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One and a half months of the continuous sea, palm trees and a relaxation rushed quickly, and here returned to Moscow at warm July night of the girl. As they in a bungalow had even no TV – they, together with parents, were intentionally isolated from the outside world, girls knew nothing about the Law. Therefore I surprised them that a tamozhennitsa, the woman of uncertain age, a strict voice told them that she won't raise noise, but they should put the appearance in order. Girls decided that the aunt the cranky hypocrite and that you shouldn't treat her words seriously – they were dressed normally – topics and miniskirts - as still it is necessary to return from a trip to the sea. At an exit they were waited by the taxi, and in 40 minutes they entered the apartment. However, the taxi driver, the elderly uncle with a tired face, carried out them by a strange tirade too it is necessary to be supposedly more careful and to observe the law. Got tired from the trip, girls didn't betray to all this special attention, and already in half an hour, after the water procedures, with pleasure slept – for the next day younger, to Katya, it was necessary in school – she and so missed two weeks of occupations, and senior, Lena - for work. While girls sleep, it is worth describing their appearance especially as to describe is that. Girls resembled very much, looking at them, it was possible to tell unmistakably that they are sisters. At both beautiful, bluish-black hair to shoulders, the eyes striking in deep blue color, classical features, a wasp waist, long slender legs. Younger, Katya, was slightly higher – 179 cm mind 176 at Lena, but at senior there was more breast – the fourth size minds the third at Lena at which, however, still in this question was ahead. At the same time both had a shape of a breast such that demented men the outlines for a long time. However, it can be told also about all appearance of girls. At the same time only they could contemplate this beauty – girls, thanks to strict education, were very modest, and not one man wasn't made happy with contemplation of their nakedness yet. Both girls had boyfriends, but further innocent kisses (innocent, without blooming of hands), business didn't go. Now the reader can imagine what angels should face cruel reality and the Law. Next morning, having quickly had breakfast, girls ran up on affairs. Lena, being late, on an exit from the house I caught the taxi at once. It was necessary to go minutes 20, and all this time the taxi driver talked some nonsense that supposedly it is necessary to put on correctly and there is no need to risk so (Lena was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans). Occupied with pleasant memories of a holiday, Lena practically didn't listen to him. She stopped the taxi at shop, in two houses from an entrance to office – she should buy coffee and sugar. However, wasn't in time she and a step to make from the car as she was called by militia patrol. - The girl, to you that, the order of the president to a lamp? - I began a conversation with a strange phrase the senior from two patrolmen. - What order? – puzzly Lena asked. - Do you want to tell that you know nothing about the Law? It works nearly a month! - Wasn't aware of me in the country, I is valid not, - Lena answered, feeling an unpleasant chill in a back. - It to some extent excuses you, but ignorance of the law doesn't exempt you from liability. Here he, - the lieutenant stretched to Lena the laminated sheet of paper. Lena began to read, and in process of reading she was punched more and more by cold sweat. Having read the first 4 lines, she asked: - It that, Draw program? - No, the girl, everything is very serious. I have no time for an educational program. If to speak shortly, then you not in a form are dressed. - What means not in a form? – Lena was indignant. She wanted to tell still something, but the officer stopped her gesture hands.- I will show everything to you now, and we will stop this unnecessary discussion. He took a glance of the crowd passing by and dexterously caught the young blonde trying to slip by unnoticed for an elbow. - Girl, check of a dress code, - he told strictly, and that fatefully stopped. She was dressed in a jacket with large buttons and a short skirt. - The girl, undo a jacket, - the militiaman ordered, and that without wasting words undid a jacket, baring a naked breast. - Wider the girl, more widely. The girl, having had a snack on a lip, I obeyed. - Now lift up a skirt. Again unconditional submission. She stood in the middle of the busy street, having exposed a breast and the shaved pubis on a public inspection. The militiaman held a pause, and the girl didn't decide to undertake anything without team. She terribly reddened, on cheeks tears flowed. Having waited for a minute more, the lieutenant continued mockery. - The skirt can be lowered. No to be clasped teams wasn't! The girl it is frightened I drew aside hands from a jacket. The cop got a roulette and measured distance from a knee to a skirt. - So, here it is normal, 26 centimeters. Now test for speed. Be clasped. He got the mobile phone and included the stop watch mode.