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In my life the period of unexpected acts began. Already filling up in number, I pined from very pleasant, but unusual desires so in the morning I was surprised that I woke up well rested. Possibly, long flight affected. Usually such languor pour out at me or in erotic dreams, sometimes with a thematic bias, or in a headache. And this morning, observing as Ksyusha, my maid, cleans the room, I, at last, up to the end realized that I began the most real holiday. I consider that it is especially good to visit the warm countries in the winter. At us it is eternal, snow, slush, the gray sky and the opposite penetrating wind. Right there - the wonderful contrast - is a lot of sun, brightly blue sky, the warm sea. Wind and that was extraordinary gentle and given to drink by surprising aromas. Still yesterday I thought that I will sleep off and in general to adapt. Now a certain morning luxury pushed me on this act not peculiar to me - to work without preparation, without preliminary investigation. I like to dominate and long ago. But always I was never attracted by slaves, and - slaves. Ksyusha in number already put everything in order, there was my not made bed. There was no wish to get up absolutely. I reclined on pillows, as always, on the diagonal of an enormous bed, having thrown an elbow of one hand for the head, having extended legs over a sheet, and considered the pedicure. "Here still somebody would estimate him, except me". I vividly remembered how sponges of my boys on these a foot with what ecstasy they caressed the foot arch, fingers snatched. As my leg at them in a mouth and what orgasm at the same time covered wonderfully looked. I already began to regret that didn't take with itself someone from slaves. Having fallen into a reverie, I didn't notice, as Ksyusha, looks at my legs too. The girl worked in hotel for a long time, here she was brought by a pursuit of easy money, she was from Saratov. Ksyusha, as soon as understood that paid attention to her regard, hurried to tell: - Pedicure, beautiful at you. - Kiss! With these words I slightly pulled a leg towards it. Here escaped, so escaped. I - wanted! And for me it was for the first time not indifferent and it is even pleasant that before me the girl, but not the habitual man, the slave. Such mood happens to me somewhere time in a year, passes quickly and never has real continuation. Somehow time I had to enter into the Subject of the person who was my good friend. Then I wasn't mistaken. Glances which were darted at me by the maid were identical to views of that acquaintance. I observed amazement on a girl's face nevertheless in combination with hope. That to it wasn't heard, and it correctly understood everything. I don't think that all hotel guests suggested her to kiss to them legs. But something indicating her sabmissivnost, was present unambiguously. - Well, you heard and understood everything! Make to me pleasant! Having attracted to itself her look, I didn't release it any more. If I was right, then now in my life there will be something grandiose. If isn't present, then I will apologize and I will tell that joked. Where ours didn't vanish! There are women for whom humiliation is desired, and they are ready by all the fibers of soul for attracting in the life "adventures" on the known part of a body. At the same time they are deeply unfortunate that their husband-lover-cohabitant beats, in every possible way scoffs and humiliates. And only some realize the essence that they for some reason can't terminate without pain and humiliation and then begin to look for the partner purposefully, dotting one's "i's" and cross one's "t's". I don't know what was Ksyusha's history, but the way of life puts the press on faces. That I also made out its. A light head of the maid, all in curls and curls, slowly bent, and I felt hardly notable touch.- More safely! Kiss! - I decided to encourage her words. Gentle maiden sponges as though broke loose, having believed finally - Ksyusha began to cover my legs with kisses very quickly. Feelings will be told by me to you stunning. Not only that feet at me very sensitive, so also this new and therefore acute sense - at my legs the girl. - Caress, damn! Well! And until feelings brought me, I dipped a hand under a dressing gown which I threw over myself when the maid came. Except it on me nothing was. It is probably very convenient to sleep naked, but it isn't habitual, and yesterday I was very tired after flight and went to bed so. From pleasure I closed eyes and began to approach an orgasm soon. Despite presence of the girl, moreover, probably, my slave for the period of the holiday (now I allowed also such option), the bright orgasm shook my former foundations. The woman is not an exciting factor, I said earlier because and was. And now, now I needed time to recover. Ksyusha calmed down together with me, but it is rather from solidarity, I knew that she remained unsatisfied and still horney. I wasn't going to give her a discharge so soon. - Bring me a breakfast so far. And I went to the bathroom. To take a shower, to calm a body, to think, eventually. Having already crossed the region of the bathroom, I understood that during cleaning Ksyusha forgot to put to me clean towels. But she probably heard that noise of water abated, and the door quietly opened. My girl was kneeling in a corridor, holding towels in hand. She bashfully hung the head. - Look at me! Only one desire to have satisfaction and humility, is more than nothing, but desire comprehensive - here that was seen by me. Desire to belong to me, to obey in everything, to touch once again, to present itself, to accept pleasure and is possible even pain. There can be especially pain. I still should check it. Until I gave a hand and encouragingly patted it on a cheek. Ksyusha smiled. And then I gave her slap in the face.