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Houses of nobody not было.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Вчера he finished the younger little sister, Lidka, having rumpled her, not really big a titechka so far, and having sucked them, and having also kissed her several times взасос. Mishane was fifteen, by Lidke only that week it was executed fourteen. With other little girls it was impossible to him though there was he quite tall guy, but too soft and kind, for as called Mishanya, but not Mishka and he hesitated of other little girls. And Lidka the sister, besides it was pleasant to her when he kissed her, I felt breasts and I rumpled попку.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Они though lived in the village, but managed to see enough already only gradually. And a porno also magazines saw everyones with this business, and yesterday, having come to mother to a farm, accidentally, found her with the cattleman Filey who fucked their mother behind, directly before the cows shelter. And it was pleasant to the mother, she struck the back and laughed, looking back at Filya which, having grasped her wide hips, from all force drove in her, the considerable dick. Mishanya with Lidka hid that they weren't seen and looked up to the end until he Filya, having sworn, began to lower the cum directly in the mother, and she, having moaned from pleasure, nestled on him the back and stood, accepting her in herself. Then Filya hid the dick in trousers, I clapped the mother on a naked bum and I told: - Oh, you are good in this case, Galinka! And what you live, with this goof-off, the drunk? - So children at me, Philip. - The mother told, having tightened the pants and putting in order a hem of a working dressing gown. - That you won't leave them. Though he bothered me with the boozes. Can't fuck too as earlier, I became an inveterate drunkard and isn't necessary at him, often. With you here, I unburden the heart, I dump tension from everything collected. You well done! Well I fucked me, again it is possible to live day three normally, with mood. All right, go. I still should dodoit cows. Then home I will go. Filya kissed the mother and I left, and she began to milk the cows. Indifferently, send Mishan with Lidka from the ambush and called to the mother. She was delighted, having seen them, finished milking and poured him, from a bucket-podoynika, fresh pair milk, on a mug. They drank it and, having waited until mother finishes the affairs, went together with her home, without having told anything that they saw. Their father, Semyon, worked as the mechanic at MTM and as the mother spoke, became an inveterate drunkard, every day coming home already drunk. I rowed to the mother because of nothing. To beat, however, I didn't beat, being rather afraid of the grown-up son who in the fifteen years was much healthier than him. To get rid, mother gave him a glass of strong distiller's beer and he, went to sleep. Mother sometimes cried, remembering what the husband was a good man earlier, and too went to sleep before morning milking when it was necessary to get up at the beginning of the sixth утра.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Мишаня and Lidka, for the summer, as usual, got over to sleep on a mow. Lidka left hours at ten in the evening there, and Mishanya to twelve walked. I went to the small river, to a youth sit-round gathering, then I saw off any little girl if that agreed, and too I went to sleep to a mow, near Lidka. Since spring he noticed that Lidka became a little girl, it is more nice than many others, she had breasts which wanted to be felt, the sponges asking that they were kissed, hips, and rolls of buttocks were rounded and there was a wish to rumple, once you saw, Lidka goes, turning them. It affected Mishanya though he also was rather afraid too, as from Lidki can be hit on hands and on a muzzle if something isn't pleasant to her. The first time they began to be felt and kiss right there, on a mow when Mishanya returned from a party, and Lidka, for some reason, couldn't fall asleep. I saw that she turns with a side sideways, and I asked: - A lead, and you were already felt for tit? They are what pretty.Breasts, really, looked tempting, being impudently exposed from under the got-off night dress, and there was a wish to touch them, to stroke, poszhimat them. - To you what, there is a wish to feel them? Kiss me, then you can feel. Something isn't slept, today, stuffy. And you felt that at others? Mishanya drew near the sister, embraced her and began to kiss tenderly, pulling together top of a night dress down and releasing breasts for hands. Poszhimal them, stroked, then kissed, having taken the strained nipples in a mouth. Lidka strained and blissfully sighed. I stroked the brother's head. - As it is pleasant, Mischa! Their kiss still, very much is pleasant to me. Ah, what you well done! And in pants of what you climb? I didn't allow you it. Oh, all right, feel and there, me so, too, pleasantly. Oh, Mishanya, still caress also. Ooh, you, I wet became below. Mishanya already rubbed a pisunok, feeling as her hips strained and the rasshchelinka began to be stuck on his fingers its wet already. His dick was intense too and rested against Lidki's hip. Lidka very often began to breathe, began to tremble all over, nestling on his hand, and drenched Mishani's fingers with warm moisture, and Lidka relaxed and laughed enough, itself trying to kiss the brother. - Mishanya! As it is good! I relish. Kiss me still, the brother! And I can help something that also it was pleasant to you? - A lead, I too want. Will you be able to jerk off my dick? It will be pleasant to me. - Give, lay down on a back, oh what he became. Big and beautiful. So will go? Lidka grasped with a palm Mishani's dick and began to move a thin skin, baring a head, almost hiding her. Mishanya strained and too often began to breathe, then from the dick the stream of whitish liquid escaped and plopped down to him on a stomach. The rest began to flow down on the back of a palm of Lidka continuing to jerk off the brother's dick. - Oh! Will be enough, Lidusya, I already terminated. You are a good fellow too, and so terrific simplification.