of a piece of paper to wipe. As in the friend it told...-Can you make to me one favor? Only there is nothing bad don't think! I was frightened a little and with a smile asked what he wants. He without answering I turned! I screamed... "Turn away!" it was also closed having pulled a t-shirt to knees. He sharply approached and began to kiss me. At me the piece of a piece of paper dropped out of hands, I was shocked. I didn't resist. I just was shocked. Sasha did so everything gently and pleasantly I stood with naked buttocks on knees panties hung and at the very bottom jeans lay. We kissed.... My hands already were on his necks, a back... I forgot about all decencies... he went down below on my body, kissing a stomach, a breast... lifting up a t-shirt. I stood and my legs gave away. My pussy already had him. He rubbed about her a nose and I caressed his head. I stopped him and told it isn't necessary to t. to we have no hot water and I didn't wash nearly 2 days. And he I told that to him all the same and the fact that I am so even more tasty darling. I spread more widely legs and closed eyes. He carried out on my pussy by a uvula. I shuddered... he told that she has such pleasant taste and a smell.... Also I looked to me in eyes. My nest everything flowed, and he pinched all me... Sasha admitted that it is pleasant to him that I don't shave the rosette. My legs gave away and he more and stronger it licked so gently and at the same time so roughly that I began to shout already pressing his head already with a force! Sasha asked to close a toilet and to lay down on a toilet bowl cover a stomach. I so already trusted him that I without problems made that he wanted. And me on the truth already was all the same, I wanted already only him as he will want. My panties dangled somewhere at the level of knees. I lay all excited on a stomach on toilet bowl covers. I expected him actions literally 2 seconds. He moved apart my buttocks and began to lick me. I first hesitated that he drives a uvula there, but then it was so cool. He saw a uvula from a clitoris to a tailbone, licking me all. I already was without control. I just groaned and tried to reciprocate the buttocks and the pussy. I felt that there already all wet, all in my allocations. He pinched everything. He entered a uvula into my pussy. Then he a palm began to finger my mokhnatenky pussy, and a uvula licked clean my brown speck. He entered the uvula into buttocks. It was so pleasant that I took hands two halves and kind of helping him, began to part them. He already without effort entered the elastic language into my dark hole. Then he switched to the pussy and began to lick her getting at the same time a nose into my buttocks. I already just shouted I all was wet so that juice flowed on my legs. Sasha suddenly began to finger mine писю a palm and language violently to drive in my anus. I got nervous and moaned...... I terminated. Having weakened I took away hands from the buttocks and lay some time without moving. Sasha already caressed me a back kissing me everywhere. In shoulders, legs, buttocks, a neck. I felt that his dick already just seeks from trousers. I so wanted him, I wanted to make to him also pleasantly, wanted that he made with me that he wants tenderly and gently and at the same time roughly. I ordered him to take off trousers and to set up the friend to me to the person. He at once made it and I carried him to a mouth. It was warm and already a few mokrenkiya. I was so brought and it too that we were as a single whole. I sucked away it with such pleasure, it was such tasty, warm and elastic. It entered so deeply that few times I nearly choked. It moved quicker in my mouth... he took out it and I told I want to terminate to you on a back. I agreed. He approached with the back again and began to rub between my buttocks. It was just super. He began to cum on me... I began to accompany buttocks. I turned back and smiled to him =). His cum flew down between my buttocks mixing up with my allocations on my legs... I can and I looked as the whore at that moment, but to us was super and it became with feelings. It continued to move the dick between buttocks.... I accompanied him t. to it it was pleasant... I told enter me darling! His dick didn't fall, he was so horney that rubbed and rubbed about me. While he long thought I took him and sent to the pisyu She was as Niagara Falls. He entered without efforts there. I began to accompany him making upward movement a bum towards. He accelerated and I already heard slaps of my buttocks about his legs. He entered sharply and rhythmically. I groaned so loudly that I likely heard all house. But me it was good. To us was there it is so pleasant that I wanted more and more, stronger and stronger. He fucked me and loved at the same time. Suddenly Sasha pulled out from me him and began to cum to me on a back, buttocks.... very strongly breathing.... I jumped and took him in a mouth... I exhausted him to a drop from the balls to a head. Looking me in the face he told that I am the best. I smiled and kissed him on a navel. I wanted to finish this evening, to be exact a night I was, than be not unusual... And I wanted to try anal sex. I once didn't try such type of sex, but I admit fingers I to myself entered there already =) Also I offered the idea of Sasha but on condition that he will be gentle once again will lick my hole. He agreed and without words tumbled down me in initial situation (a stomach on a toilet bowl cover) and began to lick my buttocks entering the uvula to me in inside. Though there was everything in my juice and his cum and the fact that I wasn't in shower nearly 2 days, it did it with such pleasure as though I emit crimson juice. He so teased me that I told that he entered my brown speck. I wanted that he fucked me and loved at the same time. He rested the dick to me against buttocks and began to enter slowly.... Sasha did it so gently that I moaned from pleasure. He entered without problems my bum. He stood on seconds 30 that I got used and at the same time massed and squeezed my two halves. You don't represent as it was pleasant to feel his dick in the anus. Then he began to move... With lubricant problems weren't. Sashin the dick went there quite easily without bringing me pain. My God as I groaned... I told him that he fucked me as he will want. I was on a side to thaw. He began to increase rhythmically speed and more and more roughly to enter me. I was already exhausted t. to I terminated already not less than three times. He held me by hips and the dick to me drove in buttocks rhythmically and roughly, sometimes I took out it and admired my razdrocheny anus which wasn't closed any more and said that I am charm. Me it awfully was pleasant to t. to it it was so pleasant.... Then there was a wish for Sasha more...