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The holiday house was not especially remarkable., It seems, everything is, everything is quite good, but no more than that. Having ridden skates, skis, snowmobiles, набродившись on the winter forest long enough, having several times got drunk and having sobered up, having used several packs of condoms we looked back on the parties. It turned out that visitors of D/O generally aged tetechka and men, we with the wife and group absolutely young ребятат - on everything it was visible - athletes. As there were later basketball players from Krasnoyarsk. And here they prepared for a junior tournament. And everything would be still, but I began to notice that children just stare at my wife. To a word - as I understand them. And business here at all not that my wife really nice. And matter in age!!! Yes I also in their years itself stared at all skirts :-) And what happiness was to see under a skirt at least a small piece of panties - sleepless night is guaranteed. And somehow, absolutely accidentally, I saw a breast of the aunt. Close-close!!! Small (probably the 2nd size) beautiful with small brown nipples... I had enough erotic impressions for a month:-) Ouppps!!! I distracted, forgive! But as memoirs of youth are sweet. And so these children began to stare at my wife more and more. Even I don't know whether she noticed it, but in one of days I began to rummage our things in search of the dress which it took on a case of different actions (a disco what - party thread, etc.). I pricked up the ears. no actions it seems as were planned, and on D/O most of its inhabitants go to put it mildly "without dressing up". But the wife so convincingly told, something type that time was brought - it is necessary to wear that I calmed down. And here for one of dinners she puts on the dress. Looks in him really great. Especially on such high heels. Legs seem even longer, even more slender, the dress hardly covers her sexual back, a flat tummy and a big breast - it is delightful. In the dining room, among all these silly dressed people before - and a retirement age it as diamond in a heap of beaten glass. The group of young basketball players came later. And just devoured the wife with the eyes. They had supper her. When we went to an exit everything attendees turned around to us (more precisely in her) in a trace. Old men, probably, with condemnation, and children just looked:-) We went to the hall. There were many tables with chairs, and pool tables. while there were nobody we began to play billiards. Though we frankly speaking play absolutely badly. After a dinner the people began to be brought up. Old farts occupied the remained tables. Later basketball players came. Someone from them left, someone sat down to tables to wait so far the billiards will be released, and two approached us and asked to join. The wife politely gave the cue and refused. I departed away and I sat down in a deep chair, near a pool table. I began to play. At once I noticed that some children who aren't concentrated, and after the blows try to depart to one table edge. Only later I understood that from that the place my wife could look under a skirt. The chair was deep, the wife sat I don't throw a leg on a leg and though she didn't spread legs at all, but her pose in a chair and a short skirt allowed to examine her white panties exactly from here. I of course could "break off" to children such show, but didn't begin to do it. Though I nevertheless felt small attacks of jealousy. After the first party there was the second, then the third, then children ceased to be afraid of the trainer and suggested to play on beer, then on vodka... Generally, left in the dead of night and close acquaintances. Same night at us with the wife the serious conversation took place. Naturally under one more small bottle :-))) Approximately in a year before we already talked about involvement of "third", but then my idea turned out a complete fiasco and I was declared the pervert!!! Now the wife had absolutely other mood and little by little, we approached this delicate topic... She hesitated, confused, doubted, but then nevertheless agreed.... and on hours was the 9th mornings. We got enough sleep. Got up not for long till a dinner, in details discussed the plan of "seduction of juveniles" (At that time to children was for 16 years). Solved not to confuse guys and the wife, I won't participate and that to see everything to me "equipped" the place in a case. Hundred times carried out that I wasn't visible and I thought up a latch that nobody accidentally opened him. Through a hole in a case otluchno everything was visible, from the inside of it for reliability closed up a piece of tulle. We descended for dinner. Then the wife put on the stunning dress and went to the Hall, and I remained in number. On our legend, I left right after a dinner :-))) A little ridiculously, but I think has to give a ride. I worried. I paced about the room, I watched TV. And I was already going to go there as doors were rung out by keys. It was the signal, the wife had to open long a door that I managed to hide. I already nestled in a case and clung to a hole. With the wife those two guys entered. Both were in identical sports suits. Tightened, high, young. Rather even not young, but green as it became clear later till this evening they never had women. They seated. Long spoke about different nonsense. At last the wife suggested to play cards. As envisioned through some time they had to suggest to play on undressing. But there passed about a half an hour, and they silently played "fool"... Then the wife advanced to the attack offered on gin and tonic... on gin and tonic played still probably half an hour... Someone periodically ran behind him... It was amusing to observe as boys pushing each other try to sit down opposite to the wife and without interruption stare her under a skirt. At last, one of them grew bolder from alcohol (and can just money came to an end) suggested to play on undressing. The wife as well as it was conceived a little bit "I broke", but nevertheless I agreed. Began to shake me from excitement and expectation. I remember similar emotions were at their age when I in the bathroom of the house made a crack and I waited for everything when mother goes to wash. And when she went me shook, breath got off. And not for nothing I poluchilnezabyvayemy pleasure. The faces of mother it was visible not therefore any associations with the native mother. Then she still was young and great looked. The plump, but not grown fat, big breast with red nipples and small треугольничек a hair on a pubis. After that I jerked off to callosities. To my regret the crack was quickly noticed and closed up.