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The first time we kissed at movie theater - went on the fighter with Pierce Brosnan "Payment-2" - led escalating magnetism to the fact that our lips adjoined somehow in itself. All the rest occurred, kind of in a dream - the first shy touch to a maiden breast - such untouched, gentle and sensitive, the first violent and hot embraces, the first declaration of love. We together shirked couples, spent days without a break in the park in embraces and kisses, making plans for the future. In June, a month before the end of a session Olya suggested to go to her home and to make it... for the first time. I refused - first because I was afraid, secondly, because then (1993) it was almost impossible to buy condoms. Then she went to the village to the grandmother - I had a bad feeling into the account of this trip, but I couldn't dissuade her. There came September, all summer we exchanged love messages, and I waited for the beginning of occupations, including each hour. But on September 1st I noticed that something happened to Olya.... She avoids me, pretends as if between us nothing was... Having tormented so two weeks, I called Olya on straight talk. She admitted to me that so far she was in the village, her ex-boyfriend began to stick to her. When he learned that Olya has me, he just raped her... She was still a girl.... That is why she tried to conceal it from me. There passed time. Olya made late abortion. It was very sore with her, and there were I drove her under a hand from a bench to a bench to pass 100 meters... Time flew... I tried with might and main to return her feeling of joy of life. What it was for me a holiday when we kissed again. On the 3rd course it happened... We were at Olya of the house. Prepared for delivery of the term paper. We, as always began to kiss, but suddenly felt that we won't be able to stop any more. Everything occurred on one breath. A small room as though it was moved apart - the close sofa became our first love bed... When I for the first time in life entered it, I thought that I, will faint - her breath burned, each touch elektrizirovat, and kisses intoxicated more better than young wine... It seemed to us that there passed the whole eternity, but there passed only 10-15 minutes. Choking, we fell at each other, and to us it was too good to express the feelings in words... This madness repeated every day - we shirked occupations for the sake of mad sex - on a bench in the park in the afternoon, at movie theater before the session, in the boat in the middle of the lake... It I was as a dream - we weren't afraid to experiment and invented all new poses giving the increasing pleasure each other. Somehow time, I remember, I came to Olya early in the morning, prior to the occupations. She ran in shop behind products for breakfast, and then dawned on me... I quickly gathered to the bathroom of hot water, added aromatic oils and lit candles.... Then I wrote ten notes. The first said... "I'm mad about you. Take off a coat and pass to the dining room". The second... "I wish touch to your lips. Take off a sweater and approach a sofa". And so on all way to the bathroom which was on the 2nd floor. Then I undressed, laid down in hot, fragrant and foamy water and began to wait... Time turned into eternity. At last I heard a long-awaited scratch of an entrance door. My excitement reached a limit - through leaky locked door I heard a rustle of the taken-off clothes, each step her forced me to shudder. When Olya entered the bathroom in some panties (she didn't notice one note) that I didn't recognize her. For me it was the goddess - fine and innocent in the nakedness, tempting with the smile, attracting tenderness of the nipples which are hardly covered and bulked up from excitement.Hardly constraining itself, I took a little bit foams from a bathtub and touched with this zero gravity her nipple - she bit a lip from excitement, and I through the veil dimming eyes, observed how soap bubbles on gentle-pink skin burst. I tremblingly concerned language of her neck, kissed on an ear, then on a nipple, wet from foam. Her hands were twisted around my neck. We fell to water, continuing to kiss each other. I covered her body with foam, my hands caressed her shoulders, a breast and a stomach. Water lapped drenching our bodies hot with splashes and foam. When I began to mass gently a finger her clitoris Olya moaned and was curved by an arch. It seemed we slowly we go crazy - our movements became more active, it was harder and harder for us to constrain each other. I asked Olya to get up in the bathroom and to put one leg on edge. When my language concerned her gentle, pink bud Olya screamed and pressed my head more densely to herself. Movements of language became quicker and I felt that in me the big and delightful flower ready to blow up at any time blossoms. I was hardly discharged of her bud giving such pleasure to both of us. Eyes at Olya were closed, and fingers of the right hand she gently turned the nipple which hardened from desire. I rose too and my Durik (so she then tenderly called my body - on association with a children's teaser Yurik-Durik) concerned her bud. From this touch Olya moaned and twisted my neck with hands. I entered her - strongly and up to the end - as she loved. Our bodies began to move synchronously. I closed eyes, trying to give completely myself to that to the trembling, hot and concerning feeling of her bosom. I felt as her nails stick to me into shoulders - she terminated the first time. On average Olya cumed from 3 to 8 times, without waiting for me, then once again together with me, but this day we broke all records. When we, completely iznemozhenny, at last, that decided to go to couples, it turned out that already 5 o'clock in the afternoon J Account was 23-6 in favor of Olya. This day to me was remembered well because I any more never felt after that such harmony.....