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I sucked round his dick, greased him properly and turned to him the back, kneelt on his sofa, laid down a breast on a sofa and curved a bum... when his dick easily concerned my hole, I thought that I will terminate directly at that moment, so it made horney, however he long didn't decide to enter me... finally the hot dick filled my buttocks, then it began to fuck quicker and quicker me, moving backwards-forward, allocations of my pussy greased his dick properly and he went almost without efforts, I strained a hole stronger to stimulate his dick... he terminated to me directly in a bum, I was top of pleasure... in ten minutes his handsome man hardened, and we continued, but already in other pose... I laid down on a back, parted legs in the parties, and then threw to him for a back... he already called me the girl and fucked with obvious pleasure, without being confused at all the fact that his babe groaning from desire, jerked off itself very much and very quickly... 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Nobody suspected that for "girl" went with the guy on small streets, having joined hands, and disappeared with him on the wild beach till the morning. Now the father presented him the apartment where we live together nearly a year. After the house occupations shaping and aerobics and purchases of the vacuum massager for a breast my body got almost female forms therefore houses I am Marina - the favourite girl my beloved and, I hope, will proceed so as long as possible.