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Alina, of course, looked for to herself other housing, but did it, frankly speaking, isn't too vigorous - she didn't want to admit it, but the way of life of Vanga attracted and bewitched her: to her the cheerful, liberated boys ran on a coffee cup, she cooed with someone by phone and very unambiguously Aline winked at the same time, I came back at daybreak, filling the room with aroma of expensive spirits, a light smell of import cigarettes and distinguished evaporations of overseas wines. The lifestyle of the girlfriend wasn't absolutely clear to Alina. In the most unexpected places she found surprising things. Among them there were also madly expensive foreign magazines - and in them magnificent color photos of the nude men and women sometimes doing it that first Alina, examining them, involuntarily blinked eyes. And the torn packings of "features" how Vanga delicately called condoms? And once Alina encountered something, as at all shook her: in one of sideboard boxes she found made of the material reminding rubber, a male penis. His impressive sizes involuntarily caused mighty genitals of a breeding bull whom she saw in business more than once in memory. It that, suvenirchik such? - in embarrassment Alina thought, mechanically tapping with a rubber toy on a hand. It pleasantly sprung and exhaled flower aroma. She rummaged in that place where she just accidentally came across him, and found the jar filled with fragrant vaseline and also one more dick of the smaller sizes. "Means, it is not a souvenir!" - for some reason having internally been delighted to it, Alina solved. In the same box also the thick illustrated magazine lay. Alina began to thumb through mechanically it, still being under an impression of the made discoveries. And suddenly in one of photos she saw the naked beauty who is selflessly active just the same tool in the bosom. Alina literally devoured the photo with eyes. The pose of the beauty was that on there is defiant. How it is possible here so, with widely divorced legs to sit in front of the camera? - Alina thought about herself, at the same time being slightly made horney from this thought. Someone photographed? Of course, the young man, - the girl continued to reflect. She tried to accept a similar pose. For this purpose she had to undo a dressing gown. Panties, perhaps, too disturbed. Slightly being confused, Alina pulled together them and now involuntarily compared the woman on a photo and herself. She with pride noted that at her, perhaps, it is more best than a leg, and the intimate place of the beauty which here is accurately trimmed looked unusually appetizingly, is even juicy. The correspondence competition with the woman in the picture so captured Alina that she decided to reproduce the photo completely. She touched by the shivering finger the sensitive clitoris and made several vibrating movements, feeling as the bud is filled with moisture, and then, choking with suddenly risen nervousness, from a table the dick carefully took that it is less and I began the caressing movements to apply on him a thin film of so appetizingly smelling vaseline. Once Alina brought the tool prepared for work to the semi-opened entrance - and the dick as if itself I plunged into him with the sound which bore a faint resemblance to a kiss. "Ah!" - she exhaled, having parted legs wider and watching itself in a mirror. Then she began to take slowly a line, but the sweet spasm which was born in the depth of a bosom forced Alina to push it back. It slipped inside as if a long piece of soap. Alina leaned back back. The tool so easily moved in her that she almost didn't feel it. Alina groped a hand the piece more lying on a table and with feeling of voluptuousness unknown before tried to enter the new tool into business. She managed it not at once, but when it was possible, she nearly moaned from delight. It seemed, it pressed at once extensively, and his penetrations forced her to fidget from pleasure buttocks on a sofa. Now Aline had no time for the photo, she was captured by mad lust, movements became convulsive, and the hand which was strong squeezing the tool moved quicker and quicker. At the same time she rumpled and the dick as if he would be present caressed and I belonged to the effective man. Once again, having strong squeezed fingers, she heard weak click and now felt as the dickhead began to inflate in absolutely unclear, but very pleasant way in a vagina. It seemed, to it there will be no end: the dick behaved mysteriously, and Alina not without alarm thought that she hardly will be able easily to take him now. As in the sleep she heard that in the hall the door opens. With speed of a cat of Alyn began to make toilet. Panties departed under a sofa, the magazine she managed to put into place, and the dick had to be clamped just strong between legs and to wrap up tails of the robe. Almost right there the room was entered by Vanga and the man of average years who is gallantly dressed, acquired a beard. They with Vanga, probably, continued still the conversation begun on the street and at first didn't pay almost any attention to Alina. In any case, the man looked at her only two or three times, is indifferent having slipped on her appetizing legs. - Yes, yes, Vanga, it will be absolutely elite program, for monetary aces, and a rate in her, notice, are very high so it is all about performers. Vanga turned about the room, obviously coquetting. - Do you suggest me to take part in her? - holding a hand with a cigarette on flying away and slightly shaking hips, she asked. - Of course! It seems to me, you approach as well as possible! – the man he is lazy I stretched. Alina was silent and tried not to move: the dick still held apart her vagina, she remained kind of on the verge of an orgasm all the time. And still she understood that it is about some new super-show in which, probably, also foreigners will participate, and not the last place, but the man - obviously one of organizers was allocated to Vanga in a show. - Perhaps, I will make coffee? - having coquettishly smiled, Vanga told and fluttered out on kitchen. Now the man switched the attention to the girl. - It seems, we weren't presented each other? - softly he smiled. - Arnold, - he gave the first a hand. Alina stretched forward and felt how the dick zavorochatsya in her, having caused warm waves of intolerable desire. She involuntarily moaned and Arnold with curiosity stared at her. - For the first time I make such strong impression on the girl! - he joked. - But, maybe, you are just supersensitive? Just such it are also required for us in a show! Having painfully reddened, Alice schuffled on a sofa, without knowing that to answer and at once regretted about it: the dick uneven pushes moved inside. Every second it was harder and harder for it to restrain. Strangely enough, very much made horney her, almost bewitched that the man sitting opposite kind of shared with her the male nature and now, during the conversation as if is present at her. Meanwhile the conversation turned out quite juicy. Arnold began to tell about episodes of which representation has to consist. In one of them games with artificial dicks were just beaten. It finished Alina: she convulsively squeezed legs and the dressing gown which isn't clasped on the lower button, began to creep away in the parties as if curtains at a window. Not in forces to constrain itself, Alina leaned back on a back of a divanaa was curved by an arch. - About! - she heard delighted exclamation of the man and right there I felt his warm, skillful fingers at myself between legs. - Pull out it! - she moaned. - Ne-et, not then! - Arnold made a purring sound, тоненько having started giggling. - Do you mean, the darling, you don't know how to use it? I can show at additional expense.