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I had a guy called him Artur ммммм... he there was a magnificent brunette dark eyes rolled as loved very much soccer and I loved футбик too and was sports. Never it was painted... well in the general such to a floor the boy. I don't know what I attracted the most beautiful boy at school, but I was with him. I was envied by many little girls and tried to take away him, but he was with me and I didn't change him at this time, one event didn't come true yet. Artur appointed to me a meeting at his place, I thought that there will be a sex, and I was a virgin and decided that a time will lose the virgin. I put on black lace lingerie red pass also a blouse black with stiletto shoes, I called the taxi and I went. I called a door and heard noise: it appears Artur had a hangout, I very much became angry! The guy unfamiliar to me opened for me a door, soon it turned out that it is Artur's brother. He by the way was very nice - the blonde, blue eyes, a sports figure, are shorter the top class. He inspected me on full too and grinned invited to the house. I took off from me a jacket, then I took by hand and I led somewhere. We came to the large room where it was quite smoked and all fucked and present my surprise when my Arturik did to kuna some woman! I approached him and got up before him - he saw me and began to laugh as the idiot, having told that I dressed up as the whore, etc. It enraged me and I hit him between legs, gave in an eye, and still struck in a stomach his press and escaped from there. I cried, even roared as suddenly I felt that someone's hand touched my shoulder. I thought that it is Artur, but there was it his brother Artem. He smiled, embraced me as the little girl and kissed on a nose. I lifted on him all black from ink and tear-stained eyes and smiled. He told that itself shouldn't spoil evening because of drunk Artur and led me in restaurant. As I in a rush forgot a jacket at Artur he gave me the. He was so gentle and kind and behaved as the real gentleman. When there were big pools he took me on hands and bore, told jokes, picked flowers and gave me. I even fell in love with him when we reached restaurant) Directly from a door he took me for a waist leaned against a wall and began to kiss strongly nervously excitingly mm... As I wanted to throw off from him clothes now and right now to be given him. He suggested to go to him, he lived nearby. We came to the big three-room apartment. He is 25 years old as there was he lives alone. Artem poured to me wine, brought caviar red and roll, candles well all is shorter by the highest category. We drank and reached me that I look as the little fool with indistinct to make-ups and went to a bathtub, having told that I go to powder a nose. When I removed from myself all cosmetics, it came and told that to me so very much there are I turned to it - it was directly before me all such graceful, beautiful and I which in 17 years isn't able am painted with an eyeliner... He kissed me having put one hand on a back, and another having embraced me. I answered him with the same he lifted me and having kissed opened a door. I brought me to the bedroom - he had rather big bed of two or even three sleeping. He laid me, took off a blouse, began to kiss my tummy with a small press, licked about a navel then began to rise above and above and one hand took off from me a brassiere. I leaned at first against one breast and I began to kiss all it, touching a nipple I began to lick and bite it. Then to another so far they didn't become firm as a stone, them likely it was even possible to put out an eye) Having kissed me on a mouth, he took off from me a skirt began to lick inside of hips, my panties were already wet through. He removed them the fleeting movement, pressed a button... I published the groan squeezed, desired... finger I began to finger my clitoris at this time I groaned though him then he tried to thrust a finger to me into a vagina and came across a barrier. He asked me: - you are a virgin? I answered that yes. He smiled and told - I will provide you a maximum of pleasure and you won't feel pain. I smiled, took him for the head, kissed took off from him an undershirt, caressed his press and brawny hands. Then I took off from him jeans and pants and the dick saw 26 cm and in the diameter about 5 cm. I thought what such and doesn't happen... he smiled raised my attractive face, patted on the back... I laid down on a bed and he on me, there was enough lubricant and the dick entered easily. He breakthrough tore a pleva, I squealed. He kissed me and my ear went to him to a mouth. He stopped, having allowed me to get used to a new body. I started anew slow, then more heavy traffics at me in a vagina. I groaned, and he growled, but not as a bear, and as a little kitten. He was such darling, I embraced him and understood that I fell in love and even if he will leave me, I all the same won't be sorry about anything, it is much more best than, to be given to the ladies' man Artur. It is visible he I understood that I think not of sex now, he kissed me and is so strongly so passionate and desired that I was made horney as when. I began to caress his back and groaned, even shouted from an orgasm. I terminated likely five times, it terminated then to me on a tummy. I dipped a finger and licked it, then we fell asleep... When I woke up it wasn't, and croissants on a tray, yogurt, fruit, coffee, juice and a note lay nearby: "You miracle! thank you, night was magnificent. If you want to be with Artur I will understand and you can just leave and if with me you want to remain then be in a bed to my arrival. "I naturally remained, only called Artur and told that everything is terminated. He nearly cried, well certainly, he abrupt, he can't be left, only he can... but I hung up and having turned back in a sheet, cut a TV set and began to eat krassana with coffee! Now to me I have 29 years two children, I am married to Artyom, we are happy in a bed at us everything comfortably simply super!